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Hey! IT IS I.....ALLY! And I'm here to take over the next probably 5 minutes of your life (it kinda depends how fast or slow you read my post) For today, we thought it'd be fun to get together and answer some questions to test our friendship...I would say.

Explanation: In this post, I'll be asking the questions while Beth and Sarah answers them. 
Further explanation: ..........It's a well-known fact that I'm bad at explaining..........
P.S. The answers they gave weren't even actual members.....

Sarah: I don't know her name. I just know that she has bangs.
Beth: I just know that they've got a song called Mo Mo?
Sarah: Can I like just search it?
Ally: No.
Beth: You can't do it. This is a free no-internet game.
Sarah: I feel so bad.
Ally: She's like thinking so hard *referring to Sarah*
Sarah: Is it similar to anybody else's name?
Ally: No. Completely not Korean either. It has 3 alphabets.
Sarah: Why do I keep thinking it's cow?
Sarah: If you ask me to recognise her...I can. But...give her name.
Ally: I didn't ask you to recognise her.

Ally: It's a multiple choice answer. Unless it's completely stupid then I can't help but say no.
Beth: I got my answer.
Sarah: *continues writing*
Ally: Why's your answer so long? *referring to Sarah*
Ally: Beth's lack of hearing/mishearing things *reading Sarah's answer*
Ally & Beth: What?
Ally: I said meeting new people.
Beth: Now you're the one mishearing things.
Sarah: I thought you said meeting us? Can I write again.....
Ally & Beth: Yeah sure.

Beth: I got it.
Ally: Her answer seems very long. *referring to Sarah*
Ally: *reads both Beth's and Sarah's answers*
Ally: Calling you hyu.....*sighs*
Beth: You don't like that do you? 
Ally: I'll give it to Beth.

Ally: I'm sure you guys would get this right.
Sarah: I told Beth a few times.

Beth: What did you write?
Sarah: Watch Kpop.
Beth: Yeah me too! HAHAHA! *high fives*
Ally: My answer was YouTube but sure.
Beth: You don't watch YouTube anymore!
Ally: Where do you think I watch Kpop videos then?

Sarah: Oh you told me this...Oh my gosh I know this!
Beth: Yeah you told me before too.
Ally: There are 2. You'll probably only get 1/2 marks if you get 1 right.
Sarah: Oh wait I have to have 2? Now I don't know.
Sarah: Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! I know.
Beth: I don't remember actually.
Sarah: No. No. No. It isn't 27! 27 is Chanyeol's birthday. It's Ten's birthday! When is Ten's birthday?
Ally: When have I ever said that I like 6 and 2?
Beth: 6 because it's Baekhyun's birthday. So 6!
Ally: Why 2?
Beth: 2 because it's Tao's birthday. HAHAHA!
Ally: Why did I say I like 2 then?
Ally: You people don't listen!
Beth: You didn't tell me. 10 was logic.
Ally: Yeah well...YOU DIDN'T WRITE TEN!

Beth: You told me this so long ago. Has it changed?
Ally: It depends what I told you but no it hasn't changed.
Sarah: You didn't tell me. I don't know.
Beth: Was it like a Mercedes...
Ally: When did I say I wanted a Mercedes?
Sarah: I don't remember...I..I..don't know! It's not that I don't remember but I just don't know.
*Answer revealed*

Beth: I remember it because of Chad Dylan Cooper (Sonny with A Chance)
Sarah: Wait...Mini Cooper is a type of BMW.
Ally: Specifically.

Ally: Don't tell me you don't know. I even told you why. 
Beth: My answers don't make sense.
Ally: Technically, Beth won't get the point because it's Elaine* who likes...
Beth: Drawing Mr. Bump.
Sarah: Drawing on Mr. Bump.

Ally: I told you this Sarah!
Ally: I feel bad for Beth cause I didn't tell her this. Although I did say it out loud so it depends if you were listening.
Beth: You did?
Ally: It's a 1 word answer.
Beth: Oh really...mine's a sentence. Hahaha.
Ally: I already like Kpop groups.
Beth: Oh you wished that you liked.

Ally: I'm gonna be so sad if you guys don't know the answer to this...

Sarah: I think she's gonna give you weird answers like Baekhyun...Ten...*referring to Beth*
Beth: You saw my answers didn't you!
Sarah: No I didn't. It's just your logic.
Beth: I wrote Ten at first because it was a joke.
Sarah: I actually wrote ∞ of food but then I thought that Ally doesn't wanna be stuck there. Logically thinking, she'd bring a ship!
Ally: Someone asked me this question before but I don't remember the 3rd one. All I know is that I said a guy. I named someone but I don't remember. 
Beth: You don't want Wifi?
Ally: No, the thing is...the person that asked me, told me "If you're gonna bring your phone and laptop but not have Wifi then what's the point?"

Ally: I told you this before~
Sarah: You're allergic to something? But there are so many things you don't like.
Ally: Allergic!
Ally: It's not food, it's not an animal, it's not any thing.
Beth: So you don't even have an answer?
Ally: No. I told you about this before that I myself do not know what it is that I'm allergic to!

Sarah: I only remember pigeons.
Beth: Is it an animal?
Ally: Nope. 
Sarah: I forgot. I don't remember things like this.
Ally: It happened recently.

Ally: I even told you guys the reason. But I'm not gonna ask you about it.
Beth: The Korean one or the English one.
Ally: The Korean one.
Sarah: You told me this! I forgot.
Beth: I know the answer. I'm very confident with this answer. Not very but pretty.
Sarah: I should have paid more attention to what you guys said. I have no idea.
Beth: Just write Baekhyun or something.
Ally: My daughter! Why would I name her Baekhyun?

Sarah: I'm sorry. Hahaha.
Ally: Ok, my answer was memorising people's birth dates and my own number but...yea I'll admit it.
Sarah: You've always said that you were bad at Math.

That's it!!! 15 questions about myself! Wanna know how well Beth and Sarah knows me? Well...the scores are: 

This post is kinda random but we decided that we'd start like a mini-series of such posts. But they won't be as frequent as our usuals... So stay tuned if you enjoyed my post for today and would like to see how well I know the other 2 of them aka Beth and Sarah! 

Sorry for taking up 5 (or more) minutes of your life,
1/3 of Forty-Two³ J
P/S: If you're confused as to who 'Elaine' is, feel free to browse through the Appearance tab above to learn more!


  1. That was really cute! I look forward to the other girls if they haven't done one yet ^_^
    And ya'lls little doodles for the questions and answers are super cute!


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