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Hey hey hey I'm Sarah and I'm doing a post with Beth. Our blog's first collab!!! Hahahaha. Since I did my favorite dramas, I thought I'd just share some of the TV series that Beth and I like. Obviously because I don't watch much English shows anymore, I need Beth's help. So anyway I'm gonna quit the chit-chat and go right into it.

Ps: If you're wondering why the post is called 'Series Trouble', Beth said that 'series' sounded alot like serious so 'series trouble' and 'serious trouble'.... PUN-ish her. Lol I'm sorry.

1) The 100
THE 100 season 1 
The 100 is a show I would say is similar to Maze Runner and Hunger Games. Ever since the Earth was destroyed by a bomb many years ago, humans have been living in a space ship/station (?) which they call The Ark. The Ark has very strict rules to keep peace and whoever who interferes with this peace will get floated (basically they release you into the vacuum of outer space and you'll explode cause of the pressure. And if you managed to survive that, you'll suffocate in the vacuum) unless you are a minor, if you're a minor you'll get locked up in jail.

So the Ark has this experiment where they send a 100 of these minors down to Earth to see if it is safe for the human race to come back. But when they come back, they find out that there were human beings that had survived the bomb and they are not welcoming the 100 delinquents and The Ark. Plus in the later seasons, there is this crazy hologram person who apparently is the one who actually launched the bomb.....
2) Once Upon A Time
What happens when your favourite storybook comes to life? What if there is so much more behind what the fairy tales have told you? This show is mostly about Snow White and Prince Charming's daughter, Emma Swan. The evil queen cursed the Enchanted Forest and transported everyone in it to a town called Storybrooke. Only two people got to escape the curse, Pinocchio and Emma. Emma who has been dubbed as the 'Savior' must break the curse.

Sounds like a boring show? I can't explain how complicated and twisted this show is but I can tell you it's good. What I explained is just the start of the show.

Later on there'll be Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Belle, Elsa and basically almost all the storybook characters. If I were to give you a sneak peek, the last episode I watched which is in season 5 is about them going to the underworld. No more spoilers. But if you do decide to watch the series you have to watch the whole thing or you won't understand anything.
3) Heroes Reborn
Heroes is a show that my family and I have been watching ever since it came out so when we heard that they were making a new series we were ecstatic. Unfortunately, I heard that they're not gonna make a season 2. We'll never know who their father is. :( Anyways, the story takes place after a terrorist attack at a peace summit between Evo's (people who have special powers) and humans. After the attack, humans don't trust the Evo's thinking that the Evo's had conducted the attack. Evo's have to live in hiding and are hunted and killed.

Noah Bennet is trying to find out the truth behind the incident that happened on that day as he seemed to have forgotten all his memories of that day. It is of utmost importance for him to remember because on that day, his daughter died as well. What happened on that fateful day? Oh yeah and did I tell you? There are solar flares heading straight for the Earth and only two people can stop it.
4) Sherlock
Taken from Shelock the sign of three
Britain's favourite drama, Sherlock. This show is perfect for me because as I have mentioned countless of times, I like mysteries. Oh yeah let me warn you... the producing team takes FOREVER to release an episode. I'm not even joking. I can't really tell you the story line about this show cause almost every episode has a different story, so I'll tell you the longest story line that has ever lasted. Sherlock and Dr. John Watson solve mysteries together with Sherlock's amazing and annoying deduction skills. Sherlock finds everything easy and everyone else stupid until he meets his match...... JIM MORIARTY. Who will win in the end. I feel like my synopsis doesn't really bring justice to this show so just watch it and you'll know how good it is!
That's all from me!!! Now we're gonna move on to Beth's favorites!
5) Pretty Little Liars

Left to right: Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell
No words needed. Now this story is complicated as heck so I'm gonna try my best to explain without giving away spoilers :)! It all starts on a night when 5 girls; Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell), Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson), Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale), Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario) and Queen Bee, Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse) were gathered in Spencer's barn having a girl's night - or so one might assume. They have fun chatting and drinking and then the screen goes black and the next thing you know - Alison is gone! Soon, it was fast forwarded to a year later when this clique reconnects after the body of missing Alison DiLaurentis was found.
Taken from the first episode of PLL
After the funeral, the girls receive a message from the infamous 'A'. From there onwards, torturing messages from 'A' begin to file in episode after episode; leading the girls on to believing innocent people were 'A' and framing the girls for crimes that were never committed - and occasionally making the girls look like complete immature nut-jobs. We also find out later in the series that the girls have kept many, many secrets from each other. (P/S: If you wanna watch how the show really starts off, I suggest beginning with episode 13...then episode 1)

6) VicTORIous
This show kicks off when regular student, Tori Vega (Victoria Justice) was offered a spot in Hollywood Arts; a performing arts school in Hollywood. This happens as Tori's less-talented sister Trina Vega (Daniella Monet) got an allergic reaction to some Chinese Herbs which was consumed hours before a performance the same night (It was supposed to make her sing better lol)...which then lead to Tori performing in place of her sister.
Taken from 'Sleepover At Sikowitz's'
Throughout the series, Tori makes friends (yay!) whom are Andre Harris (Leon Thomas III), Cat Valentine (Ariana Grande), Jade West (Elizabeth Gillies), Beck Oliver (Avan Jogia) and Robbie Shapiro (Matt Bennett).....and if you wanna include this; Robbie's puppet Rex. 
3) Girls Meets World
Okay I did not just put this in because of Peyton Meyer...
The real reason of why this is on the list is because this show isn't your ordinary TV show where all they do is give sarcastic comebacks and make you laugh so hard you feel like your teeth are gonna drop. Girl Meets World is a show where it teaches kids, tweens, teens and even young adults lessons about life and for me, as a person who is around their age, I feel like I'm growing up with them too (?). I know it's so weird.
Taken from 'Girl Meets Money'.
But seriously though, give it a try. If you don't really like it....well, you only wasted like 25 minutes of your life :). Riley (Rowan Blanchard) and Maya (Sabrina Carpenter)'s friendship = goals. This show has plotlines that sometimes connects with the previous episode and sometimes, it just doesn't.

Thank you so much for reading!

Sarah (and Beth)


  1. OMG! SHERLOCK!!!!!! YAAAZZZZZZZZZ XD I love, love, love, love Sherlock!!!!
    And I used to watch Once Upon a Time but I slowly fell off.
    I also used to watch Victorious! I liked it, but it didn't like Kat... Or Robby... or rather his puppet XD
    My current fav shows are Rush Hour, Blindspot (though I'm a little behind), and Supergirl (though the first season just ended).

    1. Yes!!! I feel you! I can't wait for the next sherlock season.... although I heard it's coming out in like what a year? I'm pretty sure it's mentioned somewhere on the blog but I really really like mystery shows so Sherlock was just <3. I can totally admit I haven't watched all the Once Upon A Time episodes as well cause sometimes they drag the story out till it gets too long and confusing? But I try my best! Hahaha nickelodean shows are really nice... Ahhh my childhood :). I'll try watching those shows you suggested when I have free time.
      -Sarah <3

    2. They are filming the next season now, and they seem to like to come out around the new year. So, yeah, hopefully, by this time next year we will have already seen and fangirled over season 4 of Sherlock! XD

  2. Also, I noticed you girls changed your banner! Super cute! <3

    1. Thanks so much !! I'm really glad you like it :D


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