Examinations & I | Bethany

Hello everybody! My name is Bethany and just like *most* of you, I take my exams this time around too. I know some people take their exams at the beginning of the month (good for you), in the middle of the month (good luck!!) and some would probably be by the end of this month (in this case, JUST PUSH THROUGH IT!! And to help you out, I'll suggest reading a post Sarah has up on this blog that may help you: click here)

So while most of you are busy with your finals and exams or even mid-terms, let me de-stress your mind by sharing with you a post related to what you're stressing about!

Examination Day.
Time: Around 7 in the morning
Venue: Knott's Scary Farm Examination Hall :)
Description: Buckle up.
I usually arrive in school with cold feet because I have low confidence and I  think I suck at doing things under pressure. So when the teacher calls on us to keep our books and everything I just freak out. Like not the 40% chill 60% freaking out kind of freak out but like 98% FREAK OUT and 2% 'I'm just gonna stay at home at 30 with 10 dogs and 20 cats and hope I win the lottery or something.'

My heartbeat speeds up and my fingers and toes literally freeze while my head gets hot and feels like it's gotten stepped on. See? I told you I can't do things under pressure. I wasn't lying.
Because we have to keep our bags outside to avoid cheating, I'll usually meet with Sarah and Ally on the way out and we'll be like asking each other if we're ready, talk about some last minute things we may have missed out while studying - like a brief exchange and wish each other luck.
I would reluctantly keep all my notebooks, reference books and textbooks into my bag and sob internally about what's gonna be coming my way.
And seriously, the journey back to the examination hall is just pure psychological pressure.
Like seriously though, I could just run off and get an F on my paper and escape this torture. But I chose not to.
When I get back to my seat....that's when I loose ALL my chill. Like I'm sorry Danielle* for you have to put up with my last minute questions. (Yes, Danielle sits in front of me.)
Once everyone is back in their seats, the examination hall is legit DEAD SILENT. And that isn't a good thing because you can hear every single sound in the hall and it kills your brain nerves. Like it SHUTS OFF.
You'll know it's time to stop talking when the teacher announces the distribution of exam papers to every student and that's when my heart goes from a speeding car to an airplane on the RUNWAY before taking off. Aaaaaah the agony. 
While the paper reaches my table, I sit and pray - just pray to reduce my level of nervousness and to give me the courage and strength to answer all the questions. And if I am in the middle of a contemplation, I pray that I make the right decision and when I have no idea how to answer, I'll somehow manage to answer it regardless if it's right or wrong - just fill the blank with something that is logical. (Cause something is better than nothing)
Yeah okay I just gave you my prayers in a third point of view.
Once the teacher in charge instructs us to begin the paper, I flip to the first page and here's the thing: THE FIRST PAGE IS ALWAYS A TRAP!!!
Then after answering the questions on page 1, I flip the page and see this:
And oh the satisfaction of seeing a question that we've studied....
Is it just me or do teachers KNOW which part of the textbook we DIDN'T pay attention to?? Like somehow they still manage to get a question from the textbook that we've never seen until after the test.

LIKE WHAT IS THIS?! Some kind of magic show joke???

So occasionally, this happens....
And somewhere in the paper, I somehow have this HUGE brain fart at explanation sections where I'm just like....
And I just sit at the table pondering over what the word is and that will result into three different endings:
1) I'll eventually figure out the word I wanna use
2) I'll have to define the word
3) I'll have to use another alternative

And then I reach the end of the paper and the most dreaded part arrives
And I'll probably be sitting there for minutes until an idea gets into my head and I can finally declare WAR OVER......as for that subject I'm testing for.

But then....SOME PEOPLE will decide to make me question if I am really over with this...
Yes. Then I get paranoid. And I recheck my paper at least 5 times - no kidding.

So after counting the pages enough of times, I sit at my desk and that's when some REAL life-problems start. I'm serious!!

Let me show you a brief example in pictures......

Taken from High School Musical 2, 'What Time Is It?' and 'Fabulous'.

*Drinks a bunch of water*
And so stuff like that go through my brain and by the time the teacher gives us instructions that the time is up and we have to put our pens and pencils down, signifying the end of exams, I HAVE A HUGE PARTY IN MY HEAD.
ANYWAYS.....after exams, the burden relieved is one of the BEST feelings ever so if you feel like giving up on studying, DON'T DO IT!!!! Study your butt off because I promise you, the results will be satisfying!! There's no such thing as a 'can't. It's just a matter of will-power.

I began writing this during the middle of my exams and guess what? As I type the outro for this post, my exams are over and I can finally enjoy the holidays! If I can do it, you can too!!

Study hard and good luck!!! (To those who are bound to take their exams) And if you're done with your exams, GOOD LUCK FOR THE RESULTS!!!

I hope you enjoyed the post and I'm sorry I didn't take any photographs because as I said, it's examination month so I did this all while having exams. (Yep....I didn't prepare 2 weeks earlier haha....hah....ha.....it isn't really funny.)

Anyways have fun for the school break and enjoy it while it lasts!!!


P.S: If you're confused as to who 'Danielle' is, feel free to browse through the Appearance tabs above to learn more :) !