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Hi it's me SARAH!
So my exams have just ended (it was like...last month) and even though I'm probably not the best person to ask...*if you want to hear from the smart person here, go ask Ally*. I'm gonna share some study tips!! I'm also writing this for myself so I won't forget and so I can refer to this post for the next exam. Which of course has to be in two weeks time. T_T.

1) Don't cram!
I know most people probably study like crazy and try to cram everything the night before the exam but it probably won't be as effective compared to pacing yourself out and taking time to understand the subject. Start maybe 1 or 2 weeks before the exam and slowly start studying. For example, 2 weeks before the exam, study 2 pages a day then when it comes nearer to the exam date, study a chapter a day.

2) Plan
This is related to the first point and it's to make a schedule so that you won't find yourself not having enough time to finish studying. What I usually do is write down all the subjects I have to study along with the chapters and have little boxes to tick beside it so I know what and how much I need to study. After that, I get my planner and write the subjects I want to study on the specific day I want to study it. It's pretty confusing so I'll just put in a picture:
I usually write everything but I hate my handwriting sooo.....

3) Study SMART!
Just like what Miss Stressed-Out and Miss Old-Egocentric has said to the three of us before, STUDY SMART! Instead of memorizing the whole textbook *stares at Ally*, make points and your own notes.
If you're hardworking enough, you can make mind maps and charts or something. But the key to making notes is to make it COLOURFUL! Cause when you think about it; would you rather read something that's colourful or something that is all in the same colour? I mean it's fine to have it all the same colour but I personally prefer colour cause it makes me feel better when I'm studying for like 2 hours straight. :)
Do you like my pen and sticky note collection?
4) Study with friends
Why? Everything is better with friends! The more the merrier I guess? Studying with friends will probably prevent you from dozing off while studying which is what I do a lot XD. Plus you and your friends can share notes and help each other. Group study is something that the three of us have never really tried before (we did 'try' on Skype) but I think we should one day!
Just remember to study and don't talk about unrelated stuff the whole time. Which Beth and I are guilty for....

5) Sleep
This problem will probably occur if you didn't follow step 2, which is plan. A lot of people claim not to have enough time; and the day before the exam, they'll burn the midnight oil (wow my English teacher will be so proud of me using that phrase. Miss Old-Egocentric, are you proud?).
But not only will it tire you out the next day, it's also really bad for your health. There are cases of students passing out during the exam and I feel bad for them cause they probably spent a lot of time studying for the exam but won't be able to sit for it in the end. So yeah...make sure you get plenty of sleep the day before!

Yeah I hope that helped you! And if it didn't I'm sorry!! I'm definitely not the smartest person ever but since I had some tips I thought I'd just help others! But all I know is that if you don't make any effort at all you probably won't do so well. SAD TRUTH :( Yeah but just think of it as; if you can endure studying for a while, you'll be happier when the exam ends. And if you don't do well don't worry there's always the next exam and all you have to do is work harder!

Sarah <3
P.S: If you are confused as to who 'Miss Old-Egocentric' or 'Miss Stressed-Out' is, feel free to browse through the tabs above to learn more :).


  1. Great tips! I admit, though, I was that person that pretty much just memorized everything x'D
    I just try to write things out as many times as possible and say it out loud too. Once in elementary one of my teachers told me that if you could incorporate as many of your senses at once into your studying, you'd remember it better. So I try to write things down and read them (obv XD) and then say them out loud at the same time. Does that make sense? And usually, for me, anyway, about 3 times going through everything is pretty good for me.

    I def agree on sleep. I really never try to jeopardize sleep over studying, because you will remember so much more and do better if you just get more sleep. I'd also add, eating healthy, but that's more of a lifestyle change in general. But ya gotta feed your brain and body! :) And if you're studying for a long chunk of time, break it up with little exercise breaks to get your blood flowing. Try not to take a break on the internet x'D
    Hope all that helps too! ^_^

    1. Hahaha I guess that memorising everything works as well it's just harder I guess? And you're more prone to forgetting little things here and there. Hmm I think that writing and saying it out aloud is pretty smart and I'll definitely try it out.... In my room or else people are gonna stare at me like a crazy person. Yeah I think eating food for the brain (brain food) like fish or almonds or something would definitely help as well. I'm actually guilty of taking breaks on the Internet but it gives me a little bit of motivation to study. But I guess it's kinda hard to go back to studying so I have to go work on my discipline.
      -Sarah <3


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