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Greetings from the three of us...there are a few more days to Christmas and this already the 10th K-Pop Reaction post that we've uploaded since we began this little 'Surprise'. Time really has flown and amazed is probably not a suitable word as the feeling is beyond.

Anyways, today we're reacting to B1A4's song, 'Le Mensonge' (?) I really have no idea. Trust Ally to go on holiday and Sarah to be at church camp leaving me to edit something I'm not sure of. I'm not complaining - I'm just questioning how they trust me with this. (It's me, Beth if you can't tell....)

Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s). Thank you :)
Here's the music video! Cause 'ya know....you might wanna hear the song too.....
 ------Reaction Starts Now------

Beth: Le Mensponge. *read incorrectly*
Ally: *sniggers*
Sarah: Le Mensonge.
Beth: Le Mensponge....
Beth: Are you recording?
Ally: Yes.
Beth: Oh Le Mensponge. *repeats just cause*
Sarah: Try to say...oh never mind. *talking to Beth*
Beth: What...oh the bottom one?
Sarah: Yea.
Beth: Go-jit-mal-i-ya. *reads the Korean title of the song*
Sarah: Ok. Close enough.
Beth: What's this? I cannot tell the difference between this one and the....ah whatever...just play it.
Beth: Okay...oh...ok...why is he using a blanket...oh it's a girl.
Ally: It's a her. *at the same time as Beth*
Sarah: It's a her.
Beth: It's a girl.
(I apologize to the girl....I didn't mean to give you an identity crisis - or gender crisis)
Just to clarify, it was a painting...not a blackboard.
Sarah: Ooh it's a blackboard.
Sarah: Doesn't look like a blackboard.
Beth: No! I'm sure it's a painting.
Beth: Hey! It's the guy that's not my taste!
Ally: This is Jinyoung. *interrupted by Beth*
Sarah: Jinyoung!
Beth: Oh he's a hyung. *thinking his name was Jinhyung*
Beth: Is he the oldest?
Sarah: No, he's a young.
Ally: He...he is the oldest.
Sarah: Oh he is?
Beth: That makes more sense now.
Sarah: Is he the one with B blood?
Beth: Huh?!?! B bird?
Ally: No, B...B is Baro. *talking about their blood groups*
Sarah: Basically, B1A4 is their blood types.
Ally: There's 1 B..... *gets cut off by Beth*
Beth: Yeah. I know you said....is he is the B? *randomly points at screen*
Sarah: No.
Ally: No.
Beth: The not my taste is the B? *talking about Jinyoung* (so mean)
Sarah: He's obviously the visual.
Beth: WHAT?!
Sarah: Seeing that he's in every single moment of the...
Ally: He's not the visual. He's the leader.
Sarah: He's not?
Beth: HUH? *in the background*
Beth: Why...?
Sarah: Then why are they using him for all the scenes?
Beth: Do people have eye.....problems?
Sarah: Usually, they use their visuals for all the scenes.
Taken from one of their performance stages on Music Bank
Ally: I like the dance moves.
Beth: The one with him alone?
Ally: Actually, this song is REALLY nice.
Beth: Who sang this song? Did he sing? No, right? (Thinking Ally really likes Jinyoung)
Ally & Sarah: The whole group!
Beth: Yeah...so.
Beth: Ewwwwwww. *in the background*
Sarah: Where are the other members?
Beth: He looks Japanese. *Jinyoung*
Ally: He's the one with the girlfriend in the music video.
Beth: Oh poor girl.
Sarah: But usually, they use their visual...I don't understand.
Beth: Ok...actually he's not that bad looking. I mean like I've seen worst.
Ally: *points at screen*
Beth: This one looks worse.
Sarah: This is the visual?
Ally: No, this is the rapper. Baro.
Beth: Wait, who was the one that stood at the side.....in the lyrics video? At the side corner.
Ally: I...I don't know...oh it was Baro. It was Baro.
Beth: He's Baro?
Ally: Yeah.
Ally: Who's this...Sandeul?
Ally: Yes. *answers my own question*
Beth: Looks like Bugs Bunny.
Ally & Sarah: *sniggers*
Ally: So mean.
Sarah: I think it's because of the glasses.
I checked...Gongchan is indeed the visual of the group - Ally
Beth: He looks like.....Lee Joon Ki.
Ally: If I'm not mistaken, the visual might be Gongchan. The youngest.
Ally: This one. *points at screen*
Beth: Ewwww. If I'm not mistaken... *interrupted by Sarah*
Sarah: I'm waiting for Jinyoung.
Beth: ...I've heard...eeeww I don't like the name. That...that show. That silly show that I watched when I was young, that guy oh my...so...so...uhmmm. His name in the show was Gongchan.
Beth: I don't like that name - or that guy in particular.
(I'm really sorry to all the Gongchan's out in the world. I don't dislike you :) I just dislike that character in that drama I watched...)
Beth: Ok I thought it was going to be inappropriate. *talking about the music video*
Ally: Awww I think that was so sweet!
Beth: Is that like a dog collar?
Ally: No! It was a scarf.
Beth: Yeah! A dog collar...
Ally & Sarah: .....
Beth: Hahaha.
Ally: *just stares*
Beth: Awww this is sad for her.
Sarah: What's happening?
Ally: Can I just ask, is the girl the same girl or are they different. They're different, right? *asking about the girls in the music video*
Beth: Yea. *answering Ally's question*
Beth: I could tell because one of them was not as good looking as the other.
Sarah: *sniggers in the background*
Beth: *sniggers*
Ally: Ok... *just goes along*
Sarah: Are they different? *still on the topic about the girls in the music video*
Ally: I think they are...
Actually come to think of it....they kinda look the same......ah problems.
Maybe it was the camera angles....IDK anymore haha - Beth
Beth: I think they're different. Look at the one at the beach and the one over here. And you can tell...
Sarah: So, which one is the "not very pretty" one?
Beth: Hahaha. The beach. *sniggers*
Ally: I thought she said a swear word.
Beth: No. The one at the beach. *half talks half laughs*
Ally: What...did the girl pack up and leave?!?
Sarah: I guess. Maybe cause he was drunk.
Beth: I mean...if...
Ally: Was he drunk?
Beth: I was gonna say...if I were them...
Sarah: Don't know.
Beth: ...I would too!
Sarah: He used the beanie and walked...walked...walked...
Ally: I thought they were just playing.
Sarah: That's why.
Beth: Hide and Seek? Then it's Astro. (Reference: Astro #1)
Ally: *sniggers* Wow, you remembered.
Beth: Of course I did. I edited it.
Sarah: *laughing really hard* Just look at his ha....
Ally: What? His hair?
Sarah: I don't know either.
Sarah: Wait what......?
Beth: Dun dun dun.
Sarah: Oh!
Ally: What...OH that's cool!
Sarah: Suddenly, everything's gone.
Beth: I'll admit. That's cool.
Sarah: Is this Jinyoung?
Ally: Yeah...it's Jinyoung.
Beth: His face just made in uncool.
Beth: Sorry...friend *talking to Jinyoung*. I just didn't like his character. *talking about Jinyoung's character in 'Love in the Moonlight'*
Ally: I didn't like his character too.
Beth: Yeah. So.....not my favourite member.
----Song Ends----
  • Beth does not fancy Jinyoung and Baro.
  • Ally and Beth does not like Jinyoung's character in 'Love in the Moonlight'.
  • Ally likes the dance moves.
  • Apparently, Beth thinks Jinyoung looks Japanese.
  • Sandeul looked like Bugs Bunny to Beth... According to Sarah, it may be because of the glasses.
  • Gongchan looks like Lee Joon Ki according to Beth.
  • Ally and Sarah were confused if the girl(s) were the same person.
  • Ally and Beth thinks the ending was cool.
That is it for our reaction to 'B1A4's 'Le Mensponge'......or '거짓말이야'........(I've translated it....it means 'It Is A Lie'....) Hope you guys enjoyed our reaction to this song! And we'll catch up really soon! See ya!
Merry Early Christmas!
 Korean Vocab:
  • 'Hyung' or '형' (H-yeo-ng) means 'Older Brother' but is only used when a guy is referring to a guy that is older than him.
  • '거짓말이야' (Geo-jit-mal-I-ya) means 'It Is A Lie'.

Ally - Typing the whole audio into words, adding pictures, reacting and explaining.

Beth - Write the intro/outro, editing, and reacting.
Sarah - Reacting and explaining.


  1. Hello! I found your blog about... 10 minutes ago by now I guess. I seriously love it. This is hilarious by the way!! (Also, don't worry- I'm not a creepy old man that stalks people XD I'm just a really short teenage girl that loves K-Pop. And K-Beauty. And K-Everything pretty much)

    1. Thank you so much for your precious comment! It really made our day and we're really glad you are enjoying reading what we post so far :D!!! And I guess we're in the same boat as this blog is a big fan or Korean related everything!!! (Also totally irrelevant - We're three teenage girls too!!)

      - Forty-Two³


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