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Hello and welcome back to another K-pop reaction! Lol I feel like an MC saying that. Anyways today we're gonna be watching none other than rookie boy group; Astro!!! With their music video,  Hide & Seek.

Wow.... if you haven't listened to this song... GO LISTEN TO IT. It's really good! I think this is the only time Ally and I (Sarah) like a group that JUST debuted. I'm not even joking. It hasn't even been a month since they debuted.

[UPDATE: This was written on *I think* the 12th of March so....at that time, Astro was still brand new with a debut that was less than a month ago. Now it's a little over a month :)]

Anyways, let's quit the chit chat and go straight to the reaction.
After the disclaimers and video.....
Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s). Thank you :)

Here's the video if you wanna listen to it :D
------Reaction Starts Now------

Ally: Are they good looking?
Beth: *Looks at Ally* (It literally started two seconds ago)
Ally: Just saying. First impressions...
Beth: Well the girl looks...
Sarah: The girl is not in it!
Beth: *grins*
Ally: I'm talking about the guys.
Beth: This guy.. he looks like someone! He looks like someone!!
Ally: He looks like Wooshin!
Oh wow they do look similar! - Sarah
Sarah: Yeah I know right!! I just realized that.
Beth: Yeah, yeah he looks like your...*interrupted by Sarah*
Sarah: Wooshin.
Beth: The God-like features guy. (Reference from the 'Up10tion #2' post [Catch Me]) 
Ally: Oh my~
Sarah: This guy too. Eunwoo.
Sarah: The paint *referring to the paint dropping on the girl's shoe*
Beth: What is this?
Ally: That's Moonbin.
~ In a distance.... ~
Beth's sister: I hear Astro. I hear Astro!!!
Beth: Yes you do.
Beth's sister: *screams*
Ally: Okay. See we're not the only ones!
Sarah: Was that Beth's sister? I just heard screams.
Ally: Yeah.
Beth: What's the star doing?
Ally: Their logo I guess. Yeah it's their logo.
Sarah: No it's not. Their logo is like that.
Beth: It's a yellow pointy thing.
Sarah: It's just their background.
Beth: It sounds like *inaudible sounds*
Sarah: This guy is born in 2000 * referring to Sanha*
Ally: The guy wearing a cap.
Sarah: He's born in 2000.
Beth: *jokingly* Well he's not the best looking 16 year old I know then

Current Day....
(Sarah *while typing the audio into words*: How many good looking 16 year olds do you know, Beth).
(Beth replying Sarah's statement: Actually....none *so far*.)

Back to the Reaction...
Ally: You're so mean.
Sarah: There's another.... in the drama he looks better.
Ally: They were saying that when they were filming in Jeju do it was the coldest day ever.
Sarah: Yeah. Ahhh we watched ASC *After school Club*
Ally: Yeah.
Beth: What? So are they supposed to find the girl?
Sarah: No. It says hide properly or else I'll see you.
Beth: So they don't want the girl?
Ally & Sarah: No.
Sarah: No cause they're saying every time I see a bit of you then I know it's you already so hide.
Ally: They're talking about love basically.
Beth: So they're asking the girl to hide herself so they'll never, ever - won't love her?
Sarah: Ughhh.
Beth: Wait I'm so confused.
Sarah: Just watch.
Ally: Are they good looking?
Beth: Not all of them.
Ally: Okay. After this I'm gonna ask you who the best and worst looking one is, okay? Not worst..
Sarah: The guy born in 2000 is wearing braces.
Beth: Wearing braces?
Sarah: Yeah.
Beth: Yay people wearing braces can be famous.
Beth: His teeth must've been crooked like Rap-Monster's face (sincere apologies to all ARMY's)
P.S: Just to be very clear, the crooked statement was actually a joke by one of our schoolmates.....Don't ask us why that person made that statement. (We don't know either).
Ally & Sarah: ..... *annoyed* (WE ARE ARMY's!)
Ally: This one.
Sarah: Yeah. Not that bad looking.
Beth: Is that yellow paper supposed to be flowers? It looks like sticky notepads.
Sarah: It looks like streamers.
Ally: Confetti probably.
Beth: What are they trying to do?
Ally: Oh oh he looks like Hyungwon.
Sarah: Hyungwon?
Ally: Moonbin.
Sarah: Moonbin looks like Hyungwon?
Ally: Yeah. His lips just now.

Do they?....
Beth: Okay that looks like they're marching but like more animated.
Sarah: Yeah they were.
Ally: It's supposed to look like toy soldiers.
Beth: Toy soldiers don't do this. *Dances Awkwardly*
Sarah: Yeah Joong Ki doesn't do this *refers to Descendants Of the Sun*
Sarah: This is their logo. Wait not yet...
Beth: You know what that's supposed to mean right.
Sarah: Watch it first.
Sarah: It's like that. Their logo.
Beth: 2, 4....*scene switches* UGH..... 2, 4 *counting members*
Sarah: 6!
Beth: 6 people.
Ally: Is that a pyramid?
Beth: And that's why I'll never succeed.
Sarah: What?
Beth: She's gonna do so much better in life compared to me
Sarah: Why?
Beth: She's studying. And look at what I'm doing.
Sarah: Well she fell asleep.
Ally: I think I haven't watched this far.
Sarah: Huh?? I watched it.
Beth: I don't understand Korean *trying to see what was on the note*
Sarah: Well I don't either.
Beth: First mini album. How mini can it be.
Ally: They debuted with it.
------Video Ends------

In the next Astro post.... (Yes. There's another one. If you are smart enough you would probably know because Astro only has like 2 music videos so far)

ANYWAYS! Thank you so much for reading it till the end! I hope you enjoy it and look forward to the next reaction post! Also if you don't know who Astro is.. go and find out! I promise you won't regret it. Okay Byeeee <3
See yaa,
Quick, quick side info: This reaction was done at 9 p.m. after a 9 hour walk in the mall. So we were all tired and I (Beth) didn't know half the things I was saying and reading back, I am actually questioning about what I was thinking at that time. So I'm sorry if it was offensive at any level.