K-Pop Reaction: Up10tion #2 | Forty-Two³

Heyyy guys (and girls).....I'm Ally and I thought why not write the intro to this post sooo that's exactly what I'm doing! Another reason is because I'm bored and I needed something to do. Today, we’re gonna be reacting to more Kpop videos…Yay!!! I know that we’ve been doing a lot of these posts and I’m also aware that not many people (example: Beth) are into Kpop but just cause you don’t understand the language, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it!
Todays post is gonna be on Catch Me by Up10tion. Personally, they’re one of my favourite rookie groups!
As always, don’t hate just cause it’s Kpop….. Enjoy~

It's be Beth from this point onwards cause of editing! As always, there will be a disclaimer and then...we have a link/video for you to see and finally...the reaction and conclusions drawn from the reactions :)

Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s). Thank you :)

------Reaction Starts Now------

 *Immediately after Up10tion's 'So Dangerous'*
Beth: Next! Catch you.
Ally: Catch me...
Beth: Yeah. Catch you. 

Ally: This song has a really Egyptian vibe.
Sarah: That's the guy you like right?
Ally: Yup. Red hair.
Ally: Their dance moves are really cool.
Sarah: I feel bad for saying this.. the guy with blue hair looks ugly (I'm sorry to Up10tion fans)
Ally: I have to do something when this part comes.
Beth: Hmm I guess you like that guy.
Ally: Yeahh~
Sarah: Oh.
Beth: Did he fall down? *referring to the guy (Wooshin) that fell down*
Sarah: Somebody took his chair away.
Beth: Woah he's short... (Clarification: It was the camera angle)
Ally: *laughs softly*
Beth: It looks like Minecraft.
Sarah: Oh this sounds like a Super Junior song. Mamacita.
Ally & Sarah: Hey! Mamacita! Naega ayayayaya!!!
Ally: It does?
Sarah: The lalalalalala part.
Beth: *gasps* this music video looks like the.. the.. the.. Got7 OR BTS music video. The one with the box.
Ally & Sarah: *Looks at Beth, confused*
Beth: Right? There were like boxes.
Ally: Boxes?
Ally & Sarah: I think she's talking about Just Right.
Got7 'Just Right'
Ally: Then what? 
Sarah: Yeah, there were like giant cereal boxes.
Ally: *Confused* Then what? *Repeats herself*
Beth: No!! The one where the girl went inside the box...
Ally: OHHH! The girl that went inside the box is.....Boys Republic.
Boys Republic "Party Rock"
Beth: Ohh! Oops.
Ally: How did you watch it before? Have I shown you before?
Also from "Party Rock" by Boys Republic
Beth: Yeah you showed me before.
Sarah: Even I don't know.
Ally: The guy with blue hair who you say is not-so good looking is Bitto. He's the rapper
Sarah: Beeto?
Ally: Yeah. B-I-T-T-O.
Sarah: Okay.. *chuckles*
Sarah: The guy with red hair is the visual, right?
Ally: Yeah... People say that he has god-like features.
Beth: God-likes features?
Sarah: Which one is the one?
Ally & Sarah: GOD-LIKE.
Beth: Like from God?
Ally: He's so good looking that God gave him everything. Yeah that's what people say.
Beth: Which one?
Ally: The one with red hair.
Sarah: The only time that Ally and I liked the same member is Jungkook and Mark...
All credits for the original picture goes to the respective owners although the people who truly own these pictures are the people in the picture themselves....but ANYWAYS...
 Sarah: ...so that means this guy is really good looking.
Ally: Huh?
Sarah: Other than those two people, we usually like different people.
Ally: Why? Is this guy ugly?
Sarah: Which one?
Ally: The one that I like in here.
Sarah: NO!
Beth: Who do you like? The one with red hair?
Ally: Yeah this one *points enthusiastically at Wooshin*
Beth: The one with Gods-like features...
Sarah: Yeah I agree that he looks good.
Sarah: So if both Ally and I agree he looks good then he really IS good looking.
Beth: So this has both your stamp approval?
Ally: He is good looking...
Ally: I can say that they're good looking but they might not be my favourite. So like from my view, I view it in a... *doesn't finish*
Sarah: Okay then.
Sarah: Okay what is this?
Beth: They probably saw my face.
 ------Video Ends------
  • The most best looking member: Wooshin (according to Ally and Sarah)
  • And Beth is lost having no idea who is who.
  • Beth is very advanced (self-proclaimed) as she could remember what video it was.
  • Beth can tell the difference between Got7 and Boys Republic.
  • Beth can actually find the pictures to the Boys Republic song despite not knowing the title and getting zero information from the other girls (I did my research!)
And that is it for this reaction post! We hope you guys liked it and be on to watch for more!!

Take Care!
Ally - Editing the post, adding the intro and reacting.
Beth - Adding pictures, editing the whole post so it's more presentable and reacting.
Sarah - Typing the whole audio into words, reacting and explaining.