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Bethany again with the audioooooo and intro.....This is most likely gonna be our last K-Pop reaction for the year! So we really hope you enjoyed this little addition of K-Pop reactions to our blog throughout this entire year! They're definitely make their comeback in 2017 but as for now, we shall just give you our final one for 2016!

Today's reaction: NCT Dream, 'Chewing Gum'.

Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s). Thank you :)
Here's the music video for the song!

 ------Reaction Starts Now------

Beth: So this was the song you used for the Whisper Challenge.
Sarah: The average age for them is 15.6.
Beth: *imitates the song* Ga-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga-gum.
Beth: Uh why does the guy look like that? What teacher - Is that a member? Who's that?
Ally: No, it's just the.....
Beth: It isn't, right?
Ally: Quartermaster......
Ally: Oh! My favourite!
Sarah: Really? He looks like Moonbin (ASTRO)
Ally: Yeah...
Beth: Is it Ten? Ten isn't here.....is he.....?
Ally: No, this is....Jaemin...I think it is....
Beth: If Ten was here, you wouldn't say he's *Jaemin* your favourite.
Ally: *still questioning* Is he Jaemin?
Sarah: I think so.....
Ally: Then who's the other one? I get confused between Jaemin and....ahhhh Jeno.
Sarah: Is he Je...oh no he's Jeno.
Ally: Ah yeah....I like Jeno.
Beth: It's kinda blurry *talking about the video quality*
Chenle is the one in the middle
Ally: Oh Chenle!
Beth: Sarah, it's your best friend.
Ally: I love Chenle.
Sarah: Why? Cause Joy likes him? 
Beth: Which is Chenle? I need to see your BFF.
Sarah: I don't like his glasses....
Beth: Don't like you *dissing Sarah*
Ally: *Laughs*
Ally: There there there yeah....this is Jaemin.
Sarah: I always get mixed up between....*interrupted*
Ally: Me too
Beth: NCT Dream is quite the dreamer....I mean look at their
Ally: *singing along*
Sarah: This guy is born in 2002.
Beth: *continues*Look at this thing....you can tell it's so....dream.....? It's so 'dream' of them.
Sarah: Look! their hover boards.
Ally: I love their hover boards.
Beth: Oh I thought you were talking about the cream....
Sarah: If you watched the Chinese one....(link to Chinese version here)
Beth: They have nothing to shave....why do they need shaving cream.....?
Sarah: *sighs*
Beth: Right?
Ally: What Chinese?
Beth: They're like bald chicks.....
Sarah: The Chinese version of this song....
Beth: I wish to be like them....bald everywhere else but the head.
Sarah: This is why I always get interrupted.
Ally & Beth: *laughs*
Beth: Sorry.
Sarah: The Chinese one had more hover board scenes.
Ally: I've seen one performance video where someone.....
Beth: His teeth is so.....
Sarah: This is Chenle
Ally: Chenle!!!! Yes.
Beth: He looks okay for a person born in 2001...
Sarah: Awww!!!!!
Ally: Mark is SO good looking.
Beth: *mumbles* Mark again.....
Beth: How many Marks does NCT have???
Ally: One....
Sarah: One
Beth: Then?
Ally: The other Mark is in Got7.
Beth: No there was another one!
Ally: NCT U?
Sarah: He's in every single NCT sub-unit.
Beth: Wow lucky! Actually, not really....it must be so tiring.
Sarah: Yep.
Ally: *Gasps* It's Jeno!
Beth: I mean it's lucky that he probably earns a lot but still...
Ally: I love his rap.
Beth: I cannot rap to save my life.
Ally: I like this dance move!
Ally: He's so good looking!
Sarah: I like Mark the best.
Beth: They all look very baby here....they're probably really young, right?
Sarah: I think the oldest is 17....
Ally: Yes....
Beth: Haha....Seventeen....that must be confusing.
Sarah: Mark's the oldest. And he's usually the maknae (막내).
Beth: Hahaha he's the hyung (형) among all the maknaes.
Ally: Whaaaaaat?
Sarah: Yeah.
Beth: They enroll such young people *impressed*
Sarah: This is Haechan
Beth: I wish I can go up to the younger ones and be like....'When I was your age....I was studying and had no life.'
Beth: Oh they're from SM.....they must have a lot of money (Reference: EXO #4)
 ----Video Ends----
  • Ally is confused between Jaemin and Jeno.
  • Ally likes Jeno.
  • Sarah likes Mark.
  • Beth does not think the teacher/quartermaster looks good.
  • Beth thinks this music video gave off a dreamy vibe.
  • Sarah and Ally like the hover boards.
  • Ally thinks Mark is SO good looking.
  • Beth is questioning why there were so many Mark(s) in the K-Pop industry.
  • Beth can't rap to save her life.
Just saying, we didn't mention Renjun at all so I thought it would only be right to have a picture of him. So I hope you guys enjoyed this little reaction post. Don't forget to smile because the year is coming to an end and even if it's just a regular day, smiling doesn't hurt! It's always nice to SMILE!

Korean Vobab:
  • Maknae (막내) means 'Youngest'
  • Hyung (형) means 'Older brother' but only from a male to male. If a female wants to call her older brother/an older male, she says:
  • Oppa (오빠)
Bless Sarah/Z/Elaine for teaching me how to write in Korean. And Bless Google Translate for confirming my new found skills (And providing the keyboard LOL)
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