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Hello everyone it's Bethany.....WHAAAA...I know. I'm doing this post today! So yep....this is our little 'surprise' as a way of thanking all of you guys for such an amazing year! We'll be posting EVERYDAY up 'til Christmas so I hope you're looking forward to it! Today, we'll be reacting to EXO's 'Monster'!
This is actually the second time I'm writing this post because the first time I wrote this exact post, it somehow disappeared without a trace. So....I'm gonna listen to our reaction again, add pictures and sorts and I'm actually really sad because I've already completed this post before. And it's the night before we intend to post this.....but it's okay. What doesn't kill me makes my ears go through the listening test all over again.
 Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s). Thank you :)

I couldn't find the MV so just enjoy their dance version....
 ------Reaction Starts Now------

Beth: BAAAAAHHHH *intentionally wanting to hurt Sarah's ears. But karma decides that I'll be the one typing this....twice.*
Sarah: *sighs* (Thinking she has to hear Beth scream)
Beth: Oh my....
Sarah: *laughs* *mocks* Oh my....
Beth: Is that....oh my it looks like Tao!
Sarah: No!
Beth: That's just gross.
Ally: How is that gross?
Beth: That....the make-up is good.
Beth: Oh is that Sehun?
*Scene switches, Sarah didn't notice*
Sarah: No! That's Baekhyun.
*Scene switches again, Beth didn't notice*
Beth: No that....this one looks like Tao! No wait.
*Sarah doesn't notice Kai as the scene switched*
Sarah: That's D.O!
Beth: He looked like Tao for a second....
Sarah: D.O looks like Tao....okay.
Beth: No no no. Just for a second. The one earlier.
Beth: Wow synchronization.
Ally: They're EXO.
Ally: I think the dance moves...they really stepped up their game.
Sarah: It's really good.
Beth: Well they have to out-do their old one.
Sarah: I still feel like out of all their albums, Exodus was the best.
Beth: Wow so synchronized...
Ally: I really like the 'X'.
Sarah: *points* Yeah this is an 'X'!
Beth: Heh...if only Monsta X sang this song. (GET IT?)
Ally: Lay looks SO good!
Sarah: Do you know Lay's number is also '10'? (If you've read our NCT U post, you'll know that Ally likes a guy named 'Ten').
Ally, Beth & Sarah: *Laughs*
Sarah: I like this part! I REALLY like this part!
Ally: This part?
Sarah: No like this part!
Beth: Who's in the middle? Suho?
Ally: When I watched this the first time, I was like 'why'.
Ally: I'll never be able to understand this.
Sarah: I thought it was cool because they all go down at the same time.
Ally: Lay is so good looking.
Sarah: It's so sad he has so little lines.
Ally: I know!!! It's like two lines. Lucky One too.
Sarah: But the whole Chinese album, he has so many lines.
Beth: I feel bad for him *Baekhyun*
Ally & Sarah: Why?
Beth: Where'd they get so many soldiers?
Sarah: How should I know.
Beth: If they're real, I'll need them to arrest Miss-Stressed-Out....for mentality torture.
Sarah: *sighs*
Ally: I think the concept is really cool. I mean just imagine how much it costs to build these sets.
Sarah: They're SM. They have money.
Ally: Yeah well.....
Beth: Are they like arresting them or...
Sarah: But see, Baekhyun is not with them.
Beth: Because he was silent?
Sarah: He's supposed to be a traitor.
Ally: Oh I didn't like this part when he does like this change thing....
Beth: What did he....whaaaa?
Sarah: Yeah.....
Ally: Besides that, it was good.
Sarah: I like Cha.....I like the rap. *nervous laugh*
Beth: So Baekhyun was the one at the side all alone?
Sarah: Not sure.....
Ally: No that was...
Beth: Is that Chanyeol? *confused*
Sarah: Yeah this is Chanyeol *proud & happy*
Beth: I thought Chanyeol had black hair....
Sarah: They dye their hair.
Beth: No but they said on the...oh was it Baekhyun that had black hair? I'm pretty sure the article said Chanyeol....

[Just to clarify, I don't go on random K-Pop websites for no reason. One of my friends (I don't remember who) shared the article on Facebook and I saw the headlines.]
Lay: Third person from the left
Ally: Wow....Oh my....Look at Lay....Ayyyyy....Ohhhh! *fangirling* (if only you could hear the noise she made)
Beth: Where?
Ally: There! *breathless*
Beth: Where?
Sarah: *the only normal one* Beside Kai.
Beth: Which is Kai?
Sarah: Uhhhhh.....that one!!!
Beth: I can't see! Their faces are too small! It's too zoomed out.
Sarah: I like this part too. The clock thing
Beth: So where's Baekhyun. *suddenly, Baekhyun appears on the screen*
Ally: Sitting there.
Beth: That?
Sarah: Yeah.
Beth: Is he here? He is, right?
Sarah: Yeah....
Ally: He's not locked up....
Sarah: Yep. Look at this part....
Ally: Oh I love this part!
Sarah: At first, I thought it was weird. But it's nice.
Ally: Do you know what people say? People thought what he said was crapping, crapping, crapping.
Sarah: Look! It's Baekhyun! He came to save them.
Sarah: Doesn't this look like Sing For You? The last part....
Ally: Cause it's black and white?
Sarah: Yeah but there's like snow and everything too.
Beth: Very synchronized.
 ------Video Ends------
  • Beth feels bad for Baekhyun's mouth guard/jewellery/metal thing.
  • Beth and Sarah were confused as to who looked like Tao to Beth
  • Ally thinks their dance moves are nice.
  • Sarah likes Exodus the most out of all EXO albums.
  • Ally likes the 'X' formation.
  • 'Lay looks SO good,' said Ally in this reaction post.
  • Beth needs the soldiers to 'arrest' Miss-Stressed-Out.
  • Sarah likes Chanyeol.....A LOT.
  • Beth got confused about who dyed their hair because of a misleading article she saw.
  • Lay still looks very good says Ally.
  • People thought someone said 'Crapping' instead of 'Creeping' according to Ally.
  • Sarah thinks the ending looked like 'Sing For You'.
  • Beth thinks the dance moves are very synchronized.
  • There are a lot of conclusions
  • Beth wrote this conclusions
  • Beth is happy she took a pic of the conclusions for Ally and Sarah to see before the original post got mysteriously deleted by none of us.
  • The last four conclusions (including this one) was unnecessary.
Originally, I took pride for the fact I managed to write one whole post, edit and added pictures. Now, I take double pride for the fact I had to do it again and it's completed (Almost like the original one). I know there were many conclusions, and you're probably sick of words so I'm just gonna stop here.
Hope you guys enjoyed this post and we'll see you guys again tomorrow for another K-Pop Reaction post! So stay tuned! :D We really hope you guys enjoy this little 'gift'/'surprise' :) !
P.S: If you're confused as to who 'Miss-Stressed-Out' is, feel free to browse through the appearance tab to learn more!
Beth - Typing the whole audio into words,  writing the intro, adding pictures, editing, and reacting.
Ally - Reacting and explaining

Sarah - Reacting and explaining.


  1. I maybe watched the actual video once XD I was like, nah, the video is not my thing. And the lyric translation of the song 0_o not the best, but I still like the beat and the melody and the musicality of the song and stuff XD I liked 'Lucky One' a lot better though


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