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Hey!!! It's me, Ally!!! It's been a long time since I wrote the introduction to these kind of posts but I'M DOING IT NOW! I just never ever do it just cause I'm usually the one who types the audio (along with Sarah) and another reason is because I don't know what to say or I'm lazy~ which is why I'm blabbing right now so enough with whatever it is I said...let's get on to the reaction post!

Right after the disclaimer...

Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s). Thank you :)
Here's the music video if you would like to watch it for yourself and not just look at pictures...Enjoy! I know I did J
------Reaction Starts Now------

Beth: 7th sense?
Ally: They're a new SM group.
Beth: Wow it's pink...no it's not pink...it's orange.
Ally: Red.
Beth: Orange-y.
Ally: I really like the effects of the video.
Beth: Sounds exotic.
Ally: -_-
Beth: Hater my girl? *misheard the lyrics*
Beth: Hahaha what's that dance move?
Beth: *laughs in the background*
Ally: I really like this part.
Sarah: That's cool.
Ally: It looks so pretty.
Ally: Technically there are 6 but for some reason one of them wasn't...
Beth: Missing? *cuts Ally*
Ally: ...wasn't in this music video.
Sarah: But he's in a different music video *referring to Taeil*
Ally: Yea.
Ally: The other music video has 3 of them only.
Sarah: This is the Taeyong person right?
Ally: NO.
Sarah: No?
Ally: This is Ten!
Sarah: No...this is Ten. Sorry!
Beth: Is he...is he like pooping inside the plant?
Ally: *hits Beth*
Ally: This is the Thai guy.
Sarah: Oh yeah.
Ally: This is Taeyong *points at screen*
Beth: There's Thai here?
Ally: *sighs*
Sarah: This is Mark right? *points at screen*
Ally: Yeah that was Mark.
Beth: MARK? Isn't this...
Ally: You do know that there are more than one Mark(s) in the world right?
Beth: Yes! I do but...
Ally: Ok just listen to the music.
Sarah: We'll show you Mark later.
Beth: Still sounds exotic.
Beth: This looks like Chanyeol *referring to Jaehyun*
Sarah: Hahaha. How does that look like Chanyeol?
Beth: Not this one! 
Beth: The one with the black mask at the bottom...the jaw shapener *not even a word*
Ally: This guy is a 5urprise member's younger brother *referring to Doyoung*
Sarah: Really?
Ally: Yeah.
Beth: GD?
Ally: *sighs*
Sarah: A 5urprise member's brother.
Beth: The surprise brother...? Like unplanned?
Ally: There's another group called 5urprise...one of the member's...
Beth: *says something inappropriate* (It wasn't offensive. It was just gross.)
Sarah: Ally you type this one...
Ally: I don't wanna do it!
I ended up doing it -Ally-
Sarah: I like the music though.
Ally: He's 17 *referring to Mark*
Beth: Oh I thought you were gonna say he's 17...*doesn't finish the sentence*
Sarah: Listen to this part! *referring to Mark's rap*
Sarah: The English line.
Ally: Something ass right? *didn't mean to swear but it was in the lyrics*
Sarah: Yea...
Beth: Sh*t?
Sarah: Hahaha.
Ally: Long ass ride...
Ally: I really like this dance move.
Ally: Not this one...yeah this one.
Ally: I'm like are they walking? Are they jumping? I don't know...
Sarah: Hahaha but their dance moves are really good.
Beth: This one looks like a bathroom.
Ally: I think...it's supposed to be.
Sarah: They...have a different concept...
Beth: This guy looks old *referring to Ten*
Ally: He's Thai.
Beth: The Thai guy looks old.
Sarah: ... it's a different concept than the Mickey Mouse Club thing. You know they did the Mickey Mouse Club thing right?
Ally: Yeah.
Beth: Micky Mouse???
Ally: For some reason...I really like Ten!
Ally: And he's a rapper.
Beth: T. E. N.?
Sarah: If I had to choose...
Ally: I like the two main vocalist and Ten and Taeyong and actually Mark too so basically I like everyone.
Beth: T. A. N. or T. E. N.?
Ally: T. E. N.
Sarah: I like Mark and the Doyoung person.
Beth: What ten? 
Ally: His name is Ten!
Beth: Number 10?
Ally: Yeah.
Sarah: All the Thai people cannot use their real names.
Ally: It's too long.
Sarah: It's too weird *jokingly*
Beth: What's Bambam's one again?
Sarah: Kunpimook Bhuwakul.
Beth: What's it mean?
Beth: OMG they're holding their...*not an appropriate word*
Ally & Sarah: Hahaha.
Ally: I think their dance moves are like on point...!
Sarah: *agrees*
Ally: You have no idea how much I like the dance moves.
Beth: Touching *not an appropriate word* is on point?
Sarah: Can you stop it!
------Video Ends------
  • Ally really likes the entire music video
  • Both Ally and Sarah think that the video was cool
  • Beth said many inappropriate things throughout the entire video
  • Beth got hit by Ally for saying so many inappropriate things
  • Sarah now knows that Doyoung has an elder brother in another group called 5urprise thanks to Ally
  • Beth thinks almost any guy in the Kpop industry looks like someone in EXO
  • Ally found out that she actually likes every single member in NCT U
  • Beth can't wrap her head around Ten's stage name
  • Both Ally and Sarah applaud their dance moves  
So, we're done with todays reaction post. Hope you liked it. And I'll apologise on behalf of Beth for saying many...many inappropriate things -_- I'm actually at the edge of my seat waiting for NCT 127 to debut next!!! Although...by the time this post is up, they would've probably already debuted so stay tuned for a reaction post on NCT 127 and a whole lot more other Kpop groups...
~ Ally ~

P. S. We reacted to this a couple months back when NCT U first debuted but due to my laziness...I kinda put off typing the audio. Sorry L



  1. I liked "Without You" better than 7th Sense. I dunno. Its not quite my type of music XD


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