K-Pop Reaction: Up10tion #3 | Forty-Two³

Good morning/afternoon/evening/night wherever in the world you are! I hope our time zones make us be reading this on the same date...(though it probably wouldn't be possible cause the Earth is spherical and somewhere in the world would already made it's full rotation *the weird but (hopefully) kinda logical....Beth* Anyways....today we're reacting to....Up10tion's 'White Night'.
Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s). Thank you :)
Enjoy the MV if you wanna!

 ------Reaction Starts Now------
Beth: *to the mic* Up10tion...white night....which is kinda racist cause there are other colored nights too...*To Ally & Sarah* I think you can start now....
Sarah: What are you doing?
Beth: I'm talking to the mic......alone.
------Song Starts------

Beth: Yay it's the ground. Yay it's 1,2,3,4,5,6 - it should be 10 people, right? Why else would they call themselves up10tion...TEN.
Sarah: Oh apparently he died.
Ally: Who?
Sarah: Kogyeol.
Beth: Hey! Wooshin!
Ally: *whispers* YESSSSSS.
Ally: Kogyeol is the....other visual?
Sarah: Yeah. Is he not?
Beth: Who's the other visual? Wooshin?
Ally: Wooshin........
Sarah: Wooshin is the visual.
Beth: Well yeah....he has the 'God like features' (Refer: Up10tion #2)
Ally: Yes.
Beth: Oh my what happened to his face?
Sarah: Uhhhhh....he got beat up I guess...
Beth: *gasps* he's wearing eyeliner!
Sarah: Somi's here. Here's the girl born in 2001..... (Refer: I.O.I)
Beth: This?
Sarah: She won Produce 101.
Beth: Ohhh....
Beth: She looks pretty mature for a......15 year old.
Ally: Is that Wooshin?
Sarah: Mmhmm.
Beth: Look at this 15....15....yeah, 15 year old girl having life compared to us.
Ally: Aren't Somi and Wooshin emcees for something now?
Beth: Keep jumping....keep jumping....when they break their legs like that Twice group, they'll learn their lesson. Wait no. It wasn't Twice....it was I.O.I. (Refer: I.O.I.#1)
Sarah: No they sang something together..... They sang Dream together
Ally: They're.....they're emcees for something.
Sarah: I'm not sure....Most probably.....
Beth: Their clothes match the....these things!
Sarah: Yeah I'm so satisfied.
Sarah: There that's Kogyeol. Kogyeol right? 
Beth: Have I ever said who looks good in Up10tion.....no, right?
Sarah: No....
Ally: Not sure....
Sarah: *really softly but I HEARD YOU* We probably wouldn't wanna ask that either.
Beth: That's not my taste. *points*
Sarah: This is Bitto.
Beth: *Sighs* They really wanna......they really wanna break their legs like Twice....I mean I.O.I
Sarah: Why??
Beth: They keep jumping around. It's so dangerous.
Sarah: Basically....the story *interrupted*
Beth: Hey that guy looks familiar.
Sarah: ....was Hwanhee accidentally killed Kogyeol and Somi was the girlfriend of Kogyeol...so Hwanhee felt bad...so he started hanging out with Somi....like just to comfort her?
Beth: This is Hwan.....
Sarah: Yeah....
Beth: The one that got killed or kill. *confused about Sarah's explaination*
Ally & Sarah: Killed.
Sarah: So....uhm...Kogyeol
Ally: Then why is Wooshin in the story too?
Beth: Cause he's a member..... *interrupted by Sarah*
Sarah: Wooshin likes Somi..... *interrupted by Beth*
Beth: Of Up10tion...*interrupted by Sarah*
Sarah: And he's really good friends with Hwanhee.....so he's kinda angry....
Beth: Hey! This looks like Love Me Right (EXO)
Sarah: Very angry that Hwanhee wants to get close with Somi....but....and....cause he thought that Hwanhee likes Somi.... kinda like you kill her boyfriend and get the girl kind of thing...
Sarah: That's the whole story...I think.
Ally: Can I just ask something? How do you 'accidentally kill' someone.
Beth: FIRE!
Sarah: They were playing hockey.
Ally: And then what? He hit him on the head?
Sarah: He tripped him and he fell. It's at the end of the....*interrupted*
Ally: And then he died?
Beth: Yeah sure....spoiler alert.
Sarah: Look, he's gonna get hit now.
Ally: Oh my!
Sarah: What a waste of flowers.
Beth: I mean technically, if you think about it, how do you the flower - Ooooo die....
Sarah: See?
Beth: How do you think the flower felt....
Ally: Ew ew ew ew ew!!!!
Beth: BLOOD!
Beth: Oh my gosh I will never want to even....
Sarah: Cause he hit him.
Ally: I don't do violence.
Sarah: *laughs in the background*
 ----Song Ends----

----Random picture insertion ends lol---- 
  • It is only logical if Up10tion has 10 members.
  • Beth thinks the title of the song is a little racist. (I meant it could be a misconception)
  • Apparently, Kogyeol is the other visual according to Ally.
  • Beth still can't get over Wooshin's public image (God Like Features). [It has been SO many months]
  • Beth thinks Up10tion has the potential to break their legs from jumping.
  • According to Beth, jumping is a dangerous activity.
  • Beth thinks the football scene was like Love Me Right (EXO).
  • Beth and Ally can't take the violence scene.

So that is it for our little reaction to Up10tion! Christmas is around the corner so don't forget to sing Jingle Bells out loud off your balcony before Christmas is over and you get judged really badly for it. I have no idea what logic that is but yeah! Hope you enjoyed the reaction and we'll see you guys tomorrow!

Peace out,