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Happy 16th! Honestly, it makes no difference as K-Pop Reactions are posted daily! It's Bethany here....again! Sarah and I seemed to have swapped roles cause I realized writing audios weren't really hard and I had problems getting pictures before this too.....So here we go! Today we're reacting to I.O.I with their song, 'Very, Very, Very'.

Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s). Thank you :)
Here's the music video if you wanna watch.....

------Reaction Starts Now------

Beth: It's a bunch of yellow girls.
Ally & Sarah: *laughs in the background*
Beth: *Gasps* THEIR LEGS!
Sarah: It's JYP *talking about the lyrics*
Ally: Was it you who told me that *interrupted*
Beth: That the guy looks weird?
Ally: No that this video is copying Red Velvet.
Beth: No what? *lyrics*
Sarah: No it was an article.
Beth: To what? Breaking their knees??
Sarah: No!
Ally: I've never seen this before....
Sarah: You haven't??
Ally: Nope.
Sarah: This is the part where it's kinda similar to Red Velvet....
Beth: HEY! This is the song Hanna listens to! Ugh.....(Annoyance problems. Nothing personal)
Sarah: *sniggers*
Beth: Sorry?
Sarah: I like Pinky.....*interrupted by Ally*
Ally: I think her Korean is really good for not being a Korean....
Beth: She's not Korean?
Ally: Nope.
Sarah: She's Chinese.
Beth: Ahhh....
Beth: Hey that girl looked like Yoona for a moment.
Ally: This girl?
Beth: I don't know.
Sarah: She's supposed to be the prettiest.
Ally: I don't think so.....*unsure of who Beth saw*
Beth: Probably why she looked like Yoona to me.
Ally: Chaeyeon right?
Sarah: Yeah Chaeyeon
Beth: Hey that bubble hair thing! I used to tie that hair in preschool.
Sarah: I think Sejeong looks so.....*interrupted*
Beth: If they're so hungry why don't they just eat the eggs. Why make life complicated. Stare at it on top of that.
Ally: At first, I didn't like this song. But after that, I got *interrupted*
Sarah: Addicted, right?
Ally: I wouldn't say addicted but....I became okay with it.
Sarah: No after you listen to it a few times....
Beth: Hey that girl is pretty too! The one at the side....*Left side*
Sarah: They're the same person....
Beth: Oh really?
Sarah: Yeah.
Beth: Ahhh.
Beth: At least it's not a music video filled with ugly people....Imagine if this was a Tom* themed music video.
Ally: Nobody would watch it. Or the whole world would watch it.
Beth: *giggles* to laugh at him.
Beth: I can imagine it like a Victoria's Secret stage and him going 'Left, right, left, right'.
Ally: *Laughs* What are you talking about.
Sarah: *Laughing* I have no idea either!
Beth: His legs....'Left in front of the right. right in front of the left.'
Ally: I really like Yoojung cause she can sing.....and rap.
Sarah: And dance.
Ally: Yeah.
Sarah: The only thing is she's short....
Ally: Yeah.....
Beth: Height discrimination!
Sarah: It's okay. I'm short too.
Ally: *laughs in the background*
Beth: What's this music video supposed to be?
Sarah: Why are they slapping themselves?
Beth: *same time as Sarah* Why are they slapping their face? Self harm! Kids, don't do that at home...actually don't do it at all...
Sarah: This is the girl born in 2001.*Somi*
Ally: I don't like their make-up.
Beth: Where?
Sarah: The girl in the middle. She was the WINNER for the entire show.
Ally: Produce 101?
Sarah: Yeah. These people.....*interrupted*
Beth: Is Produce 101 like Problematic Man but for girls? (Reference: BTS #2)
Ally & Sarah: *what is she saying* NO!
Sarah: Produce 101 is like The Voice.
Beth: Ohhhhh....
Sarah: It's like 12 people, the winners and they form a group....I like Sohye too.
Beth: So who's the winner?
Sarah: The girl that's born in 2001.
Beth: Wow!
Ally: I'm not a fan of their dance moves.
Sarah: She's supposed to be in TWICE.....
Beth: TWICE also won through that thing?
Sarah: No, it's another program....Sixteen.
Beth: Oh my.....the balls formed eggs.

------Video Ends------
Sarah: Tzu-Yu (TWICE) didn't win the program but she got in because of popularity.
Beth: How do you spell Tzuyu? *she asked this because Tzuyu is pronounced as Chewy*
Sarah: T-Z-U-Y-U
Ally: For some reason it's spelled like that.
Sarah: Oh don't you think that Sejeong looks like the girl in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo? The evil gymnastic girl.
------Reaction Ends------
  • Beth questioned if they 'broke' their knees.
  • Ally has never watched this music video before.
  • Apparently, this music video is similar to Red Velvet.
  • Beth's sister, Hanna plays this song a lot.
  • Some girl looked like Yoona to Beth.
  • Beth used to tie the 'Bubble hair' when she was in preschool.
  • Ally didn't like this song at first but now she does.
  • Back again with insulting Tom.....
  • Youjung is multi-talented according to Ally and Sarah.
  • Sarah and Beth questioned why they were slapping themselves

So that is it for our Reaction to I. O.I's music video, 'Very,Very,Very'. And I have to say....it was Very, Very, Very creative. HAHA. Okay I'm lame. Sorry. Regardless, I hope you guys enjoyed our reaction to I.O.I and stay tuned for another K-Pop Reaction soon!
See ya,

P.S: If you're confused as to who 'Hanna' or 'Tom' is, feel free to browse through the Appearance tab above to learn more.