K-Pop Reaction: BTS #2 | Forty-Two³

Heylo!! I'm doing the intro! Basically I'm procrastinating typing the whole audio cause it takes a long time to write... Hahahaha. Oh! BTW, I'm Sarah :). Personally, I would recommend doing this with your friends (watching videos and reacting to them). The video gets 10 times funnier when you're watching it with friends. On the day we reacted to the videos, if you compiled all the seconds and minutes I laughed it'll probably be like 2 hours ++
Beth from this point on.....
Anyways the music video we are reacting to this time is... Run by BTS! (This is actually reacted a long time ago. So....heh #TBT?)

Let's get straight to the reactions!!!
(After the disclaimer cause 'ya know, we do this for all our reaction posts)
Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s). Thank you :)
MV? Here you go!
------Reaction Starts Now------
Ally: This is.......? V is the one falling in the water cause he jumps down in the prologue, right?
Sarah: Yeah. He said he was cold.
Beth: Oh ice cubes! *referring to Rap Monster's drink*
Sarah: I feel that the first part is really nice. Rap Monster did a good job....at the start of the song.
Beth: Well that's dirty.
Beth: Okay that's not funny. That's just gonna taste weird. *referring to Rap Monster placing his lollipop into his drink*
Ally: Wait. You mean Rap Monster composed this song?
Sarah: No, I meant the first part when he sang....I mean rapped.
------Song Starts------
Sarah: Oh.
Beth: That's littering. *Referring to Rap Monster throwing his cup on the floor*.
Ally: Such a litterbug.
Sarah: The start is so nice.
Beth: The door is gonna slam in his face. Okay. No.
Beth: I thought the door was gonna slam in his face.
Ally & Sarah: .....
Sarah: There's V falling in the water.
~ Silence ~ 
Sarah: See, V slammed it. *the house of cards*
Ally: Ohh.....
Sarah: Is V eating the card? Hahaha.
Ally: Yeah...Hahahaha
Sarah: Yea...after the house of cards fell, Jin had like a sudden realization that everyone is gone.
Ally: Ahhhhhh *finally gets what Sarah was saying*
~ Silence is Golden like BTS's Maknae ~
Ally: Oh no! He hit the Golden Maknae's face. *Referring to Jungkook getting punched by Suga*
Sarah: Ahahahaha.
Ally: Did you see the one about lamb skewers?  *referring to behind the scenes*
Sarah: Yeah I did.
Beth: Is the song about a girl?
Ally: No. It's about friendship.
Beth: Friendship??
Ally: Yeah, like one by one your friends disappear.
Beth: I know....but like they died because of a girl? 
Ally: Noooo there's NO girl in this.
Beth: Yeah but in the first song, I Need U, there was the word girl in it. So when they don't get the girl...they died (I meant commit suicide).
Sarah: They need each other.
Beth: They're boys....
~ Silence ~
  Ally: So Jin is like the main character cause he's still alive?
Sarah: Yeah. Maybe cause he's the oldest.
Ally: Or maybe cause he's the visual.
Sarah: Oh yeah...
Ally: But I'm pretty sure that AMRY's will agree that Jungkook qualifies as the visual too.
Sarah: Yeah. He's the makane, vocalist. He's like almost everything.
Ally: He can do EVERYTHING.
~ Silence ~
Beth: I don't see Jin often.
Ally: They don't appear a lot.
Sarah: Rap Monster does.
Beth: *astonished* Rap Monster?
Ally: Rap Monster appeared on Problematic Man.
Beth: That explains a lot.
Sarah: It's because he's smart.
Ally: Running Man too.
Sarah: You know, apparently the reason why nobody cared about them vandalizing their cars was because they aren't real? Like they were supposed to be dead. The only thing the drivers were annoyed about was Jin blocking the road.
Beth: Wait. This is real?
Sarah: No....
~ Silence ~
  Sarah: Did you know that only Jimin was supposed to get wet? But in the end, Suga got wet....or was it V?
Ally: I think it was Suga. Cause I remember him complaining about his pants being wet.
------Song Ends------
  • Beth is questioning the lyrics to the previous song and what it had to do with 'friendship.'
  • Ally and Beth states that Rap Monster is a 'litter bug.'
  • Apparently, placing your lollipop into your drink is not funny.
  • Beth doesn't understand why the others (excluding Jin) committed suicide.
  • Beth is still laughing about Jungkook's nickname (Golden Maknae)
Thanks for reading! If you enjoy these posts so far, well....good news! There are still a couple more!! And if you didn't enjoy these posts.....good news for you too! There are only a couple more!!! (As for this year. Surely, more are to come)
Regardless, these were something we did during our free time and we had tons of fun doing it. But until the next react post.....SEE YAH TOMORROW!
Korean Vocab:
  • Maknae (막내) means 'Youngest'.
Sarah - Typing the whole audio into words,  writing the intro, reacting and explaining.
Beth - RE-typing the whole post as it had font issues, adding pictures, editing and reacting.
Ally - Editing (spell checks ,etc.), reacting and explaining.