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Welcome back to another K-Pop Reaction post! You're probably questioning what this is......(or not). But just to explain what's going on, the three of us decided to continue with the 'K-Pop Reaction' series everyday up until New Years Eve! So for today; to start us off for the week, we'll be reacting to EXO's 'Lucky One'. 
Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s). Thank you :)

Enjoy the music while reading our post (if you wanna):

------Reaction Starts Now------

Sarah: EXO Lucky One.
Beth: Hospital?
Sarah: Yeah.
Ally: I didn't really like this one at first.
Beth: When was this released?
Ally: Same time as Monster.
Beth: Ok.
Sarah: It's actually before Monster.

------Song Starts------
Beth: D.O. is 12?
Sarah: ....Yea. (didn't understand Beth's question at first)
Ally: It's his number.
Beth: Yea. Clearly, why would a guy like him be 12. (talking about his age)
Beth: 88. There goes his bones if that's the case. (she's talking about age again)
Beth: What is this...?
Beth: Baekhyun is only 4 years old.
Ally: Hahaha.
Ally: I really like this song now.
Sarah: Yea.
Ally: I have it on replay.
Beth: Sounds more innocent than Monster.
Ally: Yea.
Sarah: Apparently, they got captured into another planet. And they don't have their powers.
Beth: They have powers? Oh yeah. *sudden realisation*
Beth: Their water...lightning...unicorn...
Ally: Yea...yea...yea.
Sarah: Lay's is healing. Not unicorn.
Beth: Unicorn.
Sarah: I thought they were saying 'good morning.'
Ally: *laughs in the background*
Beth: Ah...that looks like shades of lipstick.
Sarah: Chanyeol?
Beth: No, no, not Chanyeol.
Sarah: The circle stuff?
Beth: The thing behind him.
Ally: I was thinking to myself like what?
Sarah: The circle stuff at the back.
Beth: Looks like lipstick shades when you test them out.
Beth: Did you think I was saying that Chanyeol looks like lipstick shades. *referring to Sarah*
Sarah: His hair is red okay...
Beth: Ok.
Sarah: Apparently, the people wearing red hats are like experimenting on them.
Ally: AHH he's so good looking. OMG. *talking about Lay*
Sarah: Ohhh I like this part. I REALLY like this part.
Beth: I was gonna say something then I realised I better not.
Ally: Why?
Sarah: Better not.
Beth: Test what... *raises eyebrow and smirking*
Sarah: Test their powers Beth... *holding it in*
Beth: Hahaha. Experiment on them. *weird face*
Ally & Sarah: .....
Beth: Oh is this like their continuation with the whale in the sky? (Reference: EXO #1)
Sarah: Sure.
Ally: If you want to think that way.
Sarah: Oh they got their powers back at this point.
Sarah: See...this is supposed to be ice or something like that. Xiumin.
Ally: Then what is this...?
Beth: Dancing?
Sarah: Kai's is teleportation but he dances. Hahaha.
Beth: What? Light?
Sarah: Mhmm Baekhyun's power is light.
Beth: I'm gonna guess now.
Beth: There's nobody anymore. Only the 3 of them?
Sarah: Just wait.
Beth: *in the background* Run for your lives!
Beth: See, that's weird.... Dun dun dun. *sound effects*
Sarah: What's this... *testing Beth on her knowledge*
Beth: Fire.
Sarah: How about this one?
Beth: Unicorn...
Sarah: Sehun's is wind.
Ally: So what...he blew people away?
Sarah: Blew her away.
Beth: I'm just gonna wait for Lay's unicorn.
Ally: I thought she was gonna help them at first. *referring to the lady in the red hat*
Sarah: Nope.
Sarah: Oh I like this rap too.
Ally: I like.... *gets cut off*
Beth: Sehun's a rapper?
Sarah: I like this one.
Ally & Sarah: He just dances. *talking about Kai*
Ally: I'm here like.....what?
Sarah: But this is Monster's dance.
Ally: I know but this... *gets distracted* He's SOOO good looking!
Beth: Where's the unicorn.
Sarah: His is healing not unicorn. *referring to Lay*
Beth: The symbol is a unicorn.
Sarah: Haaaa *gives up*
Sarah: He just dances again. *referring to Kai who just keeps dancing*
Ally: Yea...like dancing will kill that person.
Sarah: Apparently...it does. Hahaha.
Ally: Wowww.
Beth: You like Suho? *questioning Ally* (Suho was on screen when Ally said 'Wowww')
Sarah: Oh Suho's and Xiumin's one was funny.
Sarah: He made glass...
Ally: Suho's power is water.
Sarah: He actually made glass.
Beth: So did he drown someone?
Sarah: That's his power...making a flower bloom. *pointing Lay out to Beth*
Beth: OK.....
Sarah: Hahaha.
Ally: Yea and then they just drink water. *referring to Suho and Xiumin*
Beth: Xiumin's is ice, right?
Sarah: Yeah. And they just drink water together.
Ally: Iced water.
Sarah: Hahaha.
Sarah: And then it becomes Exodus.
Beth: Oh did he just say he's a lucky boy?
Ally & Sarah: Lucky one...
Sarah: Overdose maze. It's like they're combining everything again.
Beth: What's that flower.
Ally: It's a clover.
Sarah: Yea. It's their logo.

----Video Ends----

Sarah: Shouldn't it be 5 though...?
Beth: No their logo is a hexagon.
Sarah: Like a lucky clover.
Ally: A lucky clover is 4 only.
Sarah: Oh yeah!
Beth: *her to her recording* BYEEEEEEEE
Ally: 5? What?
Sarah: Hahaha.
Sarah: Because every single era, they change their logo.

----Reaction Ends----
  • Beth learns more about EXO's numbers.
  • Beth is aware the numbers are not their ages as Kai would be 88 years old and will then have potential to break his bones while dancing.
  • Beth is aware Lay's power is 'Healing' but says 'Unicorn' instead to annoy Ally and Sarah.
  • Beth questions if this music video is a continuation of 'EXO's - Sing For You'.
  • Ally and Sarah questions why Kai dances as a result of his 'powers' instead of showcase teleportation (Teleportation is Kai's superpower).
  • Beth learns disappointment when Lay's symbol of 'Healing' did not make an appearance (Unicorn).
  • Sarah thinks Xiumin and Suho's 'moment' was funny.

So that's about it for our reaction today! Stay tuned for our other reactions and we hope you guys enjoyed today's little reaction as well.....Bye for now!


  1. I think that this is my favorite EXO song. I just really, really, really, really like it. I also like Overdose and History. But I really like the funkyness of this one


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