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Heyy people people!!! HAPPY 16th OF THE MONTH!! It's me, Beth typing the intro of this post!! The reason is because, Ally and Sarah have put their ears to the test by typing the whole recording of our reaction into words. And so now, it's my turn to do something by getting pictures and typing the intro [and editing]! (This so happens for all of our reaction posts so far).
Yay! So without further ado, let's head on with the disclaimer, the video link and then the reaction post! :)
Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s). Thank you :)
Just like always, here's the video!
------Reaction Starts Now------
Beth: Oh it's snowing!
Beth: Oh! It's an astronaut!
Ally: This is their Christmas song.
Beth: What...? Why are they celebrating Christmas up in the sky?
Ally: I don't know *flustered*
Beth: Who's this...oh Sehun.
Beth: It's hard to be serious when you're listening to this song.
~ Brief Silence ~
Sarah: That's Chanyeol! Chanyeol sings!!! *whispers*
Beth: Okay they're saying they love someone...*trying to guess what they're saying*
Ally: This song makes me even more sad because of everybody leaving the group
Sarah: Urghhhh... No "Promise" is the worst! (not the song but the feeling we get from the song)
Beth: *laughs* Why do I find this funny....*giggles*
Ally: ..... *-_-*
Sarah: I understand what they say a little.
Beth: Now they're playing basketball?
Beth: That guy looks like a friend in school *referring to Chen*
Ally: Whaaaaat?
Beth: That guy looks like Danielle*
Ally: Which guy looks like Danielle?
Beth: Chen.
Ally: Hehehehehe...it's funny cause Chen is her favourite.
P.S: We're not saying Danielle looks like a male being..... cause she's female.....O_O
Beth: Yeah that makes it funnier! LOL
Sarah: I bet she's gonna laugh at this.
Beth: Ooooo radio...BOOM *sound effects for Kai*
Beth: Oh yeah speaking about Kai, that day my sister was watching some video then I saw Kai.....(doesn't finish her sentence again)
Sarah: Oh no! Baekhyun is alone after that. Oh my gosh basically all the members left except for Baekhyun.
Beth: What...this isn't Baekhyun.
Sarah: Just now it was.
Beth: Oh now he's too hot so he wants to go sleep outside in the cold. Ok, no he's not *points at Kai*
Beth: He's gonna be taking over the world, be like "I'm the KING!"
Beth: What...Why are they punching each other?
Ally: I don't know...
Beth: That's sad L
Ally: It might just be me but when I'm thinking about it, during the time some members were leaving, they were fighting a lot with each other so when they're all left alone, they're sad and they just cry...
Beth: Oh wait they broke up already...?
Ally: *sighs* NO....they did not.
Beth: Then?
Ally: If they did, Sarah and I would be crying right now.
Sarah: They're having a concert right now.
Beth: Ok...
Beth: So why are they fighting? Ohhhh with the people who left.
Ally: No, they're like what am I gonna do with life.
Beth: Is that D.O? OMG Z* will be so disappointed.
Sarah: Why would she be disappointed?
Beth: But she already has her Jungkook so...
Beth: I still don't understand the moon part.
Ally: Do you think I do? Later you'll see a whale.
Sarah: Hahahaha.
Beth: You...wha....whale?
Ally: And then you'll question...a whale in space?
Beth: Hahaha the whale's in space....I'd expect it to be in water...
Sarah: For all you know, it is water and this is like....
Beth: How does this qualify as a Christmas song?
Ally: Here's the whale!
Sarah: It's their album cover.
Beth: Huh? The whale is their album cover....wait, what's wrong with EXO?
Sarah: Ask SM.
Beth: Darts! Are they darting at someone...ok no.
Sarah: Apparently, they were having a dart contest.
Beth: A duck contest?
Ally & Sarah: DART contest. DART!
Beth: WHY? This doesn't make sense.
Ally: Do you know why I think the song is called Sing For You? Because after the three members left, they were fighting with each other then they cried a lot so they wanted to make it up to the fans so they're like "I'll sing for you then..."
Sarah: Oh my gosh that's like Promise...Ahhhhh!
Beth: Wait...who would fight over Tao, Kris or Luhan?
Ally & Sarah: THEM...!
------Video Ends------
Ally: Who's the least handsomest?
Beth: TAO! (inside joke)
Ally: No...he's not even in it! Don't make it worst for us!
Sarah: You do know who's left right...?
Sarah: There's a 100% chance she wouldn't say Chanyeol or Baekhyun (they're our favourite excluding Beth)
Beth: .....
Ally: Ok in conclusion!!!!! EXO is good looking!!!
Just for the people who wanna see the whale and Sehun....(Apparently the astronaut was Sehun...)
You're welcome.
  • Beth can't tell who's the least handsomest.
  • Ally finalizes everything by saying 'EXO is good looking'.
  • Beth is sad there's nothing Christmas related.
  • Beth is still confused about the whale.
Thank you so so much for reading and we'll write again sooooooon!
Until Next Time,
Ally - Typing the whole audio into words, editing the post and reacting.
Beth - Adding pictures, editing the whole post so it's more presentable and reacting.
Sarah - Reacting and explaining.

P.S: If you're confused as to who 'Z' or 'Danielle' are, feel free to browse through the 'Appearance' tab above to learn more!


  1. XD I, too, have always been confused about the whale. Love the song though ^_^


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