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Okay, I promise you this is a coincidence. Although my post comes up before Sarah's I just have to mention this and that is...WE'RE ALL DOING A FAVORITES POST THIS WEEK!!! I thought it was funny how we're all doing a post on the same topic this week. Sorry. Let me have a moment.
MOMENT'S OVER. HI. I'm Bethany, and as usual, I'll be doing a favorites post this week hah. Sounds familiar? No? *cricket noises*.....
Let's begin!
The first ever product I'm gonna talk about is....this lotion that is BAE. I'm not kidding it's so awesome. I'll show you what it looks like below....
What I really love about this is that this lotion is literally scentless....unless you go right up close to the lotion; which in this case you'll smell a *very* faint oatmeal scent which; trust me, smells like nothing. It's also super moisturizing and it isn't sticky either, which is always a plus. Oh another cool thing about this lotion is that it LOCKS. LIKE WHAAAAAAT. I KNOW.
Basically, at the pump thing that sticks out (dispense zone), you can twist it to either lock it or unlock it! I'm not sure if the instructions are same for every bottle but in my case, if you twist it to the left, it locks, thus preventing lotion from coming out. That way, if a little kid decides to be a donkey and press all your lotion out, well good news cause they can't. Unless they turn the pump dispenser thing.

WHICH BY THE WAY, guess what? This this has a lock stuff thing too. It prevents any wastage of lotion in any form. Gotta love stuff like these.
Problem solved!
This was a lovely gift by Ally and Sarah for my birthday this year...(well part of my gift) and I can't say I hate it. (Get it? IT MEANS I LOVE IT). Like are you kidding me? I've been wanting a snail skin product since forever ago and when I saw it my first thought was YASSS.
Don't be alarmed though....it does not smell like snails (not that I have smelt snails.) But being a person judging a snail by it's way of living, I do not think snails live a very...nice smelling life....(IDK if that was even grammatically correct). Because the cleanser is a mix of herbs as well, I wouldn't say the cleanser is smelly - and to be honest, I actually think the cleanser smells awesome. Kinda like caramel for some odd reason....
Don't doubt Nature Republic's scent. It never fails to impress, I promise.
This perfume by GAP is my current fave cause it so smells good. Don't ask me why I'm being Captain Obvious today; IDK either. But for real, it's been a long day at school so I'm pretty tired as well. Don't mind any typos and illogical sentences. Anyways - not the point of the post.
This perfume is a perfect mix between sweet and spicy - it isn't an over-powering sweet scent which I am SUPER thankful of and it isn't spicy til it burns your nose either. It just smells awesome. I have no idea how to describe this. It smells like - actually all I can think about when I smell that perfume is Sephora. I don't know why either. Describing scents aren't my strongest point so I'm sorry.
This is probably the 'it game' right now...I think and if you spend most of your times on games or the internet, chances are you play this game too. It's called 'Best Fiends' basically 'Best Friends' but without the 'R'.

I've seen a handful of Youtubers playing this game and I was not very bothered by it until my friend, Nicki showed up at class one day playing this game and convinced me to download it. So Nicki, thanks.

The whole point of this game is to achieve the goals that are given at the top left corner. This game is legit Candy Crush 3.0 minus the candy. You can swipe them diagonally, horizontally, vertically, in circles - whatever the pattern is as long as they're next to each other. As easy as it sounds though, I must point out that I get stuck at levels for DAYS.

Although this game is fun and all; I do find it very addicting. I even stay up an hour past bedtime just to finish a level....and then I hate myself the next morning....cause it's so hard to wake up!!!

Last but not least is my favourite song in July!
I definitely have to say my favourite song last month was 'Colors' by Halsey and I first heard it on Gabi from the Niki and Gabi channel's snapchat. It was basically Gabi playing the song in the car as she captioned it as 'Niki's influence or something'. (IDK it's been a while since I last saw that).

I immediately loved the song and searched it up the next minute! It's just such an awesome song and I definitely recommend listening to it if you haven't already!

Song: Halsey - Colors
So that is it for my little Favorites post for July! Hope you guys enjoyed it and I shall talk to you guys soon! Byes!!

P.S: If you're confused as to who 'Nicki' is, feel free to browse through the Appearance tab above to learn more!


  1. The Aveeno lotion, is like my lotion for life XD It works the best for me and its thick but not sticky and I too, like how the dispenser locks.


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