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It's been a while since I've done a baking post, so this time I'm finally going to write one! So what I made was a no-bake blackcurrant cheesecake. This was my first time ever making a no-bake cheesecake and I think it's really nice. And I guess a few things went wrong when making this but after correcting my mistakes, I realised it didn't work just because of the silly mistakes. Yeah I'm pretty clumsy. But as long as you do it according to the recipe, it should be fine.

Btw, I used digestive biscuits but I think other types (not all) will work as a base too. AND for the blackcurrant, I used some blackcurrant cordial because I needed it to be concentrated. I guess if you want to use natural blackcurrant juice, you can. But you'll probably have to adjust the recipe a little cause natural blackcurrant juice might not be as sweet and stuff.

OH and I almost forgot. You have to use a special cake pan for this. Use the ones that you can open from the side or the ones that have a detachable bottom. If you don't get what I mean...Google it. I recommend the ones with a detachable bottom because when I used the ones that can be opened from the side, the topping leaked out of the side through a hole.

Let's DO this!

So list of items...... (I kinda forgot to take pictures of all the ingredients in one shot so...heh)

Now the steps,

Firstly, it's time to let out ALL your anger! Put the biscuits into a plastic bag and WHACK IT! No joke. Crush it into little tiny pieces. It'll look like breadcrumbs after that. Make sure there isn't any big pieces left cause..... that's just not how it works. After that's done, melt the butter and combine the butter with the crushed biscuits. The butter is used to kind of make the biscuits stick together. Then, put the biscuits + melted butter mixture into the cake pan. Flatten it with a knife thingy (?). Or you can just use a spoon. Refrigerate it until the end when you actually need it again. You're done with the crust!

Okay so now for the topping. It gets slightly confusing but I'll make it as easy as possible.
So for the first step, measure the amount of water and add the gelatine. Leave it to set for about 15 minutes. So with that aside, add the cream cheese and sugar into a mixer. Mix until smooth. 
Tip: Mix it till you can't hear any sugar grains left in the mixture
While that's mixing (keep an eye on it), take the gelatine that has set and double boil it. (Double boil means to boil the gelatine in a bowl with water surrounding it. Refer to the pic) Boil it until the gelatine has completely dissolved. After the gelatine has dissolved and cools slightly (not till it hardens), you can take that and 230ml of the yoghurt and add it into the mixing bowl.

Okay so this is the confusing-ish part. Measure out 300 ml of the mixture (you know the one we JUST made in the last paragraph ↑). Then add in 75ml of the blackcurrant cordial and the rest of the yoghurt into the 300 ml that you separated. Then pour both mixtures into the cake pan with the crust. If you want, you can take a toothpick to stir it around so that it'll create some pretty patterns. Then put it back into the fridge.

Now for the last part, the topping! So now you do the exact same thing with the gelatin. Mix the gelatin and water together and let it set. Then double boil it and let it cool slightly. Add in the 150 ml of blackcurrant cordial. Next, pour the blackcurrant-gelatin mix into the cake pan. Chill the cake overnight then it's done!!!

Yay! That's it. Just to say, the cake will melt so make sure the cake is always chilled. Not only does the cake taste good, it looks pretty good too with the jelly layer on top. Not easy to take a picture of though. Reflective surfaces πŸ˜’.

 Oh oh oh!!!!! The thing I'm most excited for, blogger has emojis now!!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ. I've always said how much I wanted emojis and now there are!!! I'll probably use them more often. Now I can express myself through emojis πŸ˜‚. Seriously SO happy. 

Okay that's it for this post! I hope you enjoyed this. I have some DIY's and more recipes coming up so you can look forward to it. I hope you try this recipe because I think it's pretty good. But even if you don't try it, it's fine with me. Hahaha. Well I guess I'll end my post here. See you next Friday!



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