Road trip! | Sarah


It's Friday again!!! Right now as I'm writing this it isn't Friday....though it's Saturday XD. Anyways, I'm really bored so I thought I would just write something down. And why am I bored? Cause I'm gonna be stuck in a car for about 4 hours (ARGHHHH).
Yeah I'm kinda on a road trip.
It's not as fun as you'd think it would be...... Especially because I'm with my family and not my friends. If I were with my friends we would probably talk the whole trip but my whole family (except my dad who is driving), everyone is asleep so I have NO ONE to talk to. This situation basically spells out B.O.R.I.N.G.

But you know the best way to entertain yourself in the car? Listening to music!!! I have a playlist with like 100+ Kpop songs!! (The only reason I survived the trip without dying of boredom). As I'm writing this post, the song that's playing is Monsta X's 'Trespass'. To be honest, Monsta X is a rookie group I really like. They just made a comeback, 'All In' and it's been on replay for a long time! There are only a handful of rookie groups I like other than Monsta X; for example, Up10tion, Astro, NCT U and Seventeen. Nothing really beats the groups that have debuted for a longer time like EXO, GOT7 and BTS though. I know, I know....those groups I mentioned haven't debuted for a long time as well but they've debuted long enough and accomplished enough to remove their title as rookies.
Anyways, my favourite groups are GOT7 and EXO; that's why I keep mentioning them... so obviously now that I've clarified that, the albums that I'm gonna recommend you listen to on a road trip is *drumroll please* Flight Departure by GOT7 and to be honest, just any EXO album (they're all good). EXO is actually making a comeback soon and I'm so excited

*phew that was a really long paragraph*
I guess another way to kill boredom us to SLEEP! Time to get back your lost sleep from previous days (I'm still really tired cause of all the studying I had to do). Don't have coffee or energy drinks or whatever in the morning and just sleep. This will definitely help stop you from feeling bored because you won't even be conscious. And if you're a heavy sleeper, you can just sleep the whole way (which is the best). I did that once when I was younger but I can't seem to do it again.....

OH well....I guess I just have to suffer the whole trip.
Maybe I should try some sleeping pills or something (my happy little pill?) Hahahaha I'm just joking don't take sleeping pill without a prescription from a doctor.
Update: I survived the whole trip and only slept for 15 minutes. :(
Honestly, is there really a fool proof way to kill boredom? Especially in the car. I mean listening to music and sleeping helps but being in a confined and small space for so long..... there's not much you can do but look out the window (and if you're like me then take a lot of pics of the scenery)

I guess it's just time to sit back and relax! Which gives me an idea!! If you want you can do a face mask close your eyes and release all your stress. I mean like it's killing two birds with one stone (no birds were harmed in the process of making this post) you get to have nice skin and kill time. Anyways I'm getting a little car sick from using my phone so....  Bye!
P.S: Sorry the post is so long I really wrote this in the car....

Slightly car sick,
Sarah <3