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Hey everyone! It's CHRISTMAS EVE! The whole month - the whole year in general has passed by so quickly! Can you even believe it? I know I can't. It's me....Beth. I volunteered to do this entire reaction post again cause Ally and Sarah always type out the audio and get the pictures.....so I guess you can say I feel a teenie bad because their ears are always on the test....so since EXO is the only group in the Korean world that I can recognize....I figured why not.

Today we're going to be showing you our reaction to EXO - CBX's song, 'Hey Mama'.
P.S: I do edit though. I don't slack off just cause I can't be of much help. And I used to add pictures (for some weird reason, I was trusted with pictures earlier this year.....)
Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s). Thank you :)
You know the drill....the music video is right below if you wanna check it out!
 ------Reaction Starts Now------
Sarah: It's like they don't have enough Mama....
Beth: No, it's like the David Guetta song....Hey Mama.
Sarah: No, I mean their debut song was also Mama.....
Beth: Why....? Wait they love their mom so much........okay...they're worth the respect......if you love your mom, you're worth the respect.
Sarah: Do you know Johnny .....
Ally: *Sets the video to 720p*
Beth: *Gasps* Wow it's so clear out of a sudden.
Ally: Johnny explained....
Sarah: What 'Hey Daddy' was.
Ally: What's 'Hey Daddy'?
Beth: I don't think I wanna know....
Ally: But what's 'Hey Daddy'?
Beth: It's okay! Start!
Ally: Where did he explain it?
Sarah: On some type of show.
Beth: *presses the play button*
------Song Starts------
Ally: Oh! Baekhyun.
Beth: *on purpose* I bet Elaine's heart died.
Ally: No!
Beth: *sniggers*
Sarah: I like it.
Ally: It's not the worst looking one... *talking about either: the music video, Chen, Baekhyun or Xiumin*
Beth: Oh my....why is he bald?!
Ally: *defensive* He is not bald!
Beth: He is......
Ally: No, he's not.
Beth: Look at the side of his head.
Ally: He's so not.
Beth: It's a bald cap, right?
Sarah: No!
Beth: No, that's not...wait......what that's Xiumin? So yeah....Chen. Is. Bald......at his sides.
Beth: Normally people have hair here *at the sides* and bald on the top but he's the opposite.
Sarah: *sniggers* *what is she saying*
Beth: What are they? Cops?
Sarah: I'm not very sure....
Ally: I don't really understand this music video.
His eyes are open...clearly, I made a dumb statement..... - Beth
Beth: Is he supposed to be dead? Is that why they threw flowers at him?
Beth: That......that's just mean.
Sarah: He's blessing them with flowers.
*video begins to load really slow*
Beth: Why'd you set it to 720p just use 480p it's fine......*to Ally*

Unlike us, these pictures were set at 1080p :D
Beth: Oh the moon's so big! So pretty!
Sarah: Super moon.......
Beth: Some people used pancakes over there. (Super moon memes)
Sarah: *starts laughing*
Beth: Why would they make a sub-group and hire back-up dancers? They could've just used the entire EXO for this..
Sarah: Oh I know....what's his name......what's his name......oh no.
Sarah: One of the back-up dancers is very famous.
Sarah: He was in Taeyeon's 'Why' music video too.
Baekhyun: The guy in a black/grey suit; first one on the left.
Beth: Wait why did Baekhyun look like Chanyeol for a second??
Ally: Cause he has red hair?
Beth: No! I'm not that color racist.....colorcist .....colouracist......colcist? *trying to merge colour and racist together*
First picture: Chen - Chanyeol.
Second Picture: Chanyeol - Baekhyun.
The upside down picture is the Optical Illusion.
What Ally is talking about.
Ally: I've seen a Pinterest post or something like that...a picture of *interrupted*
Left to right: Xiumin, Baekhyun, Chen
Beth: Is Baekhyun the leader of this?
Ally: ......him or something *talking about Baekhyun and Chanyeol looking similar*
Sarah: *replying Beth* No, it's Xiumin.
Ally: Cause he's the oldest.
Beth: Oh he's a rapper? *talking about Baekhyun*
Ally: Baekhyun raps too...
Beth: All these talented people....I look up to people who can rap cause I can't......even people in Twice....
Sarah: Chaeyoung.
Beth: I don't care who.....or what group they're from....it could be Justin Bieber and I would still admire them.......for being able to rap.
Taken from Baby - Justin Bieber ft. Ludacris'
Sarah: When I was sixteen.....
Beth: ??? *what is she saying*
Sarah: I had my first love.....*singing rapping to Baby by Justin Bieber ft. Ludacris*
Beth: That wasn't Justin Bieber.....
Sarah: Oh yeah....
Beth: It was.......*what's his name*. I'll just add his name in later.
Sarah: Oh so that's why.....I'm writing this post!
Beth: No! I'm gonna write it.
(It's present day and Beth wrote this post. I thought I'd just show you guys reality. I did remember after that his name was Ludacris)
Ally: I find it so.....
Beth: I like how their face is so.......pokerface.
Sarah: I like the song though.
Sarah: It's like......retro? Is that the right word?
Ally: That's what they were probably going for....
Beth: I like... *interrupted*
Taken from Kasper's Instagram.
Sarah: KASPER!
Beth: ......the friendly ghost. *thinking she randomly said Caspar*

Taken from the internet. Credits to the internet.
Sarah: I remembered the name.....super good-looking back-up dancer.

Taken from Caspar Lee's Instagram.
Beth: Oh I thought you were being random.....like simply yelling Caspar Lee or something.
Ally: Yeah I thought you were gonna say Caspar Lee....
Sarah: I like this part.
Beth: They could've just used the rest of the EXO people.
Sarah: True.
Sarah: Now they have to pay back-up dancers on top of that.
Beth: Yeah! Oh....and does that mean Xiumin, Baekhyun and Chen are like the "double-busy people"?
Ally: Sure....
Beth: And Baekhyun still has the time for acting.....good for him.
Credits to whoever took this pic. Big thanks to Elaine for sending me this pic too.
Sarah: Yes.
Ally: He's multi-talented.
Beth: I thought someone told me Baekhyun was criticized for his acting in Scarlet Heart though....poor dude.
Sarah: He did very well.
Ally: Yeah!
Beth: Well if he was going for the innocent and 'dumb-dumb' look then sure.
Ally: What's that supposed to mean?
Beth: SUPER innocent and naïve.....
Sarah: No, this is.....
Beth: How do I describe it......like super innocent.....and innocent people are so naïve they look dumb-ish kinda.....like it's not an insult.
Sarah: Ooh you can take a screenshot of that!
Beth: Oh wow it's a cube.......HEH HEH! *raises eyebrows*.
Sarah: *why am I friends with this weirdo*
Beth: Oh yeah! His name was Ludacris!
----Song Ends----
  • According to Beth, people who love their moms are worth the respect.
  • Sarah thinks there are many 'Mama' related songs.
  • Ally and Elaine both like Baekhyun. (ALLY LIKES HIM MORE - Ally)
  • In relation to the previous conclusion, Beth likes to annoy Ally by saying stuff that will trigger her (although she knows Beth is just kidding)
  • Beth questions why did they make a sub-group and hire back-up dancers when they could've just used the other EXO members.
  • Beth admires people who can rap.
  • Beth thinks Baekhyun resembled Chanyeol at a certain angle.
  • Sarah thinks Kasper (a famous back-up dancer) is good looking.
  • Baekhyun is multi-talented says Ally.
  • CBX logo is a cube. *still raising eyebrows*
  • Just to clarify, we did not name our blog after CBX's logo.....
Thanks for reading everyone! Our little 'Countdown to Christmas' Speacial is coming to an end...and if the surprise wasn't enough....we have more surprises! Stay tuned tomorrow for a CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! We'll definitely see you tomorrow! Bye for now!
 Merry Christmas Eve,
P.P.S: If you're confused as to who 'Elaine' is, feel free to browse through the Appearance tab above to learn more!