DIY: Photocards | Ally

I’m back again with another DIY…I feel like all I do is DIYs and if it’s getting a little boring then I’m sorry but I can’t help but to do DIYs because I have tons of ideas and it’s perfect to share them with you guys. Hope you don’t mind them too much. J
Today’s DIY is something sooo thrifty but at the same time you could totally personalize it to fit you. Honestly, this is something most Kpop fans would want to try out. I’m pretty sure that there are times when you really want to own a photocard of your favourite idol but you just don’t plan on spending that much money on a piece of card. Also, I know the feeling of wanting to protect something with all your life because it’s that precious.
Today’s DIY is going to be DIY Photocards (as you can probably tell from the title) Honestly, I don’t own any photocards to start with so it’s the perfect time to DIY some. It’s also great for those who don’t own laminating machines.

You’re probably wondering what kind of photocards are these but I promise it’ll be something useful at the same time.
The first step is to find images of your favourite idol you would like to turn into a photocard and print them out. If you’re not into that or Kpop, then you could just find quotes instead. If you are interested in journaling cards for planning or scrapbooking, then it works both ways as well. Basically, it can be anything you want, either a photocard or a journaling card. It’s multipurpose… Either way, you'll end up with really cute looking cards.
After you’ve got them printed, cut them out and make sure they fit on your cards. Or you could just measure the size of your card beforehand just to save some time on all the cutting and trimming. I’m using actual cards from card games in this DIY because I don’t own a laminating machine but I would like to feel reassured that my photocards wont bend or anything. Actual card games are already stiff so you don’t have to worry too much about it.
P.S. I'm like super paranoid when something gets bent. Like the edge of my favourite storybook...💔

Now all you’re gonna do is glue on the images/quotes on to the cards and you’re almost done. If you want to achieve the glossy effect all photo cards have, then grab some clear packing tape and adhere it over the card. Also, this step is to ensure your photocards don’t get dirty or wet. (I know it sounds confusing but try to understand what I’m saying by looking at the pictures)
P.S. Make sure there aren’t any air bubbles when sticking on the packing tape. Use a ruler to smoothen everything out.
After you’ve done that then you’re basically done…!!! It’s that easy and it’s perfect if you don’t own a laminating machine. You could totally do this DIY with any image or quote of your choice. Just remember to stick over the cards with some packing tape as the last step.

Now you’ve got yourself some really sturdy photocards. Thinking about it, when you buy your card games, it comes in an entire pack, which means you can make as many photo cards, as your heart desires. Also, you don’t have to stick images on both sides of the cards if you don’t want to. If you don’t, then you could actually still play the card game but make sure you stick the image on the side you don’t actually plan to play with.
P.S. I’m so sorry for not being to explain it clearer but I really tried my best so I don’t confuse anyone but if I did then I’m really sorry. L

Hope you try it out,