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I can’t believe time passed soooo fast… Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic to be back after the little hiatus of ours. I’d just like to ask: How you guys doing? It hasn’t been that long but I HOPE you guys were doing fine! 

Hey!!! It’s my first post since the little hiatus of ours..... I hope it wasn’t that long of a wait for any of you if there are still any viewers. If you’re reading this post then thanks so much for checking back in with our blog. It’s been a couple of months since I wrote weekly posts so I’m kinda rusty. It’s definitely gonna take me some time to get back into the weekly writing schedule. I can’t really remember where we last stopped so I’m just gonna start off with the newest edition to Travel with Ally! This post has been sitting in the drafts for the longest time so I decided to share it with you guys today...

----------Rewind to a couple of months back----------

If you were wondering (which I'm pretty sure you weren't) I'm actually at the airport waiting to board a flight to Japan. While waiting, I thought why not just write a post...I've got nothing better to do anyways. Btw I haven't mentioned it yet but I'm currently in Hong Kong. As for today, I'm gonna be writing about my trip in Hong Kong...where I've been...what's there to do...what's good to eat…..

I actually flew into Hong Kong and reached at about noon. My dad, sister and I always race to the immigration counter just to see...who wins. My dad plays cheat all the time. Luckily, I'm his daughter so I know all his little tricks. I’ve been to Hong Kong a few times now and all those times...I won the little race. Defending CHAMP!!! We took a taxi to the hotel, which was in an area called "Yau Ma Tei". It’s a really busy road but that means that there’s more to see!

We then headed to our FAVOURITE restaurant of all time in Hong Kong that serves the best french toast on the planet!!!!! (my personal preference) The restaurant is called Mido Cafe and if you ever go there.....order the FRENCH TOAST! Don't even bother worrying about the carbs or fat, just eat everything and worry later. That's my motto when it comes to the french toast.
P. S. Forgot to mention, but the restaurant is also located in Yau Ma Tei. The portions are a little big so just keep that in mind.

After the late lunch, we kinda just made our way to another station called "Tsim Sha Tsui". You can actually get around by MTR but walking is just more fun. Not to mention, the array of shops along the way~ I'm not even joking but the number of beauty drugstores are ridiculous! It was like my heaven whilst walking. Just a suggestion but some of my favourite drugstores are Colourmix, Sasa and Bonjour.

If you're looking for a more high-end shopping centre, you can go to a mall called Harbour City, which is also located within the Tsim Sha Tsui area. It's a huge shopping district, housing different brands from all across the world. From Gucci to Prada to Louis Vuitton and even more. They even have a ton of Asian brands such as The Face Shop and Innisfree!!! For those who enjoy makeup, there's an entire section of the floor dedicated to makeup. Mac, Dior, Urban Decay...anything...just name it. It felt like I stepped into a whole new world of beauty and cosmetics. I also saw a Lush store, which you'll never miss because the smell hits you from 50 meters away.

The day after, we visited Victoria Peak, which is a very famous tourist spot in Hong Kong. I've actually already been there but I wanted to go again after I saw that Monsta X went there too! (I had ulterior motives when I was persuading my family) To get to the top, you'll have to sit the tram. It only takes about 5 minutes(?) to reach the top. At the top, you'll be able to take really nice pictures of Hong Kong and also breathe in the cool, fresh air. You can also have your lunch whilst looking at the view. There are many restaurants up there that offer a good view. I also really recommend for you to go up to the observation deck because you’ll get an amazing view of the whole of Hong Kong…

Also, if you're ever in Hong Kong, you really have to find your way to a place called Jenny's Bakery!!! There are a few branches in Hong Kong. Do your research and find out if there are any near wherever you are. They have the best butter cookies I've ever tasted!!! It just crumbles in your mouth and melts. You might also wanna try this egg puff snack that is apparently really famous in Hong Kong…(personal preference but I really enjoyed it) Most of the time, I was either shopping or eating. In other words, living life!

That's about it for my trip in Hong Kong. I only spent about a day or two in Hong Kong so there was a ton that I didn't get to do like visit Hong Kong Disneyland, Lantau Island and much more. But if you're ever planning to visit Hong Kong, be sure to visit all the places that I've mentioned because you won't regret it!!! (I'm sorry for sounding so confident but I truly recommend these places after having experienced them for myself)

Stay tuned for more of my usual posts and probably a new Travel with Ally post soon.

What's my next destination.....?

See ya,


  1. Wow! I've never been to Hong Kong! :D But it sounds thrilling! The only Asian country I've been to is the Philippines, but I sooo wanna visit Japan, South Korea, and now Hong Kong! XD


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