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Hi it's me Ally. Today I'm gonna make Beth react to K-pop music videos!!! Just saying: Sarah and I are the only two people here on this blog who enjoy K-pop in other words, Beth isn't a big fan. If you're not into K-pop, it's okay. (You probably have your own taste in music)
P.S. Don't hate us just cause it's K-pop...
Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s). Thank you :)
The first reaction post is gonna be on Stress Come On by Big Byung. Honestly, we kinda reacted to this 'music video' just cause it was more of a joke and it's just hilarious. Just in case you'd like to know, this 'group' was created for a variety show called "Hitmaker" by the "Brave Double Tiger" duo a.k.a the MCs of Weekly Idol.
Here's the music video just in case you wanna listen or watch it while/before/after you're reading this post!
------Reaction Starts Now------
Beth: That's so.....that...... Is that the guy from Happy Camp?
Ally: Yea... *not actually listening*
Sarah: Happy Camp...?
Beth: Camp Happy? *confused*
P.S. She meant Weekly Idol.
Ally: Those are the names of the members *points at the screen*
Beth: Oh yea we could so use this to relieve our stress during exams...
Ally & Sarah: Okay...
Sarah: Jackson is from Got7.
Beth: Oh is it like... people from different boy groups come together and sing songs about stress...?
Ally: It's actually a joke.
Beth: What does stress got to do with the water bottles?
Point proven
Ally & Sarah: .....
Ally: This guy is from VIXX *referring to Hyuk*
Beth: So now they're comparing their fame?
Ally & Sarah: *What is she even saying*
Ally: He's the leader in this group but he's the maknae in VIXX *points at Hyuk*
Sarah: He's the maknae in this too
Beth: OMG, they're comparing..........
Beth: I'm questioning if they were stressed out in this song
Beth: This guy looks like Sehun (EXO) *points at Jackson*
P.S. Beth can only recognize members in EXO because we forced her to...
Ally: He's Jackson from Got7...hahahahaha.
Sarah: What did she say?
Ally: He looks like Sehun....
Sarah: -_-
Beth: Wait...how do 'girlfriends dressing sexily' cause stress?
Ally: How would I know?
Beth: Some people like it!
Ally: .....
Sarah: Problem is, they can't dance. Wait, they can dance...
Ally: They can. It's just that there's no choreography.
Sarah: Yea...
------Video Ends------
Ally: What are your thoughts on the song? *actually curious*
Beth: *jokingly* That video gave me more stress.
Ally: Hahahaha.
Sarah: They have a second video.
Ally: What video?
Sarah: Which is even worst. (in a good, funny way)
Beth: It's like now I'm questioning.....
Ally: I think I've heard of it. What is it?
Sarah: It's called 'Squid' in Korean.
Ally: I don't think I did...
Sarah: It's in Korean.
Ally: Squid?
Beth: But wait...why are they carrying water bottles...water tanks *stuttering*
Sarah: Their name is Big Byung which means "big bottle" in Korean.
Beth: Ok...
Beth: But what if you carry that thing....and get tired and your muscles become all stressed...?
Ally & Sarah: ..... *doesn't actually get what she's saying*
  • Beth thinks Jackson from Got7 looks like Sehun from EXO.
  • Beth is questioning what does stress got to do with water bottles (clarified by Sarah)
  • Beth is wondering how girls wearing revealing clothes causes stress.
  • Beth is a very confusing person.
We actually did react to the second song which is called "Ojingeo Doenjang" (오징어 된장) which literally translates to 'squid miso' but we didn't include it in because it wasn't really funny. >-< And we only wanna put up what's best and not boring when it comes to these kind of stuff. So stay tuned for more reaction posts because we actually got together and reacted to quite a few.
P.S. We realized that Beth never actually finishes her sentences.
Hope you liked it,
Korean Vocab:
Maknae (막내) means 'Youngest'.
Ojingeo Doenjang (오징어 된장) means 'Squid Miso'.

Ally - Typing the whole audio into words, typing the intro, editing the post, reacting and explaining.
Beth - Adding pictures, editing the whole post so it's presentable and reacting.
Sarah - Reacting and explaining.