No Regrets | Sarah

I'm Sarah :D (birds tweeting in background) *awkward* 
Anyways have you ever regretted anything? Well I can tell you I have. Out of the MANY things that I regret, there's ONE thing I don't think I'll ever stop regretting. And that is...... not putting effort into my studies when I was younger.

One of my ultimate goals this year is to get straight A's. I have a really important exam coming up and I seriously wanna ace that exam. If I don't get straight A's for that exam I'll cry my eyes out and like just question my existence. (jk jk. but seriously)  And the reason I want it so badly is because the last important exam I had, I didn't do very well. I still remember that I didn't study at all when I was younger. I usually studied 5 minutes before the exam itself and I mean how much can you learn in 5 mins right? So because of that I would get really low marks. I didn't even study for my important exam and was late on one of the days that I had the exam. I'm really wondering what I was thinking at that time.

Yeah so the thing I regret most is not studying. I still remember on the day we got our results, all of the students who got straight A's got called out and lined up beside the hall to get their certificates while the students who didn't waited in class. The worst part? You could hear and see everything that was happening. The hall just happened to be beside my class so all of us could see the ceremony going on through the window. And while the straight A students got their results with a certificate on stage (which was in like a gold file), a teacher just came in to the class and called us one by one to get the result slip. It was like we were in completely different worlds. But in reality we were only separated by a wall.
To be honest I have no idea what I was expecting since I didn't study but all I know was that I was really dissapointed and I did cry.. (lol yes I am a crybaby..) I remember being super spaced out on that day and just wandering around my school trying to avoid everyone and get my own space to be alone. But I couldn't cause the school was packed with parents and reporters. Oh if that wasn't enough, the students who got straight A's took a picture and that picture came out in the newspapers.. like after everything happened on that day I had to be reminded. 

But anyways that is something I never want to experience ever again. Actually for a while I just thought I was useless cause I wasn't smart, I couldn't do sports and I couldn't even draw. Like what was I good at? So after that happened I kinda like snapped and got super determined and focused a bit more on my studies. And yeah it worked :D (still working on sports and art though :P)  I got really great results after that. I think that was one of my favorite parts of 2015 and 2014 cause I got to experience something that I never got to before. I was so so happy. YAY! Hahahaha. Oh and one of the things I regret is that if I had just pushed myself a little bit more then I probably could've gotten better results for my test. That's what makes it worst though. Knowing that I could've done it.

I've actually never really told anyone about this cause all my friends actually got straight A's including Ally and Beth. Oh yeah I wanted to mention that I mean no offence and I have no hard feelings towards the students who got straight A's. They worked hard for it and they got it. Something I should have done. I took this event and turned it into a lesson. That I had to work hard for the things I want. It became my motivation :)
So now I start studying a month before my exam and it works. The feeling when I get to see my results now makes me really happy and feel that studying is worth it. And I kinda feel a sense of satisfaction after I get my results. And I am NOT bragging....  I still feel like I'm not really that smart and that is somewhat true.. If I didn't study my grades would probably drop faster than the speed of light. lol. 

So what I'm trying to say is that do everything in life so that you won't regret your choices. And if you do regret it, don't let it bring you down but learn from it and improve yourself so that it doesn't happen again. I can 100% tell you that it's worth it and it makes you SO much happier and it also gives you a sense of satisfaction in your life. You just have to work hard! You can do it :D

Sarah <3