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HEY HEY HEY! We're back with another Reaction post and it's ASTRO again! YAYYY!!!
This was all from back in March so it was 'New' then. To be honest, we have a few drafts and as there are many incoming ones, the old ones just seem to be pushed behind. Don't worry! They're making their comeback here on this blog haha. (Only this part of the post is updated by Beth. Everything else besides this paragraph was written by Sarah back in March :D) Some pics are added by Beth and some are by Sarah. Enjoy! Oh yeah. If I'm not mistaken, this is Cat Eye by Astro. (Or Cat's Eye or something related to that.)
If you haven't read the first one, you can click here
Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s). Thank you :)
You know I think it'll be fun if we watch this together. So, when you start reading the post go listen to the song as well! :) Here's the video.
------Reaction Starts Now------
Sarah: This was before they debuted.
Ally: Remember to look at them.
Sarah: Look, look!
Beth: That guy looks like Baekhyun.
Sarah: Yeah he's born in 2000. The one you said wasn't that good looking.
Ally: 2000 looks like Baekhyun?
Beth: Ooh that girl looks familiar.
Sarah: He looks like The8... right?
Ally: From Seventeen?
Sarah: Yeah
Ally: Sanha?
Sarah: Yeah.
Beth: I think cats' eyes look scary.
Sarah: Like now he looks like The8 cause of his white hair, he's thin and tall.
Ally: Remember to pay attention to their faces.
Beth: So I should pay attention to their braces?
Ally: FACES......... and dancing.
Ally: This guy, this guy.
Sarah: 2000, you know!
Beth: Which one?
Ally & Sarah: THIS one.
Ally: He's like 180 (cm)
Beth: No he doesn't look like Baekhyun anymore.
Beth: Wait 180??
Ally: Yeah.
Sarah: 180 centimetres.
Ally: Which 16 year old is 180?
Beth: This one?
Sarah: 180.
Moonbin (right)
Ally: Ahh Moonbin is so good looking!
Sarah: Yeahhh.
Beth: There's a Hongbin here too?
Ally & Sarah: NO! Moonbin.
Sarah: Ah their dance moves are so cool!

Beth: What are they trying to catch? The cat's eyeball?
Sarah: Huh???????
Ally: What are you talking about.
Beth: This song is Cat's eye.
Ally: Rocky!
Beth: Why are they having a cat? Is that a teddy bear?
Beth: Cat!
Ally: Moonbin!
Beth: This is not the best looking group I've seen.
Ally & Sarah: *glares at beth*
Beth: No I mean no offence.
Ally: The ratio is 5:1 for me.
Beth: Oh so one of them is hideous?
Ally: I didn't say that.
Moonbin : 좋아 / joha (like)
Beth: That means I like you.
Sarah: Yes.
Ally: Ohh wow your Korean!
Sarah: Ahh this part is so cool *referring to the dance moves for the chorus again*
Beth: You're welcome.
Ally: Eunwoo!
Astro: Only You!
Beth: They're saying you right?
Ally: I don't know.
Sarah: Only you.
Ally: Oh yeah.
Beth: So what does this have to do with cat's eye.
Ally: *Sighs*..... Do you understand Korean?
Beth: It's cat's eye?
Ally: For all you know they're saying cat's eye now.
Beth: *sings randomly* Cat's eye, cat's eye, cat's eye.....
Sarah: I know cat is goyangi in Korean. Have you heard goyangi yet?
Ally: This was before they debuted.
Beth: Oh so they got their attention of getting views from this?
Sarah: No. They released a drama.
To be Continued! (their web drama)

------Video Ends------

- Looking at a pic of ASTRO -
Beth: This guy looks like D.O.
Ally & Sarah: Eunwoo?
Beth: Oh is it * starts laughing*
Sarah: Are you okay?
Beth: His name (She heard Boom Nu)
Ally: Who is the best looking?
Sarah: This is the 2000 guy *points to Sanha*
Beth: Actually I think the 2000 one.....
Sarah: See!
Ally: So the 2000 one is the best looking?
Beth: Not the best...well compared to these faces (I'm sorry AROHA's I'll go and kick Beth myself later)
Sarah: HEY!
Ally: What.... I can't tell if that's a compliment or not.
Ally: Who's good looking? Just point to one of them.
Beth: This guy looks like Baekhyun!
Ally: Just. Point. To. One.
Beth: These two.
Sarah: Moonbin and Sanha?
Ally: No. This one?
Sarah: Oh Eunwoo and Sanha.
Ally: This one and Sanha? The 2000 one?
Sarah: The blonde one?
Beth: Why is he... Oh it's his finger.
Ally: Hurry up just point! Which one? This one?
Beth: Yes. *Eunwoo and Sanha*
Ally: Okay which one is the least good looking one?
Beth: There *JinJin*
- Shows a different picture -

Beth: This one is not good looking *Sanha*
Congrats Eunwoo. You're the best looking to Beth
Ally & Sarah: HUH?
Ally: He's Sanha.
Sarah: He's the one you said was good looking.
Beth: Yeah I know but in this picture he doesn't look the best.
Beth: This is the best looking one.
Ally: Ah Eunwoo. Yeah he's the visual
- Different picture -
To sum it up she thinks Eunwoo is the best looking one...
  • Beth thinks Eunwoo is the best looking one.
  • She also thinks Eunwoo's name is funny. The day after she told us it was funny because she heard Boom Nu... (mishearing things again)
  • Sarah thinks the dance in the chorus is super cool!
  • Ally & Sarah's favourite members are Moonbin and Sanha (tbh all but if you had to make us choose)
  • Lastly, ASTRO is AWESOME. -Sarah
  • Honestly, *last minute confession* my favourite is Eunwoo. -Ally
Okay! That's all for the ASTRO music videos that were stored in the drafts! I really hope they have a comeback soon. If you liked this song, you should watch the drama. It's called 'To Be Continued' starring ASTRO and Kim Sae Ron (she's really pretty)

The drama was really fun to watch. :) Oh yeah and if you watch ASTRO's Play you'll find out that their as weird as BTS's V. Espeacially Sanha. Hahaha so go and watch them if you haven't!


Korean Vocab:
Joha (좋아) means like
Goyang-i (고양이) means cat

Ally - Reacting, explaining and e
diting the post. 
Beth - Adding pictures, editing the post and reacting.
Sarah - Typing the whole audio into words, typing the intro/outro, adding some pictures, reacting and explaining.


  1. Sanha did look like minghao in that video. Ugh, I kinda hate this song because it's my alarm for school (but only for that reason tho) but overall, I really liked the song after watching To Be Continued :)

    1. Its funny how you start to relate alarm songs with being annoying cause they now remind you that you have to wake up XD


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