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Hello everyone online! Today, I'm going to be sharing with you things that make me smile! I think smiling is a pretty common thing for us to do when we're happy (obviously. AS IF you sulk when you're happy LOL what am I even saying).
If I were to make an imaginary statistic on what my life is made of, 80 % of it will probably be related to SMILING or LAUGHING. 10% would be making weird faces which then leads to me laughing as well. And another 10% is.....other.....things.....that you shouldn't really need to know. *wiggles eyebrows*. (I'm JK. It's just daily stuff like eating and going to the toilet).
ANYWAYS......I thought maybe I'd share with you a list of things that makes me a happy, smiling soul. (That's the point of this).
1) A warm drink on a cold day.
This varies from hot chocolate, green tea, casual tea, water, lemon water, you name it. And if there's like Coffee (in this case, hot chocolate) ART.....that's the best <3 . It makes me feel warm inside, both literally and not really.
2) Rainy nights
The darkness and the sound of rain is just so soothing for me. Not to be Timist (Time + Racist [LOL]) but like rainy mornings/afternoons are cool too.
3) Taking photographs.
This is so random but yah. I enjoy taking pics because then, I get to edit them! My favourite editing apps are; VSCO, Snapseed and Aviary.
4) When people get my humour.
Okay so I'm a pretty quirky person, I admit it. Some of my jokes may not appear funny to you but like if you really, honestly understand them, then not only will I like you, but....I give myself an inside smile too!
If you were wondering, yes, this message was re-enacted.
Also, what made this funny was that; in the original message, we were talking about poo before that.
I know not everyone is comfortable talking about poo with their friends but the both of us are cool with it.
5) Going to the toilet with a full bladder
This is gonna be the randomest thing ever here. Yes, I said randomest. And it is, random. It's just an awesome feeling like aaaaaaaaahhhhhh. It feels so good. Don't lie, you've probably been there and done that.
No image available for this for obvious reason lol.
6) Waking up in the middle of the night.
Waking up at 2 a.m. only to check your phone/clock to see that you still have 3 hours to sleep? Heck yes, I'm happy.
7) Night-time car journeys.
Okay, I may have a split personality. I do enjoy sleeping at 10 p.m. and I also enjoy staying up late; going out on a midnight adventure.

8) Dipping your feet into the ocean.
......and feel your feet sinking into the soft, wet sand. One of the best things ever.
 9) Ice Cream.
Especially ice cream on a HOT DAY. Like that's just....we need to take a moment to whoever whom invented ice cream. Like sir or ma'am. You're the real MVP. (IDK if I'm even using this word correctly. But I hear it so often and I checked it on urban dictionary.....and I guess one of the definitions suited this LOL) I'm so lame.
10) Funny pictures.
Have you ever came across these weird pictures on Tumblr or Facebook? Cause I've seen SO many and they never fail to brighten up my day. I'll just demonstrate with a few pictures that I'll be placing in a collage. Some of them may come off offensive so.....don't take it too seriously and just laugh it off!!

DISCLAIMER: Credits to the shows, pictures and remarks. I don't take credit for them. Just showing your work(s) of art.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this! I did this....last minute......again. I'm so sorry if it turned out sucky >.< !!! I'd give a lengthy reason but it's kinda simple....I went for an examination and I was busy with preps. (Ally and Sarah didn't take it though.....[lucky people]) The reason being, they don't take up that class.

Anyways, I am gonna go now so enjoy your day and take care!!!


P.S: If you're confused as to who 'Elaine' is, feel free to browse through the Appearance tab above to learn more!


  1. Oh My GOSH!!!! I have a saying with my friends that "It feels good to pee" XD XD XD And I say that and text that to my friends when I finally get to relieve myself of a full bladder! XD XD
    And yes!!!! I love finding funny pictures on the internet!


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