DE-stress | Bethany

Helloooo it's me..........Beth! Sorry :( I'm just not Adele. But anyways, as much as I'd like to be...this post will just be so off topic.
You don't have to be in school. You don't have to be working. You don't have to be rich. You don't have to be young. You don't have to be famous. You don't You probably get it. So I shall move on.
Anyone of ANY age can be stressed. And it's NOT a good thing. I mean come on...does growing grey hair sound appealing to you? Okay. Let's say you do want to have grey hair... you don't wanna be mentally you? Because it's THE WORST. Unless you do which in this bad for your health.
Some people don't even know they're stressed and that's the dangerous part. As you'd be so mentally and physically exhausted all the time, your body has gotten used to it and let's just say...It's NOT good!
Short Story Timeee:
I have a stressed out teacher. Another teacher whom I shall name Mrs. D advised us not to stress out and took that stressed out teacher as an example. That's how stressed out the stressed-out teacher is. She is now an example of 'Don't stress otherwise you'll be like *inserts stressed-out teacher's name*'.
So here's a guide on how to not be like Miss Stressed-Out. (She's a Miss finish the puzzle)...o_o
#1: Listen to calming music
Simple. Don't go for those hard core rock and roll with those electric guitar music. Something subtle is fine. Here are a few song suggestions to help you out!
#2: Go for a JOG!
De-stressing doesn't necessarily mean staying at home, eating a ton of food, watching TV (even if it does work for most cases). Sometimes, people just need to get outside to breathe in some fresh air.
P/S: I suggest that you do this in the morning as the air is cooler and it makes you feel goooooooood.

#3: Nice hot bath
Ooh. This should sound amazing. A dip in a nice hot bath to relax your mind, anyone? You don't need a tub for this. You could just have an amazing shower to release your thoughts while cleansing your body (?).
Yeah I'm aware my bubbles ain't the best :(
#4: Deep Breaths
Mrs. D (Read the 'short story' part again to reconfirm who Mrs. D is) actually told us this. Now if your 'deep breaths' show your shoulders rising's the wrong method apparently.

You should see your tummy rising :).
#5: Have a warm drink
It helps to soothe the body on the inside.
#6: Put on a sheet mask
Sometimes when the weather is too cold/hot, your skin may feel dry and ick. And usually moisturizers should do the job in repairing that issue but that doesn't mean you shouldn't pamper yourselves once in a while.....:)!

If you live in a cold country, you probably don't need to refrigerate your mask but if you live in a hot country....well now you know! (You probably actually know that already but yeah!)
#7: Go to BED!
Sleeping helps escape you from reality but if you CAN'T sleep, don't force it. Just lay in bed while looking at the ceiling and release your thoughts. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and relax your mind.

The thing about sleep is that it brings you to another world and it relaxes you - even if it is only an hour.

#8: Alternatives
People say that doing yoga and/or meditation helps tons too!

So that is it for this little post!

Stress will always be there and it's just how you handle it. I hope all your stress fades away from your mind and I wish you all the best in everything that comes your way.

Everything will be okay.

Until next time <3 .

P.S: If you're confused as to who 'Miss Stressed-Out' or 'Mrs. D' are, feel free to browse through the tabs above with the label 'Appearances' to learn more :)