My Morning Routine 2016: School Edition | Bethany

I'm the type of person who experiences Nightmares in the Morning.
Yup. That's my nightmare... actually...make that morning-mare.
So my morning usually starts off with me hitting the snooze button on my alarm at least 5 times because it's annoying and I hate waking up. With that said, I'm never the kind of person who wakes up grumpy because I'm more of the 'happy-go-lucky' kind of person; if I do say so myself. So no matter how sleepy I am, I'd always try to crack a joke or lighten the situation.
A small little life hack is to...:
Try setting your alarm half an hour before you actually plan on waking up. It helps to mentally prepare you to fully wake up on time :).
Once the alarm breaks through my huge wall of patience, I decide to end the war between my phone and I and wake up. So before anything else, I just *briefly* check my phone to see if there are any messages that I need to reply or if I have anything to say to my friends or something like that. When that's done, I head out of my room and into the bathroom.
The first thing I do when I enter the bathroom is......*drumroll*....PEE/release water from my bladder/small business...I'm not gonna get into detail cause I bet you get the idea. And then, I wash my hands because...just because.
After that, I just hop into the shower and no, I don't wash my hair in the morning. It's just a quick shower. And of course....I gotta brush my teeth in the morning and wash my face
In the morning, I'm most likely pretty lazy when it comes to skincare routines and all those layers I have to apply on my face. So, I cut it short and just apply a facial spray mist thing from Nature Republic along with a soothing and moisturizing gel from the same brand.
Then, I just wait for my skin to fully absorb it...and once again, my phone is my best buddy. When that's done, I walk into the kitchen and make myself breakfast!
FUN FACT: After I took these pictures, I realized the cereal turned SOGGY.
Well, I don't adore soggy cereal very much.
I like 'em crunchy.
But it's all good. I ate them all.
Also, I took this picture at 6:15 a.m. or something like that. :)
By the way, please always have your breakfast or at least, try to.

They always say that 'Ohh... breakfast is the most important meal of the' but it actually helps you to focus in class better! Mainly because you won't feel hungry and have attention focused on 'when is it break time(?)'.
During breakfast, I try my best to watch a YouTube video or two because YouTube is sorta my life in a it puts me in a good mood. When I'm done, I just take my dishes to the sink and get back into my room!
So when I'm in my room, I just get dressed and tie my hair into a high ponytail. Also, nope! I don't wear make-up on a daily basis (just occasionally during the weekends but that's just eyeliner and/or mascara).
And as much as I'd like to say, I get out the door to get an education after I'm done...well...that's not the case for my life. I sit on the couch, and.....WAIT FOR MY MOM! Yay. Woohoo. Note the sarcasm. My mom is one of the slowest people who is never on time. Like ever. But I still love my mom. [Mom, u da best :)]
But that's basically my morning routine when I have to go to school!
I hope you enjoyed it and didn't fall asleep halfway ^-^!
Thank you so much for reading and I'll write again soon!
Until next time!
P/S: It's like 11 p.m. and I'm here editing this and sorts and I'm so tired cause I've been out and about the entire day. Sorry. I just wanna rant it out now that: I'M SO TIRED. Okay byessss <3.