July Favourites | Ally

Hellooo! I'm here to do a July Favourites post!!! I'm not a frequent Favourites post person (if that made sense) but I happened to have a few things that I would like to share with you guys. So what better way than doing a Favourites... Hopefully you enjoy~

First up on the list is a snack!!! I'm really not the type of person who enjoys snacking all the time.....not as a health reason but I just don't find the need to... But I'd totally make an exception for this. And it is the Honey Butter Chip that even has a Wikipedia page just because it was such a craze. No joke but if you type in "honey butter chip craze", there's actually a whole Wikipedia page just about it. I finally got my hands on it even though I really couldn't find it when I was in Japan (I thought it would have been easier to find it in Japan considering that Japan is like right next to Korea...well separated by a sea) I personally really enjoyed it and I could seriously eat this everyday but in all honesty, I've only ever tried this once because it's really hard to get a hold of. In my opinion, it has a really different taste than other potato chips out there...so it kinda depends on you if you like the way it taste. You'll either love it (like me) or absolutely hate it. Either way...try it for yourself and be the judge.

I absolutely can't do a Favourites without including face masks. I just won't forgive myself if I didn't add this in. I have an entire collection of face masks. I'm actually planning on doing an entire haul post just on face masks. So if you'd like to see that...stay tuned! There's really nothing much to say about face masks because...it's just like friend who's always there when you need them (in this case, when your skin needs them) I don't have a particular FAVOURITE but I'm like a hoarder when it comes to face masks. I have a ton of Nature Republic face masks just cause I never leave the store without buying something. Also, Sarah occasionally gets me Innisfree masks…I’d love to use them but then again I just feel the need to hoard them, which is not a really good habit.

In the month of July, I've been really lazy with my skincare (which explains the condition of my skin 😭) but I kinda relief my guilt by applying this product. I've actually done a review on the SNP Cactus Soothing Gel. If you'd like to know more about this product, click here. I’d usually just cleanse and tone my skin then I would just use this product as an all-in-one moisturizer.

My hairband is actually stripes >_<
This is totally random but I've just been obsessed with my skincare pouch. It's really weird that I kinda have an obsession with pouches. I brought this exact pouch all the way to Japan just cause I wanted to even though it is a little bulky. I really love polka dots and stripes. Both Beth and Sarah know that I had a phase in my life when I really loved stripes. For the month of July, my obsession was focused on stripes. As weird as it may sound, I happen to have really random obsessions when it comes to patterns. 

That's kinda it for the month of July!!! I'll admit that I'm really not that good when it comes to compiling a Favourites post but I kinda really wanted to do it so just bear with me for this week. I have a few more "hopefully" interesting posts in-store for you before our month long break (will explain soon about the break). Thanks for reading/visiting our blog!!!


Ally <3