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Hey! I'm here today.....(technically not *here* *here* but on your computer screen or your phone or any electrical device of yours) to share with you yet another review. I’ve been doing tons of reviews just cause I have a lot of things that I would like to share with you guys…so I’m sorry if this kind of posts aren’t what you’re looking for but it still means a lot that you’d take the time to read it J

As for today, I’ll be giving you my thoughts on a product that I’ve had for quite some time now and it’s the SNP Cactus 90% Soothing Gel. I personally really love all the different types of soothing gels like aloe vera, bamboo, cucumber…there are a lot more! Soothing gels in general are really good for those who have combination and oily skin because it moisturizes the skin yet doesn’t clog any of your pores.

My skin kinda differs from time to time. I usually have dry skin around my chin area; normal skin around my cheeks and forehead but my nose does tend to get a little oily. I usually wash my face after my shower because that’s when the pores are open. After that, I apply my toner and immediately reach for moisturizer. I change products (not frequently but occasionally) because I don’t want my skin to get accustomed to one particular product so I have about 6 moisturizers…not that I need that many.

First up, let me just talk about the packaging of this product. It’s sooo adorable that it comes in the shape of a cactus…but there’s a downside. I find it quite hard to squeeze out the product from the bottle because the bottle is made out of pretty hard plastic which can be an inconvenience sometimes. My only tip is to give the bottle a good shake so the product ends up at the tip of the bottle then only squeeze out the amount of product that you would like. Besides that, the way you get the product out itself is really hygienic because it comes in a bottle container and not a tub.

The consistency of this product is like any other gel products. It doesn’t feel sticky like normal lotion so I really love applying the gel all over my body especially my elbows because I have really dry skin on my elbows… I really don’t appreciate the tacky feeling that you feel after you've applied lotion on your skin. It just feels so uncomfortable… But this product absorbs fairly quickly into the skin so you won’t be able to feel any sticky residue.

I always have to mention about fragrance. At the back of the product, it does state that there is fragrance added in the gel. But considering that it is the last ingredient in the list, the content must not be very high. To me, it does smell really good which could be a good thing and yet bad. So, depending on how important the presence of fragrances is to you, you should decide for yourself whether or not to get this product.

I would have to say that although the bottle may look small but the amount of product is a lot. It may not be as much as products that come in a tub but it is quite a decent amount. The price isn’t really that expensive either so you don’t have to worry about your wallet!


This post is a little short because I’m kinda short on time but I still wanted to give it my best effort in explaining the product in detail so the pictures may not be that great but I hope it’s good enough for you to see. Thanks for reading my post and our blog!



  1. I have not heard of the product, but for a while now I've wanted to get my own aloe vera plant or cactus or something so that I could use the gel stuff. But I'm soooo lazy! XD


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