How To Plan A Party | Bethany ft. Sarah

Hey hey everyone! So today, Sarah and I will be writing this small compact little post on how to plan a party for a family member, a friend or even a stranger (though that is sorta weird and awkward THOUGH it is super sweet).
Beth: Sarah do u have anything to say?
(I expected you to edit this out but whatever hahahahahaha)
(I found it too funny to be edited out - B)

Anyways, we have nothing much to say besides that this was literally our life for a week or two (mainly the planning part) let's just get into the post!!
So the first step to planning a party is to PLAN!
Beth: Thinking about what you want happening during the party itself is planning. You can't just show up with a blank mind at the scene and it's not like you could come up with something on the spot either as some supplies need to be bought.
Basically, you'd need a plan for what you wanna get the person, where you need to go to get the gift for the person, how you wanna carry out the party, what time does the party begin....literally many, many things.

Sarah: It's really fun to plan especially when you have a crazy imagination. You can definitely let your imagination run wild and maybe you'll find the perfect idea! No matter how random it is. ;)
Beth: Shopping may be a girl's best friend but HAH my besties are Ally and
ANYWAYS, in order to get a present, you'll have to take a trip to the mall. Whether you're planning on DIY-ing a gift, or not. It actually just depends on if you have the supplies laying around in your home.

But just as it's related to the first step, you'll eventually need to plan it out. Especially if you have a time limit for this shopping trip....planning is an absolute MUST. Or else, you'd be running all over the place and end up with NOTHING!

A few things to be kept in mind before going on that shopping spree:
  • What gift do you wanna get that person?
  • Where is the gift available?
  • What is your budget?
Friendly TIP: Plan strategically where your stores are so it makes your life easier (for obvious reasons)

Sarah: Yeah not only does it save time and make life easier it also allows you to be more organized. Plan beforehand!! It'll help you to not go over the budget when buying items. Like us! Behind the scenes of all this, we bought everything we needed and still had.......$1 left!!!!! YAY!

Oh and I felt that this story was too funny to leave out.... the picture of the clothes and hangars? Yeah we had to avoid the employees and avoid trying to look like complete idiots trying to find a good angle...

Beth: What's a party without snacks? Definitely something to add on to your list when shopping. As for us, we got stuff like popcorn, nachos, potato sticks, chocolate and PIZZA!!!

One day of unhealthy eating shouldn't be that bad......right? (Just kidding!) Make sure to eat in moderation. (Like....don't consume a dozen chocolates in one go!) Even if it's just one day, things shouldn't be taken too lightly! :)

And to be honest, the last step is to just....
To all curious people which I doubt is you....stop looking at the balloon's reflection. I strategically hid myself before taking this and made sure the very reflective balloons didn't catch my face or body LOL.
Beth: Blow balloons and dance around. This was actually a real party planned by Sarah and I for *an obvious person missing out on this post here on this blog*.
Just so I don't make your curious life easier, I'm just gonna say this party could've took place months ago, or weeks ago or maybe just recently. ;)

Sarah: And it was REALLY fun!!!!! We had a sleepover and you can get the details on my upcoming post! ;) [disclaimer: the 'upcoming post' is not due this week]
Enjoy yourselves <3!
Bethany and Sarah


  1. OOOHHH! I love parties! Not that I go to many of them, though XD
    I think its funny, at least in my family though, how as everyone gets older and we go out separate ways a little more, the party usually ends up just being dinner or lunch at a medium priced restaurant and cake after XD When I was little though, man, we went all out with decor and fun activities and stuff! But now its just nice to gather around some food and talk.
    Although, with friends, it is more fun. Or at least we try to... We wing it a lot and try to play a few games.
    Our go-to game is what we call FishBowl. And its basically charades... but in like 3 rounds. Maybe I shall make a post about it one day, cause its a tad too lengthy to describe in a comment XD

    1. I totally agree with you! When I was younger, my family used to host parties and invited tons of guests to celebrate a birthday and now, after we've grown up a little more,...we seemed to have taken it down a notch by going to restaurants for lunch and ordering pizza for dinner X) I guess you could call it a tradition for my family since it has been that way for quite sometime now... :D

      Though with's a whole other story xD

      - Bethany :)

  2. Oh yes!! Friends getting together can get cray cray! My birthday is coming up in the next month and I[m starting to plan XD
    With my family, it wont be nearly as exciting, I bet XP

    1. Couldn't agree more! Happy advanced birthday by the way!! Have tons of fun and eat a lot of cake (Cause that's one of the best parts of birthdays).(Sorry for the late reply. We've been busy with exams haha)

      - Beth

    2. No problem! I just had my finals... well technically I only had one XD but I think i ended up with a good grade! Good luck on all of ya'lls!!! ^_^
      And thank you! I do eat a lot of cake! XD


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