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HEYLO! I'm running out of ways to start of the post. OH NO. 
Anyhow, we're here today with a reaction post! YAY! Today, we're gonna react to my 2nd favourite group, GOT7 and their song, 'Hard Carry'! Hard Carry is a really good song. Plus their album is SO SO GOOD. I can always count on GOT7 to produce a good album. It's kinda cool how they produce their own songs. *slowly straying from the topic*. Okay so before I continue ranting, let's just go straight to the post shall we?
After the disclaimers of course ;)
Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s). Thank you :)

Here's the dance choreography video. Once again, I couldn't actually find the music video so the link will be right here. Enjoy the song while you read our post~
------Reaction Starts Now------

This was taken from Weekly Idol. I meant this dance move people..... - Ally
Ally: I don't know why but I really like the dance moves at the start when they shake their butt....
Beth: I like the colors.
Ally: *continuing* Especially Mark. I don't know why he dance it it's so... (English, Ally. English)
Beth: Ugh this song.
Sarah: What? Why?
Beth: I blame it on Taylor*
Sarah: At first I was a little sceptical about this part.
Ally: I didn't know what Jackson was doing.
Sarah: Yeah. I was like what?
Beth: I've always heard "hard candy". I was like, 'What candy are they talking about?'. Like was it so hard that they had to write a song about it......
Ally: I think BamBam has a very...
Beth: Baby face?
Ally: No...like his voice.
Beth: Oh I thought he was gonna be like Lee Jong Suk.
(In Beth's opinion, Lee Jong Suk has a very baby face. Agreeing with her is not necessary)
Sarah: I thought this was cool.
Beth: I like the plants.
Ally: I really like how he says Hard Carry *referring to JB*
Beth: I still don't like this...
Sarah: A lot of people.... never mind.
Beth: Oh this is after Fly at the airport right? (Reference: GOT7 #2)
Ally & Sarah: Yeah *laughs*
Beth: What do they want with Fly?
Sarah: I don't know.
Ally: Oh I love Mark's part!!!
Sarah: Yeah. I really like Mark.
Ally: Yeah me too!
Sarah: He's like 25 next year though.
Ally: It's okay.
Sarah: This is like... their plane crashed.
Ally: Oh really? That's the story?
Sarah: Have you not watched the prologue? (Link here)
Ally: No I have not...
Beth: And surprisingly they're still alive.
Sarah: I like this part.
Ally: Oh MARK!
Sarah: No I like Yugyeom's part after this.
Ally: Mark is so good looking!
Sarah: I like Yugyeom's part here.
Beth: Moment of silence.
Ally: Yeah I like this part.
Sarah: Hit The Stage!
Ally: *laughs*
Beth: I don't know...
Beth: Ooh Autumn...
Ally: Oh I love this part.
Sarah: You like JB?
Ally: Yeah I like the way he says it.
Beth: Didn't.....In like Fly.....someone was not levitating the same...why? Opposite direction or something? *Beth, use words we can understand*
Ally & Sarah: Jinyoung?
Beth: Yeah. Why is he still here? I thought he died or something.
Ally: But the thing is, I realised that Youngjae never gets enough....
Sarah: lines?
Ally: .....screen time.
It's okay Youngjae...we've got you covered.
Here's more screen time...
Sarah: He doesn't gets a lot of lines too.
Ally: But I thought he's one of the main vocalists.
Sarah: It's not really fair.....
Ally: I think it's because they have so many rappers.
Sarah: Hmmm...
Beth: Maybe it's because he's too young.
Ally: Not that I'm complaining. I'm just saying.
Sarah: But seriously go listen to the other song on the album.
Beth: Taylor plays this so often, I don't "Got7"..... I "got" annoyed. Like seriously all day, all night it's this song.
Sarah: Okay I'm not to that extreme.
Beth: At one point before our exams, she kept playing this song; like on repeat. So every time I hear this song, my thoughts are...OMG STUDY STUDY STUDY...
Ally: *laughs*
Ally: Yeah I really like this song at the start when they did that hip move.
Beth: Just like more annoyed.
Sarah: Oh this part! *When Mark says Hard Carry*
Taken from 'Run' by BTS
Beth: Oh this is like after Run then they Fly and now they're swimming?
Ally: Run is by BTS.
Beth: Never mind.
Sarah: Yeah Run is by BTS.
Beth: *repeats* Never mind.....
Beth: We shall make some type of cyc...oh wait there's already a song about cycling. Side to Side *referring to Ariana Grande's song* (Okay it's not actually about cycling. Ariana just cycles.)
Ally: *laughs*
Taken from 'Side To Side' by Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj
Sarah: That's not... okay fine?
Sarah: The dance moves are really hard.
Beth: Oh you've tried?
Sarah: ........

------Video Ends------

Beth: Uh what other forms of movement are there?
Sarah: Huh?
Beth: What other forms of movement are there?
Ally: Swimming. Oh wait there's already a swimming song.
Sarah: Just keep swimming, just keep swimming~

------Reaction Ends------

  • Ally likes people who shake their butts *in my defence, I meant their dance moves*
  • Beth always thought they said, "Hard Candy" instead of "Hard Carry" (At least I heard "Hard" correctly.)
  • Beth thinks Lee Jong Suk has a really "baby face" (it's really irrelevant)
  • Beth also may think BamBam has a "baby face" though not mentioned, it was hinted.
  • Ally & Sarah can both agree Mark is SO good looking.
  • Beth thinks this song is annoying because of her sister.
  • Beth still gets mixed up between BTS and GOT7.
  • Ally & Sarah think Youngjae needs more screen time and lines.
  • The three girls of Forty-Two³ may sing a song about another form of movement someday. (No promises)

That's it for this reaction post! I hope you enjoyed it! Be sure to listen to the rest of GOT7's album cause the songs in there are just SO good. I'll recommend three of my favourite songs: It Hurts, No Jam and Who's That. I was probably addicted to these songs for the longest time ever. So yeah make sure to listen to their album if you wanna..
I'm 42 out,
P.S: If you're confused as to who is 'Taylor', feel free to browse through the Appearance tab above to learn more.
Ally - Editing the post, adding pictures, reacting and explaining.
Beth - Editing the post, reacting and explaining.
Sarah - Typing the whole audio into words, editing the post, reacting and explaining


  1. First few lines in, I may or may not have started laughing. Really hard. (Side note, you should totally react to SEVENTEEN & Toppdogg if you haven't already)


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