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Welcome to the second edition to our little #12daysofChristmas but K-Pop edition series thing! Initially, there was another intro for this post but we all agreed to erase it because it just didn't match anything that's going on right now. This post was originally written by Sarah in July and reacted in March....but heh we're only posting it now.....Anyways, here's our reaction to Fly by GOT7.

Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s). Thank you :)

Here's the MV if you wanna check it out :D

------Reaction Starts Now------

Beth: What about 10 minutes late?
Sarah: Got7 Fly!
Beth: We're making it up to you by playing Got7's Fly *to Hanna since we stole the TV from her*
Sarah: I like the music video. Oh no are there gonna be ads?
Beth: 5,4,3,2,1 skip ad!
Ally: Not even I understand this.
Sarah: Should I put the subtitles?
Ally: Yeah.
Beth: Yes please.
Beth: Who's that? Can I guess? Can I guess? Can I guess? *so excited*
Sarah: Just guess!!!
Beth: Is that Rap Monster? I don't know...
Ally & Sarah: *stares at Beth* (Rap Monster is from BTS)
Beth: Nah. He doesn't look like that.
Ally & Sarah: .........
Jackson is the 3rd one from the right and 3rd one from the left. In other words, he's in the middle.
Ally: She likes Jackson doesn't she? *referring to Hanna*
Sarah: Yeah.
Beth: He's that one, right? The one with white hair.
Ally & Sarah: Yeah.
Sarah: I like the dance moves.
Beth: Jackson looks like Sehun.
Ally: Who's this? Who's this? *her turn to get excited*
Beth: BamBam?
Sarah: Yeahhh!!
Ally: Okay.
Beth: Oh yay! *proud moment*. (She usually gets confused with Mark and BamBam)
Sarah: I like the dance moves for Home Run better though.
Beth: Is that Mark?
Ally: Noooo.
Sarah: It's still BamBam.
Beth: No its......Oh really?
Sarah: The one singing is JB.
Beth: Amen.
Sarah: Huh?
Ally: I like this dance move. Yeah that one *points at screen*
Beth: What is this about? The airport?
Sarah: Flying.
Ally: The song title is Fly, I guess they're at an airport.
Beth: Airport?
Sarah: Their album is called Flight Departure.
Beth: Is this like.....after I Need U, they didn't get the girl then they die...so now they're flying to heaven?
Sarah: That's BTS!
Ally: I Need U is BTS *at the same time as Sarah*
Ally: *sighs*
Beth: HAHAHAHA. Oops!
Beth: They're probably telling BTS to fly.
Sarah: BTS's song is Run.
Beth: So now we shall make a song called swimming!
I watched this again to take a pic and all I could think of was Wow so handsome. LOL
Sarah: This is Mark!!! *points at Mark*
Beth: No, wait there's already a song about swimming. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. *if you don't know where this is from, you didn't have a childhood says Sarah*
Ally: Hahahaha.
Sarah: This is Mark! *points again*
Sarah: This is Yugyeom.
Ally: He's the youngest but he's so tall.
Sarah: Yeah.
- Silence -

Beth: What's that supposed to mean?
Ally: I don't get why they pray though.
Beth: You have to pray to be blessed so that you can go to heaven and when you go to heaven you FLY.
Sarah: *half laughs, half confused*
Beth: HAHAHA they're levitating. This is all green screen.
Sarah: Yup. Actually Mark posted a picture of it on Instagram. I mean video...
Beth: Yes, fall down and commit suicide. You'll fly to heaven.
Sarah: *annoyed*
Beth: They won't actually because committing suicide is a sin.
Sarah: What's wrong with you today *laughing*
Beth: What? Kylie* told me that.
Sarah: Okay.
Beth: So they will sink; which is contradicting.
Ally: Youngjae's face.
Sarah: Youngjae only got like that was like the first part where they had Youngjae's face there, *to make it simpler, I'm trying to say that Youngjae didn't get much screen time*
Beth: Who's that?
Ally: Youngjae's face was funny...
Beth: That's Jackson. That's BamBam *points at screen*
Sarah: That was Mark.
Ally: Yeah that was Mark.
Beth: Nevermind it's BamBam.
Sarah: Hahaha okay then.
Beth: OMG Gravityyy!!! *talking about Junior falling* (No I was talking about the tears.)
Sarah: Yeah he's the only one falling but the rest are all flying.
Sarah: I don't understand why.... *gets cut off by Beth*
Beth: Oh it's probably because he....wait never mind I'm not gonna jinx it...
Sarah: *continues* but he's asleep.
Ally: I don't get this...
Sarah: What do you think of it? I like it.
Beth: It's overplayed
Sarah: Okay... :(
Beth: Sorry...

----Video Ends----
  • Beth cannot recognize Got7 members except for Jackson.
  • Beth can recognize BamBam 50% of the time.
  • Ally does not understand the music video.
  • Beth thought Got7 and BTS were the same group (No. I got confused).
  • Once again Beth thought someone looked like an EXO member. (Jackson - Sehun).
  • Beth thinks Mark and BamBam look about the same.
  • Sarah really likes Got7.
  • Committing suicide is a sin according to Beth according to Kylie.
  • This song is overplayed in Beth's household.
  • This song is most probably not about airports.
In the original outro, Sarah explained that the reason why we delayed the audio for this reaction was cause we were busy with school. But then this got pushed back so far in the drafts we kinda forgot about it. Also, ever since our 'comeback', we've only released 4 'K-Pop Reactions' so this didn't take it's cue just yet.

Regardless, we hope you enjoyed this reaction and catch you again tomorrow!
Love <3,
P.S: If you're confused as to who 'Kylie' and/or 'Hanna' are, feel free to browse through the appearance tab above to learn more.