January Favorites | Bethany

Hey guys! (That's weird cause I've never referred to you all as 'guys').
That isn't the point, by the way.
I know it's a little VERY late but.....we've reached February *throws confetti*. We made it!!! The first month of 2016 is over!!! Wooooohooooooo.
And that still probably wasn't the point.
Anyways, today I'm coming to you guys with a Favourites Post because January is obviously over and February is literally right now. So I have a few things to share so I hope it manages to entertain yah and.....enjoy!
*What the small white font says*
'Wash-off typed mud pack, featuring with
bamboo charcoal mud. Strongly absorbs
dirt and oil to reduce pores and blackheads'
The first thing I've been loving in January is the Nature's Republic Mud Mask.

Now if you have never used a mud mask in your life, or you don't know which mud mask is good out there in the market, well allow me to recommend this because this thing is mind-blowing.
When I applied it on my face for the first time, it smelled a little different than what I expected; in a good way of course. It was like calming and relaxing. Just like telling me to take a break and stuff.
Once this thing dried...that was the part when my mind blew all over the place. I could literally see things I couldn't see with my eyes. But there were like (I don't even know how to describe) pores showing on your face (?). This whole section doesn't sound logical but moving on....
Let me show you my exact reaction to when I first used this mask....

And if you don't know what mud masks are...and have been wondering what on Earth is this girl talking about for the first few sentences in this post after the '***'s, well then my friend....mud masks are pretty much mud you can rub all over your face, wait for it to dry and then see miracles.
Mud masks are basically like any other facial masks except for the fact that it is indeed a lot more thicker in consistency. It is able to draw out impurities from the pores that could cause breakouts while tightening the skin.
Next up....THE SUGAR PLUM DREAM Lotion (& Body Mist from Bath and Body Works).
My mom, actually, got me this. I was telling her 'I need new body lotion' and kept reminding her that many times a day because I really needed it cause I was this close to running out:

It smells amazing. Like seriously no kidding. And I'm really horrible at describing scents so...all I can really say is....If you don't know what sugar plums smell like and are questioning your whole life about sugar plum scents and you expect the worst then...don't expect the worst.
Cause it's so yummy smelling.
According to Ally, it smells like a Victoria's Secret perfume... haha.
It's a pretty sugary sweet scent and Christmas-y.
For the lotion, all smells aside, it's really moisturising and doesn't dry out the skin at all. According to the bottle, it provides 16 hour moisture and rich in Shea Butter (A.k.a moisturizing goodness), Aloe, Vitamin E and Vitamin B5.
The body mist, on the other hand smells just the same. It lasts me up to 6 hours from when I apply it and follows me wherever I go. I think my room kinda smells like this scent too. (Sorry not sorry)
Now, you've seen this thing on this blog probably a million times already. I have shown you in my HAUL in late-September last year and Ally has mentioned it in her haul and I also mentioned it in my morning routine so basically, this product is like a Forty-Two³ favorite. (Sarah has it too!).
It is the Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel and can I just say that it's super hydrating and soft on the skin. I'd suggest using a Q-tip or cotton bud or cotton swab (whatever you call it) to 'scoop' the product so it doesn't get contaminated but you do whatever you think is perfect for your preference.
According to my aunt, gel-based moisturizers are much better for acne-prone skin as it won't clog  your pores and stuff. So I've been using this with the absence of my previous moisturizer for the time being. Usually I apply my cream-based moisturizer and then this but now I just apply this without the cream-moisturizer.
The results are pretty awesome, honestly. I don't think I breakout as often anymore and am now on the process of fading my scars!
Let me start my next favourite stuff by saying...
Now I got that out of the way... These are my babes for January...
They are the perfect-est chocolates ever. I don't wanna sound bias or anything but I personally LOVE the Bounty and Picnic a wee bit more. (Coconut, Caramel = won my heart). But Ferrero Rocher and Freddo chocolate are amazing as well.
Picnic Chocolate
If you have a sweet tooth, TRY THESE. Lol. That sounds so intimidating.
Bounty - Chocolate-covered Coconut (shavings).
Freddo Cadbury Chocolate thinggi - Basically chocolate shaped in a frog or their mascot. (Milk Chocolate/White Chocolate)
Ferrero Rocher - A nut, covered with a chocolate wafer and nutty chocolate that is shaped like a ball. (It's really not as complicated as it sounds.)
Picnic - A combination of peanuts, wafer, caramel and rice crisps covered in Cadbury Milk Chocolate.
FUN FACT: I don't fancy chocolate ice cream. #weirdoalert.
So that is basically it for my January favorites! (It's getting pretty long anyways and you might get bored so I better go before you do!). I hope you guys enjoyed reading my little favourites post here!
Gosh I haven't done a monthly-favorites in a while! That's probably because my November favorites were my 'Favorite Skincare Remedies' and like I didn't do it for December....
ALSO, February is the month of LOVE. So go spread some LOVE! [Don't do it the wrong way....if you get what I mean ;) Unless you're married then, u do u. ]
Okay I'm actually hyper right now. (Sugar much?)