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BACK AGAIN AFTER 70 DAYS! That's like 3 months... Hahahaha I guess I feel like I'm a little rusty after so long. Well anyways it's good to be back and you can DEFINITELY look forward to all 3 of us from now on cause we're FREE! To be honest I've been studying hard for the past month and it's kinda feels weird not studying anymore...... is that normal? Plus my laptop broke so for like 10 days before my exam I couldn't watch anything or like even touch my laptop (despair T.T). So back to the actual post, I thought I'd start off on a good note with FAVOURITES! And yeah I combined all three months cause I didn't really have a life out of studying so my life was B-O-R-I-N-G.

Oh on the side note, I wanted to make the title Another August, September, October Favourites but thats a little too long if you think about it. So I tried combining the names of the months like Autemto or Gutemto but as you can see it just sounds weird. So I settled with Fall/ Spring favorites depending which part of the world you're in. (credits to Beth for the name though) 

Let's start shall we ;)

Innisfree masks

Okay before I say anything, f you've read any of my old posts, you probably realised I used this pic before. Well it's because I forgot to take a picture before using it. But this mask is SO good. It kinda saved my face for a few days and then I used all my masks up. I really recommend the second skin mask trouble. It's really good! Like no joke my face cleared up the next day.

the purple is SO pretty don't you think?
My sister bought this a while back and I think it's pretty good as well. But before that can I talk about the colours because they are SO SO PRETTY (pastel colors for the win). Anyways my face feels really clean (claiming to get rid of 99.5% of dirt and oil) after I use this and it's not rough for my face at all. Although the vibrations feel weird cause like my hand and face is vibrating when I use it. It's made out of silicon so it's 100% waterproof (duh) and it's pretty sanitary. 

I don't remember if I said this before (curse my memory) but I really wanted to start playing the keyboard again. So I worked really hard (for like one night) and learnt how to read music notes! Achievement accomplished! Hahahaha I didn't play for like a month but in August I played my keyboard almost everyday. And although I can't play the left hand notes (chords? Beth correct me), I can play the notes on my right hand. For now I'm not that good yet but I'm hoping to improve before next year. :)

Update: I can play G, C, F G7, C7, Am and Dm!!! Weeeeeeee

Pumpkin Soup
Okay this one is pretty random but I thought I'd put it in anyway cause Pumpkin Soup is like my FAVOURITE soup at the moment. My obsession started like 5 years (?) ago when I went to dinner with my uncle at his golf club. (Lol the restaurant at the golf club. I didn't eat in the middle of the field). And OMG their pumpkin soup was SO SO GOOD. Like I wanna go back there! (Uncle please invite me again). But anyway my mom found out I liked pumpkin soup and tried a lot of recipes to try to make it taste like the one at the golf club. Recently she perfected the recipe. Hahaha I hope pumpkin soup doesn't make me fat. 
Bonus: Pumpkin soup is rich in Vitamin A (hoping eyesight improves)

I'm gonna talk about K-pop now so ermm if you don't like K-pop you can leave now. HAHAHA jkjk

Russian Roulette

RED VELVET <3. Probably not as big of a fan as Ally but I realllyyy love Red Velvet. They are my number 1 girl group. After 6 months they finally made a comeback with Russian Roullete and it is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Not only the title song but every single song in the album. My favourite songs in the album are Some Love, Lucky Girl and of course Russian Roulette. I think that Yeri and Irene are SO pretty. OMG talk about their hair colors. The other members are also <3. I really like some of their outfits as well, like the red tenis ones and the white shirt with the black pants (in the pic above). It's kinda sad that they ended promotions so early but it's okay. Red Velvet FIGHTING. 

Hard Carry

GOT7 IS BACK! Hahaha my 2nd favourite boy group (after EXO) I was so excited when they had a comeback. When I heard the song for the first time I was like ???. But after a while the songs grew on me. I absolutely love their album. Even more than Flight Departure and that's saying a lot. My favourite songs from the album are No Jam, Who's that, Sick/ It hurts, Mayday, Let me, Skyway, Prove it..... yeah it's basically all. All the songs Mark composed are so good. It's nice to see how the members can compose their own songs. Sick/It hurts composed by Youngjae is constantly stuck in my head. The vocals are <3. Lol I could go on and on about how good this album is. 

Scarlet Heart 
credits to everyone involved in the taking of this pic
Plus Beth cause I stole her photo (I'm Lazy, sorry!)
Spoilers (duh)
Oh by the way I'm writing this before the 16th episode comes out
This drama. It's so good. At first I didn't want to watch it because it's a historical drama. But it turned out pretty good. To be honest I really really want the 8th prince to end up with Hae Soo but I know it won't happen. Second lead syndrome problems. Their love story was so good I'm so annoyed that he had to change just cause he wants to get the throne. But he's doing it for Hae Soo. OMG this drama is so complicated as well. I'm slowly gonna have to give up the 8th prince and Hae Soo sooner or later. Oh instead of talking about the mess of the storyline..... Baekhyun, Nam Joo Hyuk and Ji Soo look so good in the drama. No joke. It's nice to see all the princes get along well behind the scenes. IU is also really pretty. Hahahaha. By the time this goes up the drama would've finished (i think?) So go and watch it! Ally's family and I can guarantee  it's good.

That's it for my first post after 3 months. YAY. Celebrations!!!!! It's so good to be free. I'll try to write better posts and wrack my brain for DIY's so look forward to more! :) 

Glad to be back,
Sarah <3


  1. I still have no idea what "Hard Carry" even means XD I've been contemplating it for a while 0_o


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