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HI! (Ally btw) If you've been following our blog then you probably know that we kinda have a little 'K-pop Reaction' series going on now and then..., but if you're new...then now you know!!! If you're not a K-pop fan, it's ok...you can still enjoy the post. But feel free to read any of our other posts. Also, don't forget to read our other 'K-pop Reaction' posts if you're interested. No pressure. J
Hero by Monsta X is what we'll be reacting to today. As always…you know what’s headed your way~ cue the disclaimer!
Yeah Ally is lazy to get the disclaimer so.....HI. Beth to the rescue *superman music*.
Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s). Thank you :)
Once again, here's the music video so you can listen/watch it! (If you want too)
------Reaction Starts Now------

Sarah: Rap Monster should be in this
Sarah: Starship Entertainment?
Beth: Rap Monster is in this?
Ally & Sarah: NO!
Beth: She said Rap Monster...*confused by what Sarah said*
Sarah: I said should be.....*doesn't finish the sentence*
Ally: It's really cool. Listen to it.
Beth: So Monsta X....1...2...3...*gives up counting one by one*
Beth: 2...4...6...7 people.
Beth: What's wrong with those 7 people?!
Beth: A helicopter will land and squash them flat.
Beth: Oh this song.
Ally: You've heard it before?
Beth: Yea.
Ally: Oh NOOO!
Sarah: I haven't heard this.
Ally: X! X! What! What! What! *follows the song*
Beth: Nothing changes. Darn right it doesn't *referring to Jooheon's shirt*
Sarah: They look so angry...haha.
Beth: They're supposed to be looking like MONSTARS!
Sarah: But their dance moves are cool.
Ally: Minhyuk!!!
Beth: Oh yea I've heard that name before.
Ally & Sarah: You've probably heard it everywhere.
Sarah: There are a lot of Minhyuk(s)
Ally: And so far, every single Minhyuk is good looking.
Sarah: Yea...
Beth: Go ask Tom* to name his kid Minhyuk and let's see if his kid is good looking.
Sarah: This guy...slightly looks like Mark (Got7) *points at Hyungwon*
Sarah: Who's that guy?
Ally: Hyungwon?
Sarah: Yea a bit.
Beth: Why do they keep dancing on a helicopter pad? They're gonna get squashed by a helicopter.
Beth: I've heard this song a lot of times.
Beth: They look like they were going to take off their shirts.
Ally: They kinda do. Not all of them because not all of them have abs.
Beth: The middle one...

- Silence -

Sarah: Just imagine, all the production crew has to like hide downstairs.
Ally: Just imagine how many times they had to film this.
Ally: He's my favourite... *points at I.M*
Sarah: This one?
Ally: Yeah!
Beth: Ok.....
Sarah: He's not the visual.
Ally: The visual is not my favourite in this group.
Does this cutie look like a monster to you? 
Ally: Hyungwon's the visual.
Beth: Why...? Does he looks like the monster?
Beth: OMG that shirt looks like the Star Wars clone army *points at I.M's hoodie*
Beth: Ohhhh they're holding their.....
UPDATE: Beth here. I just realized only the guy in the middle is doing it ^-^.
Ally: -_-
Beth: Is that the leader? *referring to Shownu*
Ally: Yea, how do you know?
Beth: They keep focusing on him.
Ally: I think the camera angle is really nice. Like how they make use of the droids.
Beth: Who...the...the...this guy?
Ally: The middle one.
Sarah: He looks like Sunggyu (Infinite) *referring to Wonho*
Ally: Why does everyone look like Sunggyu to you?
Sarah: *chuckles*
Ally: And then this one, everybody looks like Sehun *talking about Beth*
Beth: No! Not everybody.....
Sarah: No, it's not Sungyeol (Infinite), it's Sunggyu.
Ally: Yea, I know. You've been saying that too.
Beth: Actually that guy at the back looks like Sehun. *jokingly*
Sarah: No, just now I said looks like Sungyeol but this one looks like Sunggyu *referring to the Up10tion post*
Ally: Ohhhh.
Beth: That blonde one looks like Sehun. Actually anyone who is blonde....and is male....
Ally: Yea, I really like Minhyuk too.
Beth: This one?
Ally: NO! The blonde one.
Beth: Where's the guy that looks like Baekhyun?
Ally: The one that supposedly looks like Baekhyun is not here.
Beth: Yea...I know but...
Ally: Which one?
Beth: I think it's this one.
Ally: You're saying that there's one guy that looks like Baekhyun here...?
Beth: Is this filmed in the U.S?
Ally: No...probably in Korea.
Sarah: They're still rookies. Their company won't spend so much money to bring them somewhere yet.
Beth: If they're not careful and it's dark, a helicopter might crush them.
Ally: .....

------Video Ends------
  • Beth has an obsession with the fact those 7 guys will get squashed by a helicopter.
  • Sarah thinks Wonho looks like Sunggyu (Infinite)
  • Ally thinks everyone looks like Sehun to Beth.
  • Beth has good guessing skills (Self-proclaimed)
  • Sarah thinks Hyungwon looks like Mark (Got7)
  • Ally claimed every Minhyuk looks good.
And.....that's all for now! Don't be alarmed by certain captions on the pictures. Majority of these pictures were taken by our one and only, Ally. Apparently, it gave her more excuse to stare at their faces. But to justify the credits later on, I actually did take some of the pictures....:)

Take Care,

Ally - Typing the whole audio into words, editing the post, adding pictures and reacting.
Beth - Adding extra pictures, editing the whole post and reacting.
Sarah - Reacting and explaining.


  1. I didn't really care for Monsta X before this song, then it came out and I still didn't love it but then like last month i rewatched it and I was like DAM! This is a good song with a cool dance! XD


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