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Hey guys! It's time for another K-Pop reaction post!
Ally and Sarah: Throws glitter in the air in pure happiness.
Basically any excuse to watch K-Pop makes them smile like crazy. (BTW, it's me Beth typing this intro as the other two are in front of Sarah's laptop and they are actually smiling while watching a Park Shin-Hye (?) video of 'The Heirs' with Katy Perry's 'Unconditionally' song playing in the background. I'm questioning what video compilation is that...)
UPDATE: GUYS!!! I FOUND THE VIDEO THEY WERE WATCHING! Here's the link to it...The Video I was scrolling through the YouTube history and I found it!!
Onto the real reason for this post....
Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s). Thank you :)

Todays video.......So Dangerous by Up10tion :)

------Reaction Starts Now------
First Look...:)
Ally: Up10tion is urmm Teen Top's "younger brother." They're from the same company. Not exactly younger brother as in blood-related but like just the same company.
Beth: BROTHER!!! *high-pitch tone*
Beth: OMG is he dead?
Ally & Sarah: NO.....
Ally: If he's dead then how's he getting up?
Ally: Wanna guess how many people are in this group?
Beth: 10.
Ally: Yea! *thanks for stating the obvious*
UPDATE (from Beth): He doesn't look like Sehun anymore....
Beth: Over here, he looks like Sehun (EXO)...hahaha *pointing at Kuhn*
Ally: Why does everybody look like Sehun to you?
Beth: Sehun has a common face...? (how does Sehun's face look common?)
Beth: But he has white hair, Sehun has white hair...
Beth: They're getting old~
Sarah: No, they dye their hair.
Sarah: Why are they not singing?
Ally: I was addicted to this song.
Ally: Hold on, this is their intro.
Sarah: Apparently, one of them looks like Baekhyun (EXO)
Ally: No, he doesn't look like Baekhyun at all but I will say that he did sound like Baekhyun to me at first.
Beth: Oh die....zombie~
Ally & Sarah: .....
Ally: Ok, now the song starts.
Beth: What even.....
Sarah: Even I don't know.
Beth: You know, this sounds like the part in Pitch Perfect 2 when they're like clapping their hands (?)
Beth: Ok that guy with white hair....this guy....his hairstyle reminds me of Luhan for some reason.
Ally: I love ♡ this group
- Long silence -
Ally: I really like their dancing.
Sarah: That guy looks like Sungyeol (Infinite) for a while. Like a younger version of Sungyeol. *referring to Sunyoul*
Ally: Oh who?
Sarah: Sungyeol.
Ally: Sunggyu from Infinite? *misheard*
Sarah: Yea...younger version of him.
Ally: The guy standing in the front is the one that's supposed to look like Baekhyun but he doesn't *points at Hwanhee*
Beth: Supposed to... *emphasize*
Sarah: Only his hairstyle.
Ally: This guy has more of a square-ish face. No offence. It wasn't an insult. But he does.
Sarah: Oh...
Sarah: That guy looks like someone from VIXX...oh my gosh.
Ally: I like this part. 
Beth: I just know that I get confused between BTS and Got7. (Sudden random statement)
Ally: Why?!?!
Beth: They look the same.
Beth: There's seven people.
Ally: So? Infinite does too.
Beth: Yea...then again, Infinite looks...different.
This is what I call God-like features! ~Ally
Ally: The guy with red hair is my favourite!!! *referring to Wooshin*
Ally: And he's the visual...wow!
Beth: I'm surprised you don't like Kai (since he's the visual in EXO)
Ally: I have a confession. There was a day that I thought he was very good looking but after that...the next day, I went back to liking Baekhyun.
Sarah: Hahahaha.
Sarah: I think....I think that dance move they just did, fits for Wolf (EXO)
Ally: Yea.
Beth: Wolf (EXO) is creepy.
Ally: You didn't get scared for "Annabelle" but you got scared for Wolf. Wow.
Sarah: Who's this? *points at screen*
Ally: Wooshin! My favourite! The one with red hair.
Beth: Did you just say "bullsh*t?"
Ally: WOOSHIN!!!!!
Beth: I heard you say, "Bullsh*t! My favourite!!"
Sarah: Hahahaha *laughing in the background*
Ally: You're sooo mean...hahaha.
Beth: It's not my fault I heard it like that. (It's my ear's fault!!)
I just had to add this in ~Ally

------End of the video------
  • Sarah: Nice.
  • Beth thinks they all look scary...O_O

And that's all we got for Up10tion's 'So Dangerous'. We did react to another song from Up10tion which will be released very soon...so stay tuned for that. 
Hope you enjoyed it,

Ally - Typing the whole audio into words, editing the post, adding extra pictures and reacting.
Beth - Adding pictures, editing the whole post and reacting.
Sarah - Reacting and explaining.