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Hello everyone! Today I'll be showing you a brief glimpse of what goes on in my day during the weekends. I have documented the highlights of my day through the lens of my phone (kinda) and I hope you guys enjoy!
Events of 17th July 2016 (Sunday) 
So my day began with me waking up at 6:57 a.m. for some odd reason....Usually, I wake up at 8:30 and yeah.... I hate myself for waking up so early too.
Though I dreaded getting out of bed, I eventually did when I decided to get my phone to check my social medias and YouTube. And if you felt proud of my accomplishment of getting out of bed so soon, guess what? I went back to bed - not to sleep but to use the phone.
The next paragraph isn't going to make much sense. You've been warned.
It was a GREAT and I mean SUPER GREAT way to start off my morning - sorry I just had to mention - when I saw that Gabriel Conte uploaded a video. And it was not just any video. LIKE WHAT EVEN I CAN'T BELIEVE HE SURPRISED JESS. GOALS MY GOSH. OKAY I'M so not done.......(BLESS THEM I SWEAR). Please let me have my moment. (If you wanna watch the video, click here).
I'm sorry if you're not a relationship-aww(-er) kind of person or if you're not a fan......
Anyways, I got out of bed by 8 and took a shower because I needed to....and brushed my teeth. I know some people (example: Hanna) brush their teeth after breakfast but I brush my teeth before cause I just do. And since I was up so early for a weekend, I decided to make myself a glass of hot chocolate and watch......*drumrolls* more YouTube....
Just like every other weekend, I made myself breakfast at around 9 a.m. Today, I felt like having soft-boiled eggs and toast because I felt productive. So I boiled the water and added the eggs, went ahead to toast my bread and spread a little butter (cause it's yummier in my opinion).
Don't worry, lol I actually spreaded out that blob of butter.
After breakfast, I lazed around for a good 30 minutes before beginning with my schoolwork.
Today, I was out with one of my good friends, Elaine for a social-survey kind of thing for school so that drained my entire afternoon. We also had lunch together at a nearby café and I would say this was the most productive I've ever been on a Sunday. Also, we walked around our neighbourhood the entire afternoon. My feet has lost its SOLES. (HAH GET IT?)
I arrived back home around 5:30 p.m, and took another shower; and also some DIYs for an upcoming post....(it's in the works. Fingers crossed it turns out well). And before I knew it, IT WAS DINNAH TIME.
After dinner, I went back into my room and wrote out in my diary about my little day. (YES, I'M REALLY LAME LIKE THAT.) 😂 😂 😂  Then I did a little bit of studying a.k.a  'Major nerd-ing' (according to Ally and Elaine who denied inventing that phrase by saying Sarah heard their words wrong when she passed the message to me) and get into my PJ's by the time the clock strikes 10:30 p.m. (that's cause I have school on Mondays so I have to go to bed early) 
I follow up with brushing my teeth, washing my face and my night-time skincare routine. When that's all settled, it's off to bed I go. 😆
P.S: While writing this, I discovered a website that allows you to 'copy + paste' emojis and I'm obsessed. Here's the link if you ever need it: emoji link.
So I hope you guys enjoyed this little compressed post on my day and I'll write again very soon.

P.P.S: If you're confused as to who 'Elaine' or 'Hanna' are, feel free to browse through the Appearance tab to learn more.


  1. I think I heard of Gabriel Conte, but I'd never watched his videos, but I watched that one and it was sooo cute! So I subbed! XD


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