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It’s Monday!!! You know what that means…..! Ok if you don't know what that means then it’s basically my turn to put up a post. I’m Ally btw…J Just to clear all confusion. Today, I’m gonna be staying in my comfort zone by doing yet another DIY~

I know…
I know…
Same as always~
But I promise something new is coming….so stay tuned! >_<

For today, it’s not really a DIY but more of an idea that you can try. Trust me on this but it’ll probably only cost you $1.

-       A frame
-       Embroidery thread (in any colour)
-       A needle
-       A pencil
-       An eraser (if you’re a victim of shaky hands)
-       Scissors
-       Paper *thanks Captain Obvious*

Warning: This DIY does involve the tiniest bit of skill and a good amount of time…it kinda depends how good your sewing skills are.

P.S. The word sewing may scare you but it really only involves basic sewing. If you’re still not convinced, I did it! That says a lot about someone who has never sewed anything in her life.

Grab a piece of paper (making sure it fits in your frame) and trace out anything you’d like. It could be your favourite quote or just a number. The best thing about DIY-ing is that everything is up to you. As for me, I thought I should express my love for all things Korean so I went with “Seoul, ♡” 

When you’re done with that, start spacing out small dots along your words. I’m not sure if that even made sense so I included pictures just incase you can’t understand my blabbing. You can use a pencil for a rough guide but if you’re confident enough with yourself (I’m not) you can just use a needle to poke through the paper.

P.S. Be careful when you’re creating the holes in the paper. Make sure the paper doesn’t tear. I used regular paper and it worked fine for me.

Now that you’ve got the holes spaced out, it’s now time to get on with the sewing. For the first sew, you’re gonna sew a normal stitch but from then onwards….(meaning the 2nd stich onwards) you’re gonna start backstitching along the holes you’ve already created. If you’re unfamiliar with backstitching, I’ve included some pictures. If you’re still not catching up, then it’s time to ask your best friend who’s always there for you…..GOOGLE!!! (Besides Beth and Sarah, Google’s my best friend! I'm guessing it's a 'he' but he never lets me down!)

Just continue backstitching until you’re finished with your quote or word. Just in case you run out of string in the middle, don’t fret. Just repeat what you did with the first stitch and then continue on from there with backstitches again.

When you’re done with all the so-called sewing then just put the paper into your frame and you’re done!!!! I personally like the look of the frame leaning against the wall as to hanging it up but just know that your room will look super personalized with just this one décor.

Merely escaping any needle injury,


  1. "Merely escaping any needle injury" XD
    I do not know how to sew at all! I tried like once, to make a "shirt" for my Barbies as a kid... That just did not work... I basically took a square of cloth, folded it in half, cut out a crescent for the head and did like three stitches on the two diagonals to make what no one in their right mind would ever all a "shirt" XD
    But this is super cute! Maybe I'll brave it one day :)


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