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Heylo guys!

Omg that's the last time I'm saying 'Heylo' this year. Anyways this post marks the last individual post from all of us in the year 2016! Time passed by SO fast. I feel like it was just yesterday that it was January. Now there's only 1 week(+) left of 2016. Guys I'm not ready for 2017!!!! Help!! Hahahaha anyways, for todays post I'm going to do a DIY! Specifically, a DIY Mini Dreamcatcher.

 Now here's some info about Dreamcatchers. The Native Americans created them and you're supposed to hang them above where you sleep. They are believed to catch good dreams and the dream will flow from the net down to the feathers and 'drop' on you so that you'll have good dreams while the bad dreams get caught in the net and don't fall on you 😂. Let's get STARTED!

Things you need for this DIY. I realized that you don't need much to do this. And most of the stuff are really cheap.


Firstly, this is the easiest step. Wrap your string around your book ring. Finish it off with a simple knot. STEP ONE DONE. Easy so far right? You're like 1/4 parts left

Step 2: Now it's the hard part. So you take the thinner string and you tie it around the book ring. Then bring it across to the size you want. (look at the pic because I'm pretty bad at explaining) But the hard part is actually the matter of understanding how to do it. Once you pull it, there'll be like this hole(?) or a space. Then take the end of your string and loop it through that 'space'. Then just continue till the first layer is complete!

Step 3: If you mastered the 2nd step this will be piece of cake. Just repeat the same thing. But this time just loop the string in the middle of the first layer. Continue doing this till the center of the dreamcatcher.

I would say this steps are optional but you can tie a bead in the middle of the dreamcatcher OR you could just tie a knot to finish it off. You can also add feathers to the bottom like the original but I feel that it's not NECESSARY cause it already looks nice without it. Also, I couldn't find feathers so heh my dreamcatcher doesn't have feathers 😅

And there you go! Your own mini Dreamcatcher. It's not that hard after you do it a couple of times. At first, I was pretty bad at it but after a day I got the hang of it. To be honest, I almost have up while doing it so DON'T GIVE UP PPL! The results look really pretty and I mean you can brag to your friends that you know how to make your own Dreamcatcher (but don't overdo it...bragging isn't good 😂) This is also a nice present to give to your friends and stuff. You can use it like for it's actual purpose to catch good dreams or you can use it as a decoration like a keychain or something.

And that concludes my LAST POST OF 2016! Awwwwwwww 😢. Well I guess it's time to say thank you for spending your time to read my posts throughout 2016 and I hope you enjoyed them😘. Merry Christmas and I'll be back next year!!!! Byess

Sarah 💗
Just saying, someone else probably thought of this quote but while I was writing it, the quote came from my brain. Nevertheless, credits to the person who created the quote whoever it may be.


  1. I am a really uncrafty person XD This looks hard XD

    1. To be honest it's not THAT hard. At first maybe, but after a while you get the hang of it :)


  2. Will totally try this (and probably fail)!

    1. Hahaha nah I think you'll do great! I BELIEVE in you XD


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