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Hey Hey Hey!!!!
It is I, Sarah. You know it's kinda hard making introductions as time passes on. So if my intro's get weirder over time....you know the reason.
Anyways, I think that Ally has done a skincare routine before (Guys after I wrote this I think Ally's post has a lot more info. So if my post is confusing go check Ally's here: 12, 3, 4)
But I thought it would be fun to show you guys my FACIAL routine. (see it's different) Okay, I searched up the internet and I couldn't find anything on facial routines so I'll just make up the phrase facial routine since it doesn't exist. MUAHAHAHAHA.
Well, cut the chit chat and let's get started.
Btw this routine is something I do on days that I'm super hardworking and feel like taking care of my skin. Or else, I'll usually just use a facial cleanser and toner. (Yes, I'm a lazy person >.<)

Firstly, I start off with a scrub!! This is to remove any dead skin cells (I think) and after I use it, my face feels super smooth. I really like to use the St. Ives's facial scrub. In my opinion, I really like the Green Tea edition but I can't seem to find it so I just settled with the Apricot one.
Please ignore that orange line it was a sticker!!!
I know that you shouldn't use the scrub every single day...but I don't know WHY. So I'll look it up. Okay according to the internet, this step is actually exfoliating and if you over-exfoliate your skin it'll become red and sensitive. So I suggest using it maybe 2-3 times a week or only when your skin really needs it?


Secondly, I use my Nature Republic Peach Cleanser! I really really like this cleanser. One of the main factors why I like it is because it smells so good. Also it's super cheap. Plus you only need a super tiny amount of it to foam up your whole face. I kind of look like a ghost with this though....just saying. Good time to scare someone ;) .
I've been using this cleanser for a while now and I will say that it's really good. It doesn't really dry up your skin or anything as well.


Thirdly, I'll use my toner! Right now, I finished up my toner and I'm currently looking for a new one. I think my skin is really sensitive because I tried the Body Shop toner and my skin became really red and itchy. But when I use the Nature Republic one I'm fine so I'm actually really scared to buy another toner from a different brand or anything.
Anyways, I use a cotton pad and pour out some toner then apply it on my face. I think it's more hygienic. Or at least more than using my hands.
Did I mention that this smells good too? I really like the smell! I basically like everything from Nature Republic though. Proud customer!!!!! :P

NEXT! Also, a Nature Republic product (Guys, we're not sponsored by Nature Republic... I wish we were). It's their Bamboo Charcoal Mud Pack. If I'm not mistaken, Beth has talked about it before. It's supposed to absorb dirt and oil to help close the pores and reduce blackheads. I admit, I don't use this really often but I think it's really good.
It has to be applied for 10 mins ++ and it's actually kinda hard for me to leave it on that long because my skin starts to  become really itchy after the mask dries. I'm guessing it's because the skin is tightening? But yeah if you ever get this make sure your face is in a comfortable position cause you won't be able to move your face.


Lastly, a face mask. I really don't have a specific mask that I use, but of course I really like the Nature Republic one. Hahaha sorry, not sorry. I recently got the Innisfree masks but I have yet to try them out. I prefer the gel types (?) compared to the cotton masks cause I just feel that the cotton ones are slightly rougher.
I think that putting on sheet masks are really important to nourish and hydrate your skin. So yeah I think it's just a nice way to pamper your skin. At first, I  promised myself to put on a face mask at least once a week but yeah as the lazy person I am, I didn't do it and my face is suffering from it >.<.
Yup that's all!!! Btw, I DO use a moisturizer and it's the Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel. Since all 3 of us have actually wrote about it before I wanted to avoid writing about it again.
Are there any facial products that you would recommend? Cause I'm not really good at this kind of stuff.
I hope you enjoyed my facial routine that I have written. I know it's not that good but I have a few DIY projects coming up but I don't have the materials yet so I'll try my best to go get the materials ASAP.....So look forward to it!!!
Sarah <3


  1. I have dry, sensitive, still acne prone skin, and eczema, and so I try to keep my routine as simple as possible. I use coconut oil to cleanse, then follow up with a wash cloth, then a Salicylic acid then shea butter. Then sunscreen. I like the Paula's Choice brand, even though its a tad pricey, because they don't use fragrance and harsh chemicals and all that. Then, once I find something that works, I stick with it cause your skin likes consistency. Hopefully one day I can switch to all DIY products that I can make my own XD I'd love to basically be a hippie one day XD at least in health.


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