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Another week has passed (another week till exams; aka my death!). Anyways you know what else has passed? July! :( July has been a super fun month and I'm gonna miss it. It's kinda scary when you think about how there will never ever ever be another July 2016. Oh well.... so there have been a few stuff that I hated and loved about July but since we're positive people we'll focus on the good things only right? So these are just some of my favourite things last month <3

Sorry for my bad photography skills... but the skies are pretty, right?
Sky photography!
Kinda random but I have a sky obsession (is that even a thing?) But seriously when I see pretty skies or cool cloud formations I HAVE to take a picture. I mean it's SO pretty! I think I have like a 100+ pictures of the sky and still counting. I have a problem, someone send help. Hahahaha jkjk. Did you know that the colours in the morning are super cool? I actually have a picture of when the clouds were RED. No joke literally red. I guess getting to see the scenery in the morning is the only good thing about waking up early for school.  Tbh, I find pretty skies kinda therapeutic as well. I mean with my exams drawing closer, I do get stressed sometimes but when I see something as pretty as this I calm down and just organize everything in my head. :)
Taeyeon - Why
Before this, I usually don't listen to any of Taeyeon's songs (except I) but when I listened to 'Why' I fell in love with it. I was addicted to this song for such a long time. And I know that the song came out in June but I only started liking it in July so I think it deserves to be in my July Favs. Not only is the song nice, the dance moves are amazing too. I think I like the dance version more than the actual music video. But the music video was SO pretty as well! Another thing I wanna point out was the lyrics. The lyrics were really encouraging and I kinda felt better after finding out what the lyrics were. Plus Taeyeon's vocals are like <3. Yeah basically everything about the song is good. I'll leave the song so you can listen to it.
What do you think will be my next favourite thing in July.............
Credits to the owner, KNK and the photographer!
Next up, is a rookie group called KNK. If you follow our blog you probably know we uploaded a reaction to their debut song Knock. It's been a while since I last liked a group so much. They're really funny and weird in their own way. Ally and I started liking them on the same day by coincidence. Hahaha. My favourite member is Inseong while Ally's is Jihun. I've been wacthing their V app broadcasts and their show 'My KNK Television', and they really have........'special' characters. They're also freakishly tall (in a good way). XD. Their songs are also really good. I got addicted to 'I Remember' for a while cause it's so good. I hope they'll make a comeback soon!
I have a mini version that I got for free 
Kiehl's Toner
This thing smells SO GOOD. I'm really sensitive to smells and if something that I put on my face smells bad, I can't sleep. But this, this smells like flowers. Specifically to me, chrysanthemum flower. This toner is also one of Kiehl's most popular item (I think) so it's probably like super good. I'm not a very good judge on these facial products cause as long as it doesn't irritate my skin, I think it's pretty good. This toner is also alcohol-free so it's much better than those with alcohol cause toners with alcohol can cause free-radical damage and irritation. I don't exactly understand that but it doesn't seem good. Inside the bottle, there's like leaves or something, which at first I thought was weird but it's totally fine and I guess kinda proves that it's natural. After my mini bottle finishes, I definitely want to get a full-sized bottle.
Yeah ermm I couldn't find a picture so I took this poster from the Internet. Credits to the person who uploaded it, the actor/actress and the people involved in taking the pics and stuff.
W- Two Worlds
This drama. From the very first episode it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. It's still ongoing and it currently has 6 episodes. Episode 6 with English subs comes out today!! *ahhhhhhhh* So the story is about a web-toon character and a surgeon from the real world. The surgeon, Yeon Joo gets sucked into her dad's comic book or manhwa series and saves the life of Kang Chul, the main character. Basically, there's another world inside the manhwa and all the characters are actually real. But then everything changes when Kang Chul finds out the truth about his world. Yup and that's where I stopped. With my exams coming...this is gonna be my biggest distraction XD. Btw, I think Yeon Joo looks like the young version of Song Hye-Kyo. Am I the only one? I really hope this drama doesn't disappoint me cause the starting was so extremely good. 
Yup. That was July! A lot of things happened and it was slightly stressful at the end, but it was a great month. I think it's really nice to make a favourites post cause it allows you to look back at the month and remember all the nice things that happened. I might want to make more of these. Hahaha. I hope you enjoyed July as much as I did and I recommend you to watch, listen and try some of the stuff I mentioned in my post cause if it brings happiness to me, it might bring some to you too!

Goodbye July 2016,
Sarah <3


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