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It's Friday Friday!! *cues Rebecca Black*. Anyways I'm back with another list post! (I'm really sorry if you dislike it!! I promise next week it'll be different) So... am I the only one who absolutely loves Disney Original Movies? I remember once when it was school break, I went on a Disney Original Movie marathon. (yes. best way to spend your holidays right?) If you've watched these movies before I bet you'd be able to relate with me how good they are!
Here are some of my favorite Disney Original Movies!! :

But before that, I couldn't take all the pictures myself so I just got them from Google. All rights and credits goes to the people who uploaded the pictures, the people who are in the picture and the ppl who took the pics!!

1. Cloud 9
I watched this movie a really long time ago (2 years ago?) so I kinda forgot what happened but I remember it was a really nice movie. It's about two snowboarders, Kayla and Nick. Kayla is the best girl snowboarder in Summit Valley and Will a legendary snowboarder who almost died trying to perform a trick that he invented, Cloud 9. After that incident, Will refused to snowboard and works with his mom at a dog-kennel. Kayla accidentally destroys the lodges' signboard and the dog-kennel's sled. Because of that, she is forced to work at the dog-kennel and is kicked out of her snowboarding team. To regain her honor (is honor the right word for this situation?) she asks Will to teach her to perform his legendary trick Cloud 9 for her to do at the upcoming snowboarding competition 'Fire and Ice.' Although there were a lot of unsuccessful tries, Kayla finally manages to pull off the trick and wins her very own trophy!!

2. Lemonade Mouth
I really liked this movie and the soundtrack for the movie. The movie shows what happens when a bunch of kids meet during detention and suddenly start making a beat together. Basically what happens is their music teacher will put them in a band and they are immediately friends! So now they have a band but with no name. They decide to choose 'Lemonade Mouth' because Stella, one of the band members spit lemonade at their rival band's lead singer. Anyways to cut things short, the band goes through some rough waters (they even end up in jail....) but in the end they solve everything and become a super popular band! I promise that the movie is actually more interesting than how I explained it. (hahaha sorry for my bad explaining skills)

3. Teen Beach Movie
I have to admit this movie definitely has an interesting story-line. What happens when you get stuck in your favourite musical? You start to sing and dance uncontrollably and completely change the original story of the movie! More than liking the actual movie I was actually addicted to the soundtrack. Like no joke, it used to be on replay while I played Tetris. But anyway Brady (Ross Lynch) and Mack (Maia Mitchell) are trapped inside Brady's favorite movie, Wet Side Story. While being stuck there, they accidentally change the story and the characters fall in love with them. Maia and Brady are trying their best to put the movie back on its original path but they realize that their slowly morphing into the movie as well.

4. Starstruck
I think I've watched this movie 3-4 times? But I don't think I'll beat the amount of times Ally has watched it. Starstruck is Ally's favourite movie back then. It stars Sterling Knight and Danielle Campbell. It's a really cute movie. So Sterling Knight or in the movie Christopher Wilde is a super famous pop star while the other main lead, Danielle Campell or Jessica  is just an ordinary girl. One day, Jessica and her family go on a vacation to Los Angeles where Christopher lives. Her sister, who is a big fan of Christopher tries locating him and finds out he's at a nightclub. Her sister tries to convince her to follow her to the nightclub and stay in the car while she goes in. But, Jessica didn't exactly listen to her sister and leaves the car where she so 'coincidentally' gets hit in the face with a door. Who hit her? Christopher Wilde obviously.... And from there a love story develops and the movie is just <3

5. High School Musical
Can you believe it's been 10 years since this movie came out?? I definitely can't leave this legendary movie out. (Also if I leave Beth's favorite movie out she'll probably come to my house and kill me). I don't think I have to explain the story cause it'll be pretty difficult and who hasn't seen HSM before? To me, I liked High School Musical 3 the most. I just thought it was cute. Especially the part where they had to get ready for prom. I had to search up the song and it's during 'A Night to Remember'. Another scene I really liked was during Chad and Troy's duet for 'The Boys Are Back'. All I know is that the High School Musical series will always be remembered and if the original cast doesn't come back they shouldn't even think of doing a sequel.

That's it for this week! How many of these have you watched? They're good I promise!!! My exams are coming up in 2 weeks and STRESS! I wouldn't be worried if it wasn't an important exam but this time, it is super important. Although there's an even more important exam coming up in 2 months *sighs at my miserable life* Hahaha so sorry if my posts are a little boring, I kinda have to rush while writing them cause every hour I'm not studying, I'll feel guilty. Anyways, hope you had fun reading!

Sarah <3


  1. I've not seen any of those but I have seen a few... Zenon, Camp Rock, Twitches, Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior (I actually really like that one XD), and maybe a few others...


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