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Hey hey hey!
If you've read Beth's post, you probably know that it was Ally's birthday 'recently' and I said I would tell you what we did in preparation and what we did on the day of the celebration + on the day itself. Yeah we celebrated her birthday TWICE. She's one lucky person. I feel that out of all three of our birthdays, Ally's birthday is always the best. (Not that I'm saying that my birthday wasn't fun last year) But I feel that we always raise the bar a little too high for the first birthday among the three of us.
Lol Beth we gotta step it down a notch.....
For preparation, after planning and writing notes to each other in class, we finally decided what to get her and what we would do. Oh and let me mention, it is NOT easy to do this because Ally is sitting like less than 5 feet away from us... so Ally, if you wondered why we were being so secretive... it was for YOU.
We decided to get her a bag and fill it up with junk food + a watch. Cause just getting her junk food wasn't enough. And if you're wondering why junk food it's because we were having a sleepover so we thought we could eat the snacks WITH her. See? Mutualism. ;)

So yeah after school on a Friday, we went home and quickly got ready and went to a mall. And we had a time limit; which was 3 hours? We were kinda worried we wouldn't have enough time but with strategic planning we got it done in like an hour and a half. So we had time to kill!

We kinda just walked around aimlessly but we still had to keep a lookout for Ally cause 'coincidentally' she was going to watch a movie on the same day with her family and only told us the morning itself that she was going so there was no way we could postpone the trip. Way to go Ally.... making our lives so complicated XD. Oh yeah and I think this was the day I fell sick :(

Tip: If you and your friends have mixed opinions on which model or design to buy.... rock paper scissors is a pretty fair way to settle it. But the employees of the shop WILL stare at you.

To be honest, Ally probably doesn't know most of this as well. Hahaha. Anyways Ally was expected to reach my house at around 3 so Beth came earlier to help me blow up the balloons. I thought she would come at like 2 so I was kinda surprised when she said she was coming at 12. And no we didn't blow balloons for 3 hours.

We mostly talked on where to hide the presents and stuff like that for an hour then ate lunch THEN started blowing balloons. Which was an easier task than expected. We thought we would need at least 30 mins to blow them but only took 15. So we had a lot of time to kill.

So yeah 2 teenage girls take 15 mins to blow 20 balloons if you were wondering. We then hid the balloons in my sister's room. (Thanks!)
Ally came around 3.10 and we hid her bag of junk food behind the curtains. So when she came, Beth told her to open the curtains. But I think we made it a little too suspicious as she was kinda scared to open the curtains (?) She said that she was scared a lizard or a spider would jump out XD. But she somehow managed to open the curtains WITHOUT looking and ran away.

We were like seriously Ally? So we told her to look at what was there and do you know what she did? She opened her camera and took a picture of the part where the bag was. And after she saw it she was like 'it's a bag' *facepalm*. People are trying to give you a present and you're so scared Ally.

So basically the sleepover went on as any sleepover would, we talked and watched kpop videos so we could react to them (look forward to it) And even if it wasn't anything special we had a lot of fun! I really wish I could just go back to that day and relive it all over again.

The only thing we couldn't do was to go swimming cause I had a cold on that day :(. So yeah the night went on as normal........
5.30 AM - So yeah you're probably wondering where are the balloons, the watch and the 'A' in Beth's DIY post? We decided to wake up at 5 just to transfer the balloons to my room and set the present there so that when she wakes up she would see them.

The funny thing is that Ally had an alarm at 6 and she woke up to turn off her alarm but she DIDN'T notice anything. Let me just say the balloons were on the floor right beside the bed and bedside table.
She woke up again at 6.30, and this time Beth asked her, 'Do you really not see it?' to which she replied, 'See what?'. Beth just facepalmed herself (literally) and went back to sleep.
Unfortunately... this was a fail on our part because after the second time Ally woke up, Beth and I slept like logs so we didn't realize when Ally had actually gotten up and saw the balloons and the other presents. When we realized well Beth realized it first and elbowed me to wake me up, she (Ally) was writing on post it notes to thank us! 
YAY! All in all I think she enjoyed it :)

Ally's birthday was on a school day so Beth and I knew it wasn't right to just come empty handed. SO we prepared Red Velvet cupcakes!! (cause she likes the group) But Ally's mom was one step ahead of us and gave Ally a chocolate cake first! Hahaha. 
Ps: I'm sorry the photo is ugly... I kinda forgot to take one for the blog and this was the only photo I had of the cupcakes. This photo was actually just a shot I took for Beth to show her that the cupcakes were done. Sooo I didn't take it at many angles and stuff to make it look nice.

And that's all no more surprises for Ally for another year. I really hope that Ally enjoyed her day cause I did! And she is one lucky person because on her birthday, two of our most hated teachers (sorry teacher) Miss Old-Egocentric and Miss Stressed-out were ABSENT
Sarah <3
P.S: If you are curious as to who 'Miss Old-Egocentric' or 'Miss Stressed-out' are feel free to browse through the 'Appearance' tab above to learn more.


  1. Sounds like you girls had fun! Its fun yet oddly stressful to plan a surprise birthday XD My friends from high school, we do like one or two surprise ones a year for each other and it gets hard to surprise each other XD But they key is spending quality time with each other :)


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