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Hello internet world! I'm Bethany and I can NEVER do a DIY without screwing something up. So writing this post + doing the DIY itself is a HUGE 'accomplishment' for the virtual list of accomplishments in my life. Just sayin'. And also, heads up: if I can do this....YOU CAN TOO.
This DIY makes an awesome room décor whether it'd be on your nightstand or just hanging on the wall and better yet, an awesome Birthday-Gift add-on (A.K.A life-savers for broke people like other words: STUDENTS WHO DO NOT HAVE A JOB)!
What exactly do you need?
Yeah...I was doing this as a Birthday Gift.....

The first step if you have long hair is to tie it up! So it doesn't get in the way.

So to start off this DIY, you'll have to sketch out any alphabet your heart desires on the mounting board whether it'd be an 'A' or a 'B' or an 'S'...there are 26 alphabets! Take your pick :)!
As you can tell (or maybe not), I sketched the letter 'A'.
When that's done, use a pair of scissors to cut the mounting board so that you're left with the shape of the letter.
WARNING: Mounting Boards are quite stiff so cutting them may be hard. So use a sharp pair of scissors!

WARNING #2: In conjunction with the first warning, you might wanna beware of the sharp scissors to avoid any injuries.

Also, I'm telling you because I care very well about the well being of your might end up with sore fingers if the finger-hole of your scissors aren't very big.

Cut cut cut (Sorry it's an inside joke about cutting hair)
So that's kinda what it should look like when you're done! Recommended - scissors for the outline of the alphabet and an x-acto knife for the inside (like the triangle inside the 'A')
Then with a pair of scissors or the x-acto knife, cut out the shapes of the pictures whether you'd like to follow their shape, squared, circled, curved - whatever floats your boat. As you can see, I went with following the shape of the human themselves

K-POP Explosion
After cutting them up, you'll find that pre-arranging is always a better idea just so you can map out which pictures go where.
As you can tell...I didn't quite have enough pictures.... (nothing modern technology can't fix)
So when you're done with this, you move on to the next step which is sticking these pictures onto the mounting board itself.

You could use mod podge, PVA glue, white glue, glue stick, random glue that is clear, super glue, elephant glue, unicorn glue (Just anything that can stick).

By looking at the picture on the right, you can tell that it's a little messy with all the pictures jutting out.

Which is totally fine if you're going with this kind of 'theme' for your room (or gift).

But personally, I'm more of a person who:
a) Likes everything clean and crisps
b) Has no idea how to place pictures that are jutting out in a bag without destroying it
So for the benefit of the receiver and for my mental happiness, I just decided to trim the excess paper off.

And when you do so, it should look a little something like this

As this was a gift, here's an idea based off what Sarah and I did to make it a little more personalized!

On the back of this letter-décor, we actually wrote a short message to the receiver!
Disclaimer: We know how 'Hyung' and 'Unnie' is used.
Calling Ally 'Hyung'/'Unnie' is an inside joke and also something we use to annoy her
I hope you enjoyed this DIY! I really really really pray that the pictures helped make what I say easier as I can sometimes complicate the simplest things.

Hope your room turns out FAB and if it's for a gift, I wish you all the best and cross fingers the receiver loves it!



  1. I think it turned out very well!
    You girls are so creative! I just... do not have that kind of mind XD I have a feeling that my future house is going to be very boring XD


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