Pet Peeves! | Sarah

Hey Hey Hey!! 

I got some inspiration to write this after reading Beth's post titled "15 Random Question". In her post, there was a question that caught my eye....
What's your biggest pet peeve? 

The actual reason I'm writing this post right now is actually because Ally and Beth made me really mad and I can't get over it. Like sometimes, I feel they have absolutely NO common sense and consideration for other people. So yeah these are just some of the things they do which annoy me the most.
(Ally and Beth when you read this, take notes and don't EVER do this to me again.)

1. Walking off without waiting for someone.
For example; just now when the three of us were buying food, Ally and Beth who got their food first just left without me! I mean can't they be patient and just wait for me before going back to their seat? My order was next in line as well! They only needed to wait for less than 5 minutes.

2. People complaining non-stop
If you haven't noticed, Beth really hates one of our teachers a.k.a Miss Stressed Out. I know that you hate her. You can stop complaining. It just ruins my day completely and puts me in a bad mood whenever people complain. It like gives out bad vibes?

3. Not walking in the same line
Okay I don't really know how to explain it but I'll try to explain it with an example.  Since there are three of us, when we walk, there is usually not enough space for all three of us to walk together in a straight row. And this is the part I get annoyed at.... they always and I mean ALWAYS make me walk behind the line. This really makes me feel left out and really sad :(

4. Lying
I really hate it when people lie. I feel that Ally and Beth are lying and keeping secrets from me (just come clean already. I'm sick of it) Like I'm your friend. Why is there a need to keep secrets and lie to me. It's so obvious when they lie. If I ask them a question, they would always side glance to each other and give signals. Like if you're gonna lie, don't make it so obvious. Or better yet.....just DON'T lie.

5. Laziness 
I'm not joking about this. They are SO lazy. Whenever there's a group project they always give the work to me. And if I ask them to do it they either 'forget' or make it really simple or ugly. How are we supposed to live up to our teacher's A-star student expectation when we hand in work that is barely complete and handed in tardy? Can't they be a bit more hardworking and take a little bit of their time to at least put effort in to their work?
wait what?
Yeah so I'm like super mad right now. Right? WRONG!!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHA!
Yes. It's all a joke. I really don't have any problems with Ally and Beth. Plus the laziness  thing definitely cannot be applied to us cause in a group work, it's usually just the three of us doing it while our friends present it to the class. And they don't lie. I did though. Everything up till Muahahahahaha part is a big LIE. I'm sorry to have wasted your time. But it's April Fools and I couldn't resist.
Happy April Fools!
P.S: If you're confused as to who 'Miss Stressed-Out' is, feel free to browse through the tabs above with the label 'Appearances' to learn more :)