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Hello! Bethany here again typing our reaction to Twice's song 'TT'! I personally don't know much about this group so this is gonna be interesting. Of course, before I type this audio, I'm gonna go look up the internet for Twice so I can actually spell their names 😂😂😂. We hope you are enjoying these reactions so far! Without further ado, let's get into the disclaimer and our reaction!
Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s). Thank you :)

Here's the music video!
------Reaction Starts Now------
Sarah: It's Halloween themed.
Beth: Sure how ironic that we're reacting to this. It's already almost Christmas.
Beth: Is Twice gonna be like the wicked witch from the west or something?
Ally: *jokingly* Yeah......sure.
Sarah: I like Chaeyoung.
Beth: Wait....HOW LONG IS THIS? *thinking it's like BTS's long music video*
Beth: Oh 4 minutes....
Sarah: But I think the kids are cute
Beth: Oh! Okay I would scream....
Beth: I mean technically....
Ally: If someone popped up like that.
Beth: Not someone, if they popped out like that.
Beth: I thought they had more members.
Sarah: There are 9.
Beth: Like EXO
Beth: *Sighs* I'm so done with this song. Hanna and Taylor are the root cause. They are always the cause of my annoyance.
Sarah: I think they're pushing the 'Baby' part
Ally: Like the 'Shy, shy, shy'.
Beth: Hey! This looks like that girl from that drama. The....the....The Heirs girl that....that.....big brother's girlfriend.
Ally: Ohhhh....
Beth: Is their bum really nice? *jokingly*
Sarah: Tzuyu is a vampire and Sana is supposed to be cat woman...
Beth: Chewy?
Ally: It's spelled T.Z.U Y.U
Ally: What is going on.......?
Sarah: Or batman....something like that.
Beth: Cat woman wears a mask....*jokingly* just put a sack over their head.....*starts imagining how funny that would be and laughs*
Sarah: That looks sooo.....how do you say? Green-screen-ed.
Beth: The little kids are cute.
Beth: Cuter than me.
Beth: Technically they *Twice* are all prettier than me so......
Ally: I like the colours....of their outfit.
Beth: Why do they keep touching their chest area.....
Ally & Sarah: *stares at Beth*
Sarah: They're not!
Beth: They were! (I'm gonna prove it I swear.)
Beth: I don't understand.....
Sarah: This is Jungyeon
Ally: Pinocchio?
Sarah: Yeah.
Sarah: I don't know why they have these characters.
Ally: What is she....*interrupted by Beth*
Beth: This looks SO wrong.
Ally: What is she supposed to be?
Sarah: I don't know. Cinderella? Snow White?
Beth: *Gasps* That is wrong.......
Sarah: That is my favourite! But I don't know why she's a mermaid
Ally: What is wrong with their tails. It's so weird....
Sarah: The CG.
Ally: No, look.....it's so.....
Beth: The rabbit looks so fake. More fake than......*whispered something*
Sarah: What did you say?
Beth: The rabbits look so fake *same time as Ally*
Ally: Looks more fake than something.
Sarah: I like the color of their clothes
Ally: That's what I said.
Sarah: Yeah I'm agreeing with you.
Beth: Imagine if they collabed with Nicki Minaj one day...they'll make a great team.
Ally & Sarah: Why?
Beth: Shake the bum all day.......
Sarah: You should watch 'Like Ooh Aah'.
Ally: Oh she's watched it before....
Beth: Can I just say something because I'm annoyed with this song? Yeah it's played in my house all day, all night.....
Ally: Can I just ask what is this song about?
Sarah: I don't know.
Ally: 'TT' is supposed to be the crying emoji.....right?
Sarah: Yeah.
Ally: So I guess they got dumped?
Beth: Are they trying to say, 'Oh she's okay.' What does it have to do with Hallow...Hey! She's pretty.
Sarah: That's Tzuyu. She's supposed to be the prettiest. 
Beth: Wow!
Ally: What is she....? A snow queen?
Beth: Elsa! Freeze the sister.

Ally: I'm not particularly a fan of this.....dance move.
Beth: Okay actually, every time I hear this, all I think is people dancing to it....the ones that try to act like that. Plagiarising.
Sarah: Oh! Madison* had to dance to this song for the audition.
Ally: The rabbits.....*interrupted*
Beth: That's probably Alice in Wonderland.
------Video Ends------
Sarah: A lot of people were wondering why the kids were shocked. Like maybe they're adding Somi in the  group? See to be continued.
  • Sarah likes Chaeyoung.
  • Beth thinks some parts of the music video were wrong. (not incorrect but 'wrong'....)
  • Beth did not expect someone to be named 'Chewy' (although it's spelt 'Tzuyu')
  • Ally and Beth have no idea what's going on.
  • Beth says that Twice is probably prettier than she'll ever be.
  • Ally likes the colours of their outfit.
  • Beth thinks it'll be epic if Nicki Minaj and Twice collaborated.
  • Beth has heard this song....MANY TIMES.
  • Beth thinks Tzu-Yu is pretty.

So that is it for our reaction to Twice! We hope you guys enjoyed our reactions and didn't get offended by anything! We had so much fun reacting and had great laughs and stay tuned cause we'll be back again tomorrow for another reaction!
 Much love,
P.S: If you're confused as to who 'Hanna', 'Taylor' or 'Madison' is, feel free to browse through the Appearance tab above to learn more.


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