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Hello, hello everyone! What's up.....what's good.....*cricket noise*. Well, we've been doing this for about a week now and I gotta admit, it requires a tonne of preparation days before we release the first post.....So here's our little 'Christmas special' or in other words, the posts that never got to be released on regular days as we had too many posts and too little time :D.

Today, we're gonna be reacting to Seventeen's song 'Boom, boom'. Also, Sarah really wanted this to be posted on this specific day cause if you haven't noticed already....today's the 17th of the month.....and reacting to Seventeen on the 17th was just.....#sarahslogic

Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s). Thank you :)
Here's the music video in case you wanna check it out!
------Reaction Starts Now------
Beth: Boom, boom, boom!
Sarah: Jeonghan cut his hair!
Beth: Who's that? The8? (Reference: Sarah's Friendship Test [Q: 10])
Beth: I'm gonna be EXO one day.....and be like 'Ugh unfair!' (Reference: EXO #2)
Beth: Are they still teenagers? *gasps* Oh no it's this song!
Sarah: Hah!
Beth: Why......now I'm Taeyeon.....For the fact I've heard all of this but have no idea what this actually is.....
Ally & Sarah: This is The8.
Sarah: Not bad right?
Beth: No....I didn't see....
Sarah: What???
Beth: Where's Vernon? *laughs*
Ally: Hoshi!
Beth: Is he still stupid? (Reference: Seventeen #1)
Ally: *laughs in the background* I get what you mean....
Sarah: What happened to S.Coups's hair right?
Beth: Who's that?
Ally: The leader
Beth: Why can't they name themselves.......normally? Like....
Sarah: This guy's name is Joshua....normal enough?
Beth: Yeah....like Jack or Michael...Mike...Why The8...Vernon....
Sarah: This guys name is Woozi
Beth: It'll be easier to remember.
Ally: Is Vernon's real name 'Vernon'?
Sarah: Think so
Beth: Oooooooh that's the little guy.
Sarah: Yes.....Woozi.
Sarah: Beth talks really loud.
Ally: *laughs*
Beth: Yeah cause I'm afraid we won't be able to hear. Like Ally always talks so quietly...and it's so hard to write her lines cause I have to go on max volume.....
Sarah: I like his hair colour but I would never dye my hair that colour....
Beth: What do they mean by 'Everyday boom, boom'?
Ally: I think Mingyu....
Beth: Is that supposed to be....*doesn't finish her sentence....again*
Ally:.....definitely earns the visual title.
Sarah: Yeah....
Beth: Is he?
Ally: Yeah he's the visual.
Ally: There's your Vernon.
Beth: Oh he's.....
Ally: He actually looks not bad here
Beth: Not stupid anymore? (Reference: Seventeen #1)
Ally: No....
Beth: This one? The one in the middle?
Ally: Yeah. It's this one *points*
Beth: Why does he look mixed.....
Ally: Because he is.....mixed
Sarah: *same time as Ally* He is Caucasian....
Beth: He didn't look very good in the Mansae thing.
Beth: Hey the middle one....
Ally: It's Joshua!
Beth: No, not that one...
Sarah: There this is The8
Beth: That looks like Baekhyun! This one....wait....
Ally: Everyone looks like Baekhyun......
Sarah: Is that Hoshi?
Beth: I don't know!
Ally: Just imagine them doing it without any lazers at all....
Sarah: This is The8!
Ally: *sings along the Boom, Boom part softly*
Sarah: *laughs*
Sarah: Jun and The8....the had like 1 second of lines....
Beth: Everyday boom, boom just sounds wrong.....
Ally: To you.....
Beth: Right?
Beth: Look at their moves.....
Ally: I don't particularly like their dance moves...for that part cause it's *interrupted*
Beth: Dirty?
Ally: No...
Beth: Who's that?
Ally: This one?
Sarah: Oh this one? This dance move?
Beth: Uh...why are they screaming into the walkie-talkie.
Sarah: Cause they set off the trap.
Ally: I don't understand....
Sarah: I actually thought like...are these real explosions?
Beth: Ohhh so 'Boom, Boom' as in an explosion?
Sarah: Maybe?
Beth: You know, they could've just said, 'Everyday explosion, everyday explosion' instead  of 'Boom, boom, boom'
Sarah: Until that part where like it exploded at their feet, it looked so fake.
Beth: *laughs* Everyday boom, boom......wait it's done? Why are the credits rolling?
Sarah: That's the only part The8 sings... (JUSTICE FOR CHINA LINE)
Ally: Did they like....compose the song by themselves?
Sarah: Not sure
Beth: Still don't know what The8 looks like....
Ally: I don't know what The8 looks like either...
Beth: Does The8 look like another version of Mark (Got7) + Chanyeol (EXO) + Inseong (KNK) +...... [All Sarah's biases from different groups]
Sarah: No. I've said it before....he looks like Sanha.
Beth: Oh yeah plus Sanha (Astro).
Beth's logical hand-made logic-less equation on how these K-pop stars relate.
Sarah: A better looking version of Sanha
------Reaction Ends------
  • Beth does not know what 'The8' looks like.
  • Beth has actually heard many K-Pop songs without realizing what song it actually is.
  • Beth is concerned about wherever Vernon is.
  • Beth wants to know is Vernon is still 'stupid'. (Reference: Seventeen #1)
  • Sarah wants to know what happened to S. Coup's hair.
  • Beth questions why can't *majority* of the Seventeen members name themselves 'normally' or 'something easier to be remembered'.
  • Ally thinks Mingyu really earned the visual position.
  • Beth did not know Vernon was Caucasian.
  • Someone looked like Baekhyun to Beth....(back at it again with comparing someone in the K-Pop industry to an EXO member)
  • Beth did not know 'Boom, boom' indicated an 'explosion' for censored reasons ;).
So that is it for our reaction of the day! It's been so long since we've reacted to Seventeen! And yeah....there were a few references in this post so we'd suggest checking out what we were referring to just to clear the air.......
Enjoy your day! We'll be back tomorrow......
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