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Sarah's BACK AGAIN ;). I'm not really sure how to start this post and it's been a few times since I hit backspace and had to start over again... Anyways, today I'm just gonna have like a throwback to 10+ years ago *woosh*. 10 years ago people didn't have smart phones and had those Nokia phones or if you were cool you had those flip phones. Plus YouTube wasn't that big and computer games had bad quality. So what did I do as a kid? I spent my childhood years in front of a television screen! What did I watch you ask? Find out in my post (Lol it sounds like I'm some marketing person asking people to check out my product) 

Ps: I'm gonna go back to when I was really REALLY little.
Also, I couldn't take all the pictures myself so I just got them from Google. All rights and credits to the people who uploaded the pictures, the people who are in the picture or the people who drew the illustrations!

1. The Save-Ums

I remember really liking this show. Although the character names I admit are pretty weird. Their names are Jazzi, Noodle, Ka-Chung, Foo, Custard and B.B. Jammies. Basically the Save-Ums will help people that are in need. The one thing I used to love about this show was when they needed to travel to either Rock World, Lava World or Wave World, they would have to use these cute vehicles (?) to get there. So there would be like this whole scene where they just get into their vehicle thingy and just travel there. Yeah I don't really know why I like it but I just do :P. After I grew up, I probably got sick or bored with the show though... It's more of a kiddie show. But the fact that I still remember the show till now means it probably left a good impression last time.

2. Hi-5

Hi-5 used to be one of my FAVORITE shows! But then the cast changed and it just went downhill from there. So just a heads up, I'll be talking about the original cast and version and not the current one. I guess the reason I liked this show was cause of the songs. As a kid I used to love to sing along to the songs and liked the puppet Jup Jup. That was probably my favourite part of the show. There are actually 5 members and they would have their own set and room. So I liked the one with Jup Jup the most. I don't really remember but if I'm not mistaken it was with a girl and the room had a lot of cupboards. I'm pretty disappointed the original cast left but I guess they couldn't be children entertainers for the rest of their life can they?

3. Clifford The Big Red Dog

A 25ft tall dog and a little Emily Elizabeth. What could go wrong right? Anyways this show has that typical help each other kind of concept. I actually rewatched one of the episodes and the quality was really bad... but I guess everyone back then thought it was good cause it was the best technology could offer at that time. Coming back to the topic, just imagine how cool it would be to have such a big dog? Emily would always ride on Clifford's back and I always thought that would be SO fun! 

4. Madeline

Bonjour!! Hahaha I used to really love this show and it thought me some French words. I really liked the one where they had to cook and Madeline gave the food she made to some hungry children and it made her fail her cooking class. It has a lot of moral values that kids can learn from... not like some children shows I see on TV nowadays. The illustration is really cute and I  remember them saying 'we love our bread, we love our butter, but most of all we love each other' I thought that was super cute. I also thought it was funny how if there was a problem, Miss Clavel would suddenly run up the stairs singing her something is not right song. I think that Madeline is a good show to pick up some basic French though. In fact, I took a French class not too long ago and my teacher made us write all the French words that we heard in the show.

5. Barney

The legendary children show Barney! Although I find it pretty annoying now, I used to like this show a lot. I remember having one or two barney CD's and watching them. They were making pizza? Hahaha. Anyways, this purple dinosaur has taught me probably half of all the nursery rhymes I know.  Oh yeah moving on to another thing I remember about Barney... I remember Barney saying that our parents scold us because they love us. I guess as a 4 year old I didn't understand this but I get it now. Lol achievement unlocked! (this is just a random thought that came to mind.) And I guess it's kinda cool how Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato used to be on the show and were friends since they were young.

6. Powerpuff Girls

Sugar, Spice and Everything nice these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girls. Then Professor Utonium being the clumsy person he is, added in chemical X.  And that's how Blossom, Buttercups and Bubbles were created. I loved this show to the MAX. Like no joke as a kid this was my favorite show. The three powerpuff girls' job was to keep Townsville safe from MOJO JOJO, Him and The Gangreen Gang. To be honest, I'm still pretty creeped out of Him. He's just really scary to me. My favourite Powerpuff girl would probably be Bubbles! I guess I really liked her cheerful character compared to the stern Blossom and tough Buttercup. Just like Hi-5, all the remakes of the show are a total FLOP. Nothing will beat the original show to me!

That's all for this week. And of course there are a TON of other shows I could include into this post like Bananas in Pajamas, Blues Clues and SO many more. But that would make my post a little too long wouldn't it? Hahaha. This post really made me reminiscence on the past. It also gave me a chance to watch some of these shows again cause I kinda forgot about how it went... So this post was really enjoyable to make and who knows, I might do a Part 2 ;) 

QOTD: What's your favorite childhood show?
Mission: Go and watch your favourite show again

I'm a kid at heart!
Sarah <3


  1. Oh my gosh!!!! I Loved Clifford the Big Red Dog!!! XD Not gonna lie, when I can catch it on my local public television station, I still watch it from time to time XD I also really like Arthur and Callou and Franklin the turtle... and pretty much everything on PBS XD Later came like Pokemon and Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh and stuff XD


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