Weird Things I Hate | Ally

Hey! From the title, I guess you can tell what this post is gonna be about. So, there's no need for me to bore you any more than I probably already do. Honestly, I had a really hard time thinking about what I should post about this week and the idea just didn't come to me~ But the first thing that came to mind was the word 'hate.' It's a strong word...I know O_O 

Today, it's just gonna be a list of weird things I 'hate' or in other, nicer not particularly fond of. 
1. Pigeons themselves are more of a fear but I truly....with all that's in me....absolutely hate the sound of their wings flapping! Not like Flappy Bird or anything but real life PIGEONS!!! Also, I don't know why but I never ever make eye contact with pigeons or any bird in general just cause when I was younger.....I thought I saw a pigeon with red eyes and that it was coming after me. Back to the sound of their wings, I can't exactly describe it but for some reason...pigeons make a distinctive flapping sound compared to other birds. If I hear it, I literally duck down and it'll look like an EPIC yoga fail!!! If I had to describe it in words then I guess I look like a ninja who got struck by lighting. And I just stay in that pose for like 5 seconds just to make sure I'm safe from all pigeons.
2. I never knew I hated this SO much till recently. When I say recently, I mean as recent as yesterday... I'm usually pretty okay with arts & crafts and stuff but origami is just not my thing! I spent the entire weekend trying to finish my art project, which just had to be origami. No matter how hard I tried or no matter how much patience I put didn't work out ._. And it's not like I don't have patience in me considering I spent all day yesterday trying to fold a bird to a rose to even just a box... (If you were wondering, not even the box worked out)

Ohhhh while doing origami, I thought of a new way to save the trees...just don't do origami. -_-
3. If you're a K-Drama addict like Sarah and I who don't speak a word of Korean, you'll understand this. Videos without English subs (subtitles)! Just saying it makes me hate it even more. But I totally appreciate all those people who actually do write the subtitles for videos. I'm like super thankful and grateful... THANK YOU! The struggles of being a K-fan~
If you're not a K-fan, I totally get it. I used to not like any K-related stuff.
4. This is kinda related to number 3 and it is seeing this pop up on my computer screen "this video is unavailable in your country/region." It literally kills me knowing that I can't watch it but IT'S THERE! It's like seeing pizza on the table but your mum tells you that you aren’t allowed to eat it. And then it just makes you question like "why is it even there then?"

The feeling you get when this pops up on your screen  -__-

5. I'm pretty sure you don't have to be a K-Pop fan to understand why I hate this next one soooo much! And it's videos that take FOREVER to load! If you've been in the situation where you've left it to load for like 5 minutes and still nothing, I understand the torture! For some reason, it always happens to me whenever I've got a new video that I've been eagerly waiting for. Like it just knows when to ruin my mood. Can't a girl just watch the new episode of her favourite drama without being interrupted by THIS.....

This is gonna sound so weird but I just really hate writing the number 8. I have nothing against the number 8 but it's just that I find it really annoying whenever I can't get the perfect 8. It's almost never proportionate and being a little bit of a makes me go nuts. Also, it gives me another reason to hate doing Math. >_<

Sorry about the handwriting :(

That's about it for this post. You may be wondering about some of the things on my 'hate' list but not even I know why it's on there. Hope you enjoyed it! J~

See you soon,
(not literally)