November Favourites | Ally

I'm back again this week for a new weekly post...(if it wasn't clear enough) 😅 As for today, I will be sharing with you guys about some of my favourite items in the month of November, hence the title. Yea~ I don't do monthly favourites very often and that's because I just don't particularly have much to share with you every single month and I don't want to have to compile random things that I'm not totally in love with so I'm doing more of a month-to-month favourites...I guess. I realized that all 3 of us a.k.a. Beth, Sarah and I will be doing a favourites post this week. So keep an eye out for their monthly favourites as well.
First up on the list of my favourite items throughout the month of November is.....the line of Song Joong Ki face masks by Forencos. Let me just say…I feel like I’m about to explode with joy just knowing that I have the entire line arranged right in front of me as I’m typing this post. I have yet to do a haul on my trips to Hong Kong and Japan so there’s actually a backstory as to how I got the face masks so look out for that post…(hopefully I’ll be able to find the time to actually write that post…excuse my procrastinating nature) I’m also planning on doing a more detailed review on the entire set of masks when I do find the time to try out every single mask in the line just so I can give my honest opinion. But so far, I’ve used two and that would be the Monday and Tuesday mask. Lovin it!!! 

Although, I am questioning my life choices considering that I spent a lot of money on face masks with a really good looking Korean guy on the front...oh well.
On with the next product…I have been using this a.m.a.z.i.n.g Hair Vitamin Oil by Lucidol-L (I think it's Japanese) on my hair for the past month or so and *cue hearts* This has really been my go-to-product for my hair at least. The one I got was the sunflower oil type (there are others to choose from) and it is meant for normal hair because I don't have particularly dry hair nor do I have coloured hair. I actually learned about the existence of such a product from a Korean YouTuber named Sunny or maybe you might know her as Sunnydahye. I absolutely love watching her vidoes/vlogs and I came across one of her monthly favourites or recommendations videos…? (I’m not too sure which was it so I’m just gonna leave a link to the video right here…go watch it and also here’s her YouTube channel: Sunnydahye) I was kinda on a hunt for this product and I actually got it! It was amazingly affordable…like seriously affordable (my level of affordable means it won’t leave you in a total Mr. Bean situation where you open up your wallet and a moth flies out…trust me) It has the slightest scent but I actually really love the smell. It smells like a faint breeze of flowers *hence the reason why it’s sunflower extract* Personally, when I first got the product, I felt like it was a rip off because the cap of the bottle was literally half the entire bottle and the amount of product turned out to be less than I expected but considering that I would only use 1-2 pumps per use…I don’t need that much although I would think about restocking if I’m planning on using it daily.
How I use it: I will use this product right after I step out of the shower. I usually just towel-dry my hair and let the air in the atmosphere do the rest. So I would just pat my hair dry or till it’s not dripping wet then pump 1-2 pumps of the product onto the palms of my hands and evenly apply it on the bottom half of my hair. I try not to get any hair products on my scalp or the roots of my hair unless it’s specifically meant for it.

It seems like I had a lot to say about this product so I’m gonna stop here and move on with the list…..
Next up on the list is actually FOOD! (If you're like me, this is probably what you've been waiting for) For the first time ever, I finally tried Peppero! I've actually known about it for quite some time now (or at least since EXO filmed a CF for it) but I haven't been able to try it because I never actually bought it. So I finally did bought and tried it and it was freakin AMAZING! The biscuit stick coated with milk chocolate and nuts was such a nice snack. I don't frequently snack on stuff but this has really been my go to snack whenever I feel like being a couch potato (which is every single day) I know that there are actually a few other flavours(?) to choose from but so far I've only tried the ____

You can tell what drew me to this... (Hint: BAEKHYUN 😍)
Another thing that I've been loving is yet another hair product. And it is the Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco. I've been really concerned about the condition of my hair because I get this really frizzy strands of hair and I just hate knowing that it's on my head. Of course I'm no hair model you see on TV but I wouldn't mind trying to be one by taking good care of my hair. This product was actually given to me by my cousins in Australia. But as far as I know, this product is quite famous so you may or may not have seen this before. Just like the Lucidol-L Hair Vitamin Oil, I apply it on the ends of my hair right after I get out of the shower. I don't use both the Lucidol-L Hair Vitamin Oil and this product together because I'm afraid it'll just make my hair really oily and look flat so I usually just alternate between them.
One last thing that's worth the mention is actually not an item but a song! 🎶 If you have been following our blog for quite some time'll know that I'm a HUGE fan of Red Velvet!!!!! 🎂 They're like GOALS on every level! So it isn't much of a surprise that every time Red Velvet releases a new song...I go absolutely nuts for it. And obviously I loved Russian Roulette but another song that caught my attention was "Always In My Heart" by Joy (Red Velvet) and Seulong. This duet song was actually meant for SM Station so there isn't actually a performance stage. #notcomplete 😢 Let me just say that their vocals blend together so smoothly that it's almost impossible. But it's definitely possible considering they pulled it off so well. Listen to it for yourself and you'll get what I mean.
P.S. Joy was gorgeous as always in the music video.


That's about it for the month of November!!! 🎉 And can you believe it that it's the last month of the year 2016.....(depressing yet exciting at the same time) Just imagine, in a month or so you'll no longer be saying 2016 will be the best year ever but instead you'd be planning new New Year's Resolutions. Enjoy your last month of 2016!!!

P.P.S. I'm sorry if you're sore about the fact that 2016 is ending and I keep bringing it up...😅

See you (not physically) next week,